How to make money on Reddit : ideas to make passive income on Reddit

 Make extra money on Reddit: Is it possible?

With over 330 million active users, Reddit is the sixth most popular website in the world. It's a social news aggregation and discussion website where users can submit content, such as text posts, images, and links to other websites. Other users can then vote on and comment on the content.

how to make monney on reddit
ways to make money on reddit

Reddit is a great place to learn about new things, connect with people who share your interests, and even make money. But is it really possible to make money on Reddit? And if so, how?

In this article, we'll show you how to make money on Reddit legally. We'll discuss the different ways to monetize your Reddit presence and give you tips on how to be successful.

So, if you're looking for ways to make money on Reddit, keep reading!

Do these things to establish trust:

  • Answer questions thoughtfully
  • Respond kindly to users
  • Learn shortcodes and languages used by Redditors; use them to make yourself a Redditor expert
  • Join subreddits related to your niche, then provide helpful answers
  • Upvote and downvote so you can contribute to the quality of community threads
  • Provide useful answers; don't hang around or insult people

 how to make money with blogging on reddit :


earn money with your blog from reddit

The first way to make money is to create content. All the experiences you had in your life are assets that you can invest because there are many people willing to pay money to get the juice of your expertise in a field. Even your painful and failed experiences are valuable. 

You can combine these lessons into useful advice (articles, posts, etc.) and share them with those who are going through what you've been through. If you don't have a website or blog, you can simply contract with website owners and bloggers to publish your content.


Getting traffic for your site If you work in the field of work from home or freelance online and earn money through ads in Adsense through blogs such as Blogger, WordPress, or YouTube channels, getting visitors is important, especially with regard to traffic or improving the appearance rate The website in order to earn a lot of money behind visits and clicks. 

Reddit is one of the social networks that can help you get high traffic for your site, so all you have to do is create an account on Reddit and then start a balanced, non-intensive posting to gain the platform’s confidence, and with time you will notice a significant improvement in visitors from behind the network publishing Social.


you can read this post to get adsense approval method.100%

 If you have a blog or a website to provide a service or for commission marketing, you have a YouTube channel or you work in the field of freelancing, you should never lose sight of one of the most important sources of free traffic, the secrets of which are not known.

Choose your content carefully
The best type of content that leads to free traffic from Reddit is interactive content, what I mean is the content that helps to start the discussion and that raises the question in the minds of everyone who looks at it, as well as new information, methods and secrets that many do not know in each field.

You have to choose the best content you have to promote on this platform. For example, if you are promoting your blog, choose the best blog in terms of conversion rate, or if you are promoting your YouTube channel, choose the video that brings you the highest number of subscribers, so the traffic that you get will be It has constant traffic and follows you up constantly.

What distinguishes Reddit from various social networking sites?

 organic reach
The most important thing that makes Reddit distinct from the rest of the platforms is that no matter how many links you put or refer to different sites, Reddit publishes the content you provide unlike other sites such as YouTube and Facebook, these platforms want the user to stay as long as possible and do not automatically promote what prevents that.

For example, when you put links to sites outside of Facebook in your post, the Facebook algorithm blocks this post from a larger number of your followers other than your regular posts so that Facebook users remain on the site and do not leave it, so the chances of them seeing ads increase, and thus the profit of Facebook increases.

All you have to do is abide by the rules of Reddit - the most important of which we will explain later - and that users interact with your content and you will get the most out of the site.

Very targeted traffic and a very high conversion rate from reddit:

If you are a beginner in the world of SEO or an expert, then you know that the more traffic you want is targeted and specific in the niche you target, this means that the conversion rate will be higher and therefore your profits will increase.

You will find many different groups in every niche you can imagine, you can even use this resource to bring free and targeted traffic to your site or YouTube channel. And if you complete the article to the end, I will tell you some tricks and ways that will enable you to take advantage of this huge advantage of Reddit.

Reddit is a source of viral content:

If you are interested in marketing and working online, or even follow social media constantly, then you are fully aware of the so-called trend or viral content. That content that spreads very quickly in all social media and news sites, and sometimes even TV shows.

Read this blog post :How to Make Money with Trending Topics

This viral content has a special relationship with Reddit, because of the members’ interaction and rapid transmission of topics and news, Reddit itself is a source for these news and trends, so that journalists themselves rely on it as their source of news.

If you work in the field of AdSense or make money by bringing traffic to your site to see ads, then Reddit is a gold mine for you.

You can find out everything that is new and famous among followers and discover trends easily through the main page of Reddit (which is similar to the Explore page or Explore for Instagram), and you can filter news according to the topics you want to follow.

Thus, Reddit will not only be for you an important source of viral content, but you can be the owner of this viral content if you manage to reach the home page or your publication issues the first results to a large group.

 Stick to the 10% rule
After reviewing the site’s laws and following up on its users and my personal experience with it, I found that 10% is the completely safe percentage to promote your content, for every 10 publications and topics you can promote in one of them to your site or YouTube channel. Of course, the more useful and interesting what you offer, the less chance you will face any penalty.

As for the rest of your content, you can ask a question about any topic in your niche, or promote useful content in your niche.

Try not to link most of your posts to different sites, so that you will not be banned because you are using your account for promotion and advertising only.

Stick to the rules of each group (Subreddit)
Each group has some laws and rules of its own, for example, some scientific groups do not allow the publication of any research or information whose appearance exceeded 6 months or more, and some of them do not allow the publication of nude pictures, and some do not allow the publication of political videos or press articles.
Therefore, you should read and know those laws well before you start publishing.

After knowing the rules for using Reddit, you can use it in the best way to get the most benefit, and wait until you read the next item to see how amazing this platform is and the quality of its free traffic.

Fast Indexing with reddit:

Because of the fame and importance of this site and because it is an important source of news and a measure of the interaction of Internet users in general, the spiders of Google or any other search engine (crawlers) constantly check the site and discover everything new, which makes archiving your content in search engines (Search Engine Indexing) Too fast.

Because of this distinctive feature of Reddit, this will help you to get green backlinks quickly, which increases the strength of your site with search engines and thus increases the ranking of your content in the search results pages, so you get more traffic other than the direct visits that you will get from the site itself.

How to get free traffic on reddit:

I think that the importance of this traffic for you has become very clear now. All you have to do is register an account on the site and start searching through the private engine of Post for the groups that you want and then start participating in them.

Choose the most effective subreddit
As shown in the picture, Reddit tells you the number of subscribers in each group and also how many subscribers are currently online in it, the higher the presence, the more active the group. 

Later on, when I present some methods and tricks to use on Reddit, this task will be much easier.

 Earn from affiliate marketing using reddit: 

 Amazon Affiliate, or Affiliate Marketing, is among the most popular ways to make money from the Internet among users, and you can profit from Reddit Reddit through affiliate or e-marketing via the Internet, you can create your own online store, or promote the goods and products of international companies and brands And in return, you will get a percentage of the profits.

So you can take advantage of the Reddit platform in marketing to be able to reach customers and customers who are willing to pay money for the commodity or product that you are promoting on behalf of the companies you contract with.

All you have to do is subscribe to one of these websites or online stores that will earn you money from marketing or promotion, and you can market your commission via Reddit if you have an active account with a large percentage of clients and customers.

 Get paid for your skills with r/forhire

are you an author Or maybe you know how to design websites?
Whatever it is, if you have a skill, you can earn money with the subreddit For Hire.
In this section, which has Up 270,000 users, you can advertise your services.
For example, at the time of writing, there are posts from authors, web designers, marketers, and graphic designers.
If you are looking for work, this is a great place to advertise and hire your services to potential clients.
Get started: Check out the subreddit  Hire

 Find a job online with /r/workonline

Work online reddit

A good way to make money with Reddit is with the Work Online subreddit.
There, as its name suggests, you can find all kinds of gigs on the Internet.
They include job postings, online employers, sites that pay you, and more.
For anyone looking for opportunities to make money online, this section is definitely worth checking out.
It's also very popular, with more than 428,000 users.
Get started: Take a look at our online business subreddit here.


 Make money with tasks on /r/slavelabour
With a name like Slave Labor, you can tell that you won't get rich with this subreddit.
However, if you're looking to make a little extra cash, the Slave Labor set might just be for you.
It is a community of more than 274,000 users, where people can perform tasks well below market price, and where you can find work online. You can get paid for a wide range of tasks, from data entry to resume writing.
Like we said above, you won't earn much, but if you are looking to earn a little extra money, you can offer your services on the subreddit.
Get started: Take a look at the subreddit here.


Learn how to start your own business with /r/startups
If you don't have a business yet but are thinking about starting one, you may want to check out the Startups subreddit.
It is a very popular group with over 967,000 members.
There, you can discuss startup problems and solutions – basically, you can use the group to get advice on startups. It's a great community for anyone looking to start a business.
Get started: Check out the Startups subreddit here.

dropshipping :

How to Make Money Dropshipping on Reddit:

dropshop reddit

 Tips for dropshippers to make money on Reddit
With over 300 million users worldwide, surely there is a huge market out there. You can make money with Reddit if you can drive people from there to your website.

Remember that Redditors hate marketers, so you can't spam discussions with your links.

Here are some tips to help you use Reddit to drive traffic to your dropshipping store.

Contribute only on your niche:

If you're a shoe dropshipper, it doesn't make sense to contribute to communities, or subreddits, about washing machines or appliances. You need to find the right subreddit for shoes and then comment there.

 The trick is to increase your Karma points by posting reviews and getting upvotes, and you can only do that if you focus on the specific niche related to your dropshipping store. If you have multiple dropshipping stores, it is possible to comment on different niches.

Why is this important? This is important because you want to make yourself an authority on this subject. In our example, these are shoes.

 As a shoe expert, you can do the following things to make yourself credible:

  • Create your own thread and be the moderator
  • Give people advice on shoes, like how to choose the right size, 
  • how to spot fake shoes, tips for buying online and much more
  • If you are a beginner, never put promotional links on your messages. 
  • Copywriters can spot marketers. 
  • They can smell you miles away like bloodhounds.

Once you have enough Karma Points, you can start your promotional campaigns. You must remember that you should never post promotional or traffic links unless you have been a member for a while.

At the very least, you should be a member for at least three weeks, with 200 Karma Points, before creating text messages. If you meet these conditions, you can proceed to the next step below.

 Create text messages
A text post is a topic that you create. When you create a text post, you can submit your own blog content and you can add a link to that blog. You can also use links to your YouTube videos.

Now, this is where a lot of people get it wrong. The trick is to create text articles and then publish them on the correct reddit subreddit.

Here are some additional tips to help you create articles that relate to your blog or YouTube channel.

  1.  Create long form content – people like to learn from the Reddit feed itself, not just by clicking on your link
  2. Create a good title – nothing beats an attractive title to grab attention
  3. Provide value – your post should deliver what the headline promised
  4. Host AMA – AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. This is one of the best ways to encourage Redditors to ask you questions about you, your business, or your chosen niche. In text articles like this, many writers don't care that you promote your brand.

 Always think about the value you bring to the community before posting. As mentioned earlier, Redditors hate marketers. However, don't bother with promotions and links if you provide valuable content.

Post comments with links of an online store on Reddit:

Go to the homepage and search for a topic in your niche.
In the screenshot below, you can see on the homepage that there is someone who posted their problem.

dropshping on reddit
Before all this, you must first open an account. This will take only few minutes. Once you have verified your email address, you can now start searching for subreddits or threads.

 To respond to this message, you must visit the site by clicking on Redittor's Shopify store. Make a comment. Once you are ready, click on the FEEDBACK link.

Step 2: Write your comments
As you can see from the screenshot below, you can provide your answer in the box. Below the box are responses and comments from other writers.

reddit make monney

 To comment, simply type your response in the box. Make sure to provide long and useful content. If you just say, "Your website looks okay," the editors will downgrade your answer and you'll lose Karma points.

How to Create Reddit Posts:

Now, once you have high Karma points and are a trustworthy Redditor, you can start creating your own posts and driving traffic to your website.

You can do this in several ways. You can create a tutorial, daily or weekly lesson, link to your You Tube channel and many more.

If you create an article, just make sure it has value. This means you post a tutorial on Reddit with full information. If your article title says “Dropshipping for Beginners,” the entire Reddit article should contain that information.

If you don't follow this, you will get an downvote from the community because your post is nothing more than a clickbait.

More ideas to make passive income on Reddit:

  1. Create and sell a Reddit bot: Reddit bots are automated scripts that can perform various tasks on Reddit, such as posting comments, upvoting and downvoting posts, and moderating subreddits. If you have the skills to create Reddit bots, you can sell them to other users or businesses.
  2. Create and sell a Reddit course: If you have expertise in using Reddit to make money, you can create and sell a course to teach others how to do the same. You can sell your course on your own website or on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare.
  3. Write and sell a Reddit ebook: If you have a good understanding of Reddit and how it works, you can write and sell an ebook on the topic. You can sell your ebook on your own website or on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
  4. Create a Reddit membership site: You can create a membership site where users pay a monthly or annual fee to access exclusive content, such as in-depth tutorials, case studies, and behind-the-scenes content.
  5. Sell advertising space on your subreddit: If you have a popular subreddit, you can sell advertising space to businesses that want to reach your audience. You can use a platform like Reddit Ads to manage your advertising.

How can I use Reddit with paid advertising?

Reddit offers paid advertising to its community, and the company also uses around 10% of its revenue for charity.

Here are the steps for advertising on Reddit.

Step 1: Go to your homepage and click on Advertisement
To find this link, you need to go to your homepage and then scroll down. Focus on the correct area until you find the Reddit menu. Click Publish. or https://www.redditinc.com/advertising

After that, Reddit will take you to the advertisement page. Click on the ad in Reddit
Step 2: complete the application form

reddit ads

The username in the ad field cannot be edited. This will show on ads to let Redditors know you are the advertiser. Fill out the form, choose and industry from the drop-down list, then check the box that says "I'm not a robot."

Click Register.

Step 3: Set up billing information
Once you get to your dashboard, there will be a warning at the top. Click on ADD BILLING.

After clicking on that, you need to fill in the form for your credit card information. Provide what you need, then click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Create a campaign
Once the billing information is accepted, return to your dashboard and click on the drop-down menu. Choose Create campaign.

From there, choose your campaign objective, then click continue at the bottom. The payout for each type of campaign is shown in these boxes.

how to ceate a campine on reddit

Step 5: Create an ads group
An ad group is a set of types of people you want to target. Reddit will show your ad to specific types of people you choose in this section..
In this area, you must name your ad group. In this case, we will call it Dropshipping. Then choose the countries in which you want to show your ads. Then choose interest.

Once done, scroll down and then choose the other ad components.

Here you will select communities or subreddits, you will also choose the placement. You can advertise on mobile only, desktop only, or both. The last step is to choose how much you are willing to spend on your advertising.

For the daily budget, this means that Reddit will not spend more than your daily budget. You will also choose how long you want your ads to run.

For the bid, this is the maximum amount you want to pay per click or impression. What you pay for the auction depends on the type of lens you selected earlier. If you've chosen Conscience, you'll pay per impression, not clicks.

The last step is to choose the date on which you want to run it. Then click Continue.

Step 6: create your ads
The final step is to create your ad by giving it a title, choosing a post type, adding links and videos, thumbnails, and creating a call to action.

start wit ads on reddit
Once done, just click Verify and then run the ad.


Before you start advertising on Reddit, you should know that although the cost per click (CPC) is cheap, the Reddit community does not prefer many ads, especially ads directed to landing pages to buy products or services, and that the most successful ads on this site are ads Which is directed to knowledge content and blogging.

If you have a small budget that enables you to test this platform and its effectiveness with the content it provides, you can do so easily.

How to Make Money on Reddit Legally:

The first step is to make your position clear.

What situation are you in? Do you need money fast? If we talk about "house" can we assume that you have a lot of time to invest or should we imagine that you can't afford to go out?

As you can see, you must already understand your own situation and your expectations of the project. Not everything suits everyone. Above all, you must not mix up priorities, objectives, needs and above all understand the project well in order to organize yourself: Plan your time, Write down your stages and understand how the business works.

To make money on Reddit, the first thing you need to do is open an account. This is required to join forums, post and comment.

The next thing to do is choose a strategy and a niche. A “niche market” refers to “a specialized market segment for a particular class of products or interests”. In other words, it means knowing exactly what you offer or what you want to do. It will depend on your skills and the things you like to do.

 Keep in mind that like you, many other people are offering their services, so to be competitive you need to be very good or join a community with very high traffic

 To choose your topic or niche, you can follow the same principles you would use if you wanted to start a blog about something you love. Use themes that are popular and tend to attract people

The second step involves reflecting on interests, motivations, knowledge and things left unsaid…..

What business do you know? Do we know what we are stepping into? What do we want to prepare, work on, format and "sell/share"?

It goes without saying that the best way to share something is to embody this thing, to feel its values ​​and to be convinced of it yourself! Basically, when I read the thousands of suggestions about dubious opportunities that end up charging a method of selling online on social media to end up making videos to convince people who didn't ask for anything to buy products miracles to earn millions… 

I am very sad for what we are becoming. Let's get into a good habit: There is no short road, miracle potion, "making thousands of dollars without doing anything". All these beautiful words are there to take advantage of the credulity of the victims who are offloading their last pennies….

 Let's focus on the product/service/originality of what we want to share; In what sense are we going to make this reflection? Are we going to assume that we are going to identify A NEED of the company and start marketing a solution or are we going to assume that we have a passion or knowledge to share and that it can benefit others?

The two are two totally different approaches but it is important to understand:

If you have identified a need, then we move on to market analysis. Who are your customers? where are they ? how to find them? How is the competition?
If you want to create something to share then at that time, you will have to focus on the means and techniques of dissemination at the level of communication and marketing. (online and physical)

 Once this is done, you need to prepare a plan. Once again, formalizing a plan is totally different from thinking about it. Once the plan is written, you just have to do the steps one by one. If the result does not come, there is a problem with the product or the steps (to be identified by customer/prospect feedback) if the result comes, you have to persevere to expand the business.

A few notes for the road:

Creating content (training, video, knowledge, e-book etc…) has become commonplace on the net. Many claim to be an expert in a field after reading 2 blogs on the subject and will immediately set up their business online. Despite the apparent criticism I might make, I recommend looking at it from a benefit angle (since the question is monney $$$$):

  • How many views/clicks to generate a decent income
  • Why will people follow your production?
  • How to keep a lasting relationship with your prospects so that they come back?
  • How much time invested in total for how much gain and how much time should we invest for this project?

Making money from "home" doesn't mean it's going to be easy. It's exactly the same as going to work. You have to ask yourself the very simple question of "What is the added value of my product/service?" We immediately realize that all the pseudo advice of "getting rich by doing the same thing as thousands of other clever people" is a total waste of time.

  1. Dropshipping? Why buy through you when the producer also sells?
  2. Blogging? How quickly is it possible to generate profit in an environment already saturated with content?
  3. Membership? How many people you don't know will agree to save you money by putting your personal link?

Think about the added value they can bring and how to combine real life, real needs and the great tool that is the internet.


It's not where or how you want to make money. It is the seriousness with which you prepare and the intensity with which you embody your project.

There are also many platforms and more and more, where you can register to offer your services to individuals. These platforms, in the spirit of the uberisation of work, seem to take over practices for 'making ends meet'. The same thing exists for investing, for sharing, for selling objects, etc.

Interesting communities on reddit:

There are communities for almost every niche you can think of, but most of them are restricted from buying and selling services. Still, some allow you to promote your own work. For example, if you are a painter, they won't let you sell your paintings, but you can post photos of the paintings you have made, which will allow you to make yourself known.

We recommend that you first research the communities that interest you and where you can make yourself known. Once you do, you can explore buying and selling or working communities.

If you have nothing to sell or show, don't worry, there is still hope for you. There are communities dedicated to various jobs:

In r/BeerMoney will give you tips for making money online. You can't make money directly on this subreddit, but you'll find plenty of external sites where you can make a profit. This site has sibling subreddits like r/beermoneyglobal, r/signupsforpay and others which you can easily find once you enter the community.

In r/slavelabour, people post the services they need, and people who offer that service comment on the post and agree. If you decide to join this community, read the rules first.

Q/A about reddit:

Can I use affiliate links on Reddit?

You can use affiliate links and some not. There is an interesting discussion on Reddit about using affiliate links, which you can check out here.

Be sure to check the rules of the subreddit you plan to post to see if affiliate links are allowed. Affiliate links are often removed by moderators.

Can I create my own subreddit?

You can indeed, but only after you've earned enough positive karma on Reddit, there's a guide to creating your own subreddit, which you can check out here, and there's also another article that goes a little deeper into subreddits, which you can check out here.

Can You Really Make Money From Reddit?
Short answer: Yes. You can really make money from Reddit. Reddit does not pay you directly, but it does provide you with plenty of opportunities to earn money through different subreddits.
You can complete tasks and get paid, or you can earn money by increasing traffic to your business where you can offer your visitors a related product or service.


Reddit may look like an old website. But make no mistake. Reddit is a place where millions of people discuss anything under the sun. It is a place where you can build your own community and followers.

Reddit is a place for marketers, even though Redditors don't like marketers. The trick is to add value. Members of the Reddit community love those who educate them. Paid advertising is fine, because that's how Reddit makes money.



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