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18 Profitable article writing sites 2023

 18 sites who pay $100 or more to write one article for them, how do you benefit from a freelance platform to conquer these sites and achieve good additional income?

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 Whether you are a beginner writer or a professional blogger, guest posting remains one of the most important ways you can get targeted visitors to your website or blog. Hosted blogging gives you a great opportunity to market your blog or website, and it is also an ideal way to make money online.

What is Guest Posting?

Hosted blogging is writing articles and publishing them to someone else's blog that accepts this type of blogging. It is a great way to get publicity for your blog, as most blogs that accept blogging hosting allow you to put a short description about yourself followed by a link to your own website or blog.

And if you're not a blog owner, this method is also a great way to build your reputation as an online writer (which is a must for any freelance writer). The beautiful thing is that there are many blogs that pay hundreds of dollars for a good article from you that you publish in them. on those blogs.

 The strategy boils down to the following:

Option 1: If you are fluent in English, that is fine. You can write an article and then send it to any of these blogs and wait for your article to be approved and then they send you the financial value of this article. The disadvantage of this method is that it consumes time and effort, as writing a good and long article requires research and brainstorming, and in the end it does not guarantee that your article will be accepted there.

The second option: If you are not fluent in the English language, you can in this case use the platform by publishing a project there in which you explain the title and specifications of the article you want to write, and allocate an appropriate budget for the completion of this project ($30 is a good amount), you will receive many requests to implement this Project by freelance writers there

Profitable Sites to Write This site based on a list system, and on this site you can create a list about everything you can think of, but this list should be about fun and entertainment, 

 After your project is completed, go to the Fiverr website and choose a highly rated translation or writing service, buy it, and ask its sponsor to review this article for you linguistically to ensure its quality.

After that, choose a site from the sites that we will mention below, whose topic is consistent with the topic and nature of your article, send your article to them and wait until they send you a reply, which means in the event of acceptance your profit for a good amount of money that exceeds what you paid on a freelancer and fives, and the difference will be your profit, of course.

 How do you write a good article?

It is not difficult, try to find articles that are similar to the topic of your article and that have been shared by many people on social networking sites, and you can use Buzzsumo to accomplish this task, this site once you type in it (your keyword) for your article provides you with more than 10,000 results containing titles and links to articles in this field that have been widely shared on social media, showing the number of posts for each network in numbers. By going through this list, you will be able to come up with a good idea for the topic of your article…

 And now here is a list of the most famous and reliable sites that pay you money for publishing and their conditions for accepting articles:


Vocal is a site very similar to the popular Medium, where Vocal allows you to write articles within the site and get paid in return. You can get paid by getting your articles written inside the site to get views, and the more views the more profits.

The first thing is to register within the site and then write your article and submit it for viewing. The site administrators will review your article and then publish it if it meets the conditions. The good thing is that the site accepts articles easily and there are not many complications. You can get $3.8 per 1000 views.


Freelancer is a site for profit from writing Arabic and foreign articles and many other services that you can provide to site visitors. The first thing you will do is make an account for profit and not to buy services. Then improve the appearance of your profile by writing a detailed resume about your work experience in the field of writing and submitting some of your work for others to see.

Among the thousands of jobs on this site, you will choose the writing job and determine the field in which you write. Your job is to sit on the site waiting for offers from people who are looking for a writer to write an article for them. You will make a suitable offer for this person. In the event that you are accepted, your role begins writing the article, and receiving your money after it is delivered to the buyer.


Copyhackers is a site that pays you to write about some custom topics, where you can get 300 to 1000 dollars for writing just one article. The site is specialized, and it needs high quality articles in the following areas: copywriting, branding, business management, case studies and other areas.

You can submit your very carefully written article through this link. There are four steps that you must follow in order to have your application reviewed and then email you with approval or rejection within 5 days.


Freelance Careers is a site to earn from writing articles by searching for a job within this site or by providing your services to clients. If you are tired of looking for a site that pays you for one article, then you should think seriously and look for a job as a writer in your field of choice.

On this great site, you can easily find a well-paid writer job related to your personal interests, but unfortunately all of them are in English, and we will look at the Arabic sites below. The salary that can be obtained may vary depending on the difficulty of the tasks required of you as a writer. But in general the profits range from $7 to $31 for every page I write.


 This site pays the book $ 100 per article, but it is required that the number of words in the article is more than 1500 words, in addition to that your list is not less than ten basic elements, and this site is distinguished by your ability to attach the link of your blog to the article

 The Greater Good Blog

 This blog is specialized in publishing articles on health, beauty, family and business attached to scientific evidence, and the main pillar of this blog is well-being, happiness and comfort. 


 This blog is always looking for bloggers and writers to share their funny, crazy, exciting and famous experiences and works. Bloggers are paid $100 per article, and the article is required to consist of more than 800 words, and this blog is characterized by putting the names of bloggers on the article.


This site targets topics related to parenting, as it focuses on the funny and cruel aspects of the mother and father and the like. The owners of this site are always looking for new and quality ideas by writing articles and reports, and they pay for regular articles $100, and for articles that are unique, qualitative, distinctive and studied very carefully to reach More than $550 per article, and the nice feature of this site is to share all your written work by attaching them to the article in the form of links. 


If you have the ability to write detailed tutorials on web design and design theories in general, then this is the place to go. This site also accepts video lessons. The minimum site payout is $100, and that can go up to $400 for detailed articles. And you can share the author's link and a short profile about him.

A List Apart

This blog is intended for network professionals and accepts articles related to design, code and content. This blog pays $200 per article in addition to the ability to share the author's photo, a short synopsis, and a link to his blog.

Flash Mint

This blog is looking for bloggers who specialize in topics such as Animation, Animation, ActionScript, Flex and Flash. This blog pays $150 per article with the ability to share some lines about the author with his own links.

WOW! Women on Writing

This blog is for women writers, written by women writers. The blog focuses on topics such as publishing, writing, reading, and journalism. If you want to participate here, you should write articles on topics such as tips on how to write, for example. Bloggers pay $150 for articles of 3,000 words, and $50 for shorter articles. It also features the ability to share a lot of sentences about the author with his own links.

Photoshop Tutorials

This blog pays $150-$300 per set of full Photoshop tutorials. And for short lessons, they charge $50. This blog also features the ability to put a link to your own blog.


This blog is specialized in human resources, so if you are a hobbyist in this field, you can work with it. This blog pays $200 per article, and it also puts the author's name next to the article.

A Fine Parent

This blog is focused on giving practical advice and tips to working parents. You pay $100 per article ranging from 1500-2500 words, and you allow the author's name and blog link to be placed next to the article.

Drop Zone

 Most of the specialties of this site are related to training, jumping, safety equipment and the like, and your share of one article is $100, in addition to your experiences and skills in the writing and blogging process for them.

Model Railroad Hobbyist

 If you are interested in railways, this site provides you with an opportunity to write and blog for them. The value of one article on this site reaches 230 dollars. If the article is very good and studied with great care and is supported by pictures, videos, graphics, etc., the value of this article reaches more than 700 dollars and sometimes its value $1000 This article features a photo of the author of the article, with a link to his personal blog being shared in the article.

Transitions Abroad Blog

 This blog is specialized in topics related to work and external study, and the value of the detailed article reaches 150 dollars or more, as for regular articles its value reaches 50 dollars, and this blog allows you to add two sentences about you as a content writer, in addition to placing a link to your personal blog. This site is interested in writing lessons, training and educational courses about building and designing websites


The topics of this blog relate to environmental issues and conservation, travel, nature, safe living, health and safety. The lowest the blog pays is $50, and you can go up to $1000 for detailed and featured posts. You can also write about the author with his own links.

 Your Online Biz

This site gives advice on marketing strategies. If you know how to launch and market products, you can give advice here, and you will get $100 per article. But this blog does not allow the author's name to be published.


This site is one of the best entertainment and entertainment sites on the Internet. There is a secret contributor page where you can post your ideas, and if approved, your article is published and $100 for long posts and $50 for short posts.


This blog focuses on the experiences and expertise of designers and their interaction. You pay $100 per post, and you can also put a link to your blog and your Twitter profile next to the article.

Important skills and tips for profit from writing

The world of blogging is a very large science and has branched into several fields, and everyone chooses the field that he loves according to his inclinations and passions. For example, to talk about healthy nutrition, you need to be an expert and specialist in this field in order to succeed in it. Among the most important tips that will help you 

profit from writing content:

Stay away from copying and direct translation from foreign websites.
Choose one domain and avoid mixing domains because this will distract readers.
Get used to daily and continuous writing
Frequent reading to increase the linguistic balance
The field of technology and business is the most profitable field. If you have not specialized in a specific field yet, this is the best choice for you.
Learn the basics of SEO and how to top search results


 Dear reader, the reason why these blogs are ready to pay such a large amount of money is due to two reasons: the first is that these sites have millions of visitors per month and achieve an income that exceeds what you pay for the book in stages, and the second reason is of course the scarcity of good content on the Internet, for that please do not write Just for the money, I write unique, informative and valuable content that will always make the reader happy to read it.


The strategy that I advocate in this article contains risks that you, dear reader, should pay attention to, and they are as follows:

The first risk: you may write the article and put a lot of your time and in the end it may not be accepted. The matter is first and foremost up to the owners of the sites that accept this type of blogging, in this case you should have alternative plans, for example, publishing this article in your own blog or On another site that does not pay for publishing articles, and then you will win marketing your site link.

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