google adsense approval method.100% Summary of my experience

Whatever the type of hosting or platform, in the end, this will not make any difference to the visitor who will enter WordPress and click on an ad worth 5 cents,


 the same visitor if he enters Blogger and clicks same ads, you will get the same value

adsense approval method.100%
adsense approval method.100%

 If you applied for Adsense one day, it is likely that you were rejected at least once, and your account may also have been suspended before you, but most likely you will encounter one of the incomprehensible AdSense messages, you will receive a rejection message, and you do not understand the exact reason why they reject your site for it and you do not know How do you solve it?

Rejection letters have no value as long as you do not mention details that can be fixed. If the matter is vague, this is their way of telling you that your site is poor in taste only and in order not to frustrate you, so you work on improving it, perhaps they will accept it


with this Simple method I applied, and I was accepted with Google Adsense:

The information I will show you is fully compatible with Google’s new updates to the terms of admission in AdSense, as well as updates for managing websites in general, which Google releases periodically to improve search results and provide a distinct service to users.


 How to create a very profitable project, specifically about profiting from Google Adsense by building a specialized website or (niche)


 You may ask now: Why did you specifically choose a specialized website and chose to profit from Adsense? Although the methods of profit from the Internet are very many??

good question, and the answer is that I chose this method for several reasons:

 1- Building the site will not cost you a lot of money, but investing a simple amount of $100 or less is very enough, as it is (and according to personal experience) the best very profitable projects with a very small capital.


 2- The best investment for a beginner: If you are a beginner, and you ask yourself, how do I invest my money? The idea of a website and profit from ads on your site is a very excellent idea, and the return from it is excellent, and it will not cost you much money.

3- Because it is considered a real project: if you want to secure a source of income for you, make sure that you work on a real project such as websites, because it is considered an asset whose price increases over time, and its profits increase, and you can control it as you like or sell it ... you are free in it.


4- Profitable methods that are not considered a real project, or that are owned by others and are not yours, or highways that waste time on you and in the end earn a few dollars from them, which are not worth any of the fatigue and effort you put in them.


5-A specialized website (nich) with profit from Google Adsense made many bloggers on the Internet tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in their journey to work online. 

How to get accepted into Google Adsense:

You must create a niche site :

Yes, a specialized site, not a general one. The specialized site (or what is called: Niche) is better, faster, and easier to profit than the general site. Google loves specialized sites and ranks them better and faster than general sites in search engines.

 If you create a high-quality site that specializes in a particular topic, your chances of getting a high rating are actually more than other general sites, in addition to that, you don't have to worry day and night to keep your site thriving with topics daily and in all fields, but rather Once you've done the hard work creating your niche blog, the next step is to improve and follow up and add articles a week twice or once.

What do you need to create a website to earn from Adsense?

Domain name: is the first thing you have to make sure to buy

You can provide a free blogspot domain from Google.

But it will take a lot of time, so you have to buy a domain to speed up and ensure acceptance in Google Adsense. the importance of the paid domain, which is essential.When you create a free blog on WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger, your domain name will be ugly, and it probably won't be quite what you want it to be.


 Try creating a free blog on one of these sites, and you will see your blog address appear as follows:yourblog.blogspot.com


The second condition for getting accepted into Google Adsense is a Template:

 To complete the appearance of your blog, you need a good template, 

The right work in blogging, and in order to be more professional and make profit from the Internet, an important condition is that you have a very fast and professional template.


For the appearance of your blog and in order for it to be perfect for the visitor and when browsing your site via a computer, mobile phone or iPad.


There are popular add-ons on blogger templates and blogs, but in reality, add-ons are useless and their presence is not good. Just codes that the visitor carries unnecessarily, but when real use, their usefulness is not mentioned.

So if you can avoid having it on your blog, it is better to do this and use it only to a limited extent

Examples of such add-ons

time and date

Time and date add-ons are mainly dependent on the time on your device. I mean, if you have this add-on in your blog, try to modify the time and date of your device, and you will find that your site has changed as well. 


Most of the ones on the Blogger platform are not real time and date add-ons, but they are a display of what is on your device only, so there is no sense in their presence On your site as long as it is available on your device, and its add-ons for the visitor to download only their codes without any need



Statistics tools are inaccurate tools, and their presence does not benefit the visitor in anything unless you offer a live broadcast feature and you need to know how many visitors are currently on the site, but in general, statistics tools are among the worst tools that are added to Blogger blogs

Navigation tools

Some add the back button, the add button to the browser's favorite, all of these things without any need because they are actually available buttons in the browser.


This way you ensure that your site provides a good user experience and thus the AdSense approval process becomes easier

We conclude if the importance of a responsive template with all devices

In order to have your site accepted in Google Adsense.

do not spend large sums and buy a special and exclusive template for you. This is not the time for you, but I will share with you a template for free

For this, I will share with you one of the best free and acceptable blogger templates for Adsense.


1-how to get approval with WordPress :

 One of the best hosting companies is Bluehost, it is very fast and has many features that you can hardly find in other hosting and it has instant chat support

 If you buy hosting from Bluehost, you do not need to pay for the domain! Because it gives you a free domain for a year as a gift from it.

 how to create a successful WordPress blog at the lowest costs for adsense: read this article create wordpres blog

 Change the site template:

 I advise you to buy a professional paid template if you can, it is much better than the free templates, but if you do not have the money to buy a template, you can choose a free template and continue with it until you are able to buy a paid template.

There are several criteria that must be taken into account when choosing a template for your site, including the speed of the template and its response to different screens, especially mobile phones, and colors that are comfortable for the eye.

You can find out the template speed through  gtmetrix website.

 Install some of the basic plugins you need, such as:

Akismet Anti-Spam: This add-on comes with the blogging platform by default, and you only need to activate it and make some settings for it, to defend your site against spam comments.

 Smush: to reduce images.

WP Super Cache: To speed up the site by clearing the cache.
WPForms Lite: To create a (contact us) page, and other contact forms.

 Install add-ons to improve SEO and archiving in Google:

Yoast SEO plugin: One of the best WordPress plugins with which you can create a title, description, and tags for the site and topic and also allows you to prevent a section from archiving, and gives you instructions to make you walk properly and write SEO-friendly articles.

Add Google XML Sitemaps: The best add-on for creating sitemaps.

And others...these are just examples.


how to get adsenese aproval with blogspot :

Follow these points :

 best free and acceptable blogger templates for Adsense:

Best Accepted Adsense Templates

Many bloggers on Blogger or WordPress take advantage of Adsense ads to make money from them.

Among these conditions is to get a fast template without programming errors and one of the best templates accepted by Adsense.is seo+ blogger template

Download the free version of the Seo Plus template :

 The free version of the template has been prepared, allowing it to be used without activation to facilitate the beginners and those who are unable to purchase the template.

 Create a blog and start in the world of blogging without any problems or difficulties.. It can also be used as a trial version of the paid template incomplete for those who wish In the experience before starting the purchase process.


The SEO Plus template is one of the most famous and best very professional blogger templates for 2022. The template was designed in a professional manner suitable for search engines in terms of template speed and ease of archiving.


The free Seo Plus template also has a stylish and modern look with distinctive colors, which makes it one of the best free blogger templates.


SeoPlus Template is completely free from any programming errors. Which helps you a lot in quickly archiving your articles. It is also characterized by an awesome speed, and this is what the visitor prefers and Google Adsense also prefers.

The template is designed to fit all browsers and all screens and devices. In addition, it is versatile, as you can use it as a news, sports, or professional magazine template.

Personally, I consider the SEO Plus template to be among the best technical blogger templates that you can see.


There are two versions of the template, a free version and a paid version. Of course, the paid version has more features than the free SEO Plus template. But you can rely on the free version without any problem, and accept Google Adsense.

SEO PLUS Template Free Version

Seo Plus template does not need to be defined and has a great position in Blogger, a template that is 100% acceptable in Adsense and in a fast way. Whether free or paid, if you are looking for an acceptable template in Adsense. Only you can count on him without thinking,

The free seo plus template and its features:

  1. Responsive and versatile.
  2. Professional and attractive template at the same time.
  3. All codes are available automatically.
  4. Adsense accepted template.
  5. Simple and easy control panel for beginners.
  6. Many forms of displaying posts.
  7. See also feature in the middle of the topic.
  8. Facebook Comments and Blogger.
we got to know the best free templates accepted in Adsense. And some tips and basic information for introducing the AdSense blog, I will leave you with some necessary tools for bloggers that you will also need in the future.
In my personal opinion and based on many experiences with the SEO Plus template, it is the best free blogger template that is accepted in Google Adsense. 
Because I used the template in previous blogs, and I accepted in Google Adsense, and the template works professionally.

You can download the free SEO Plus template from the official template website or  here  from google drive. You can also make a preview of the template from here. or my blog
If you want to buy a paid seo plus template, this is the link to the official website of the seo plus seoplus-template.com template. message him

Install the template and choose the display language:

Go to the "Appearance" tab in the dashboard
Make a backup copy of your previous template by pressing (Backup/Restore)
Use one of the default blogger templates to clean the old template codes
Copy all template codes from the downloaded file
Edit the blog's code by pressing the arrow next to the Customize button, then choose (Edit HTML)
And delete all the existing code and paste the content of the template file that you copied and press the (Save) button after completion
seo plus blogger template installation
installation seo plus blogger template

Template language setting:
Go to the settings for the blog
In the settings tab, make sure that the language of the blog is the same as the language in which you want the template interface to be displayed
Meta tags in the Seo Plus template are ready and work automatically according to the values that can be extracted from your blog on each page, as an example:

Blog description or article description
Your blog title or article title
Your Blog Link
your blog language
But some meta tags must be added manually inside the template, and to implement this, follow the following explanation.
Go to the "Appearance" tab in the blog's dashboard
Edit the blog's code by pressing the arrow next to the customize button, then "Edit HTML"
At the beginning of the codes you will find the part written above
<!-- Required -->
What is under this heading is what we will change and then click on the "Save appearance" button.
Modifications that you have to change
  • The ID of your Facebook page.
  • The identifier (id) of the Facebook application.
  • The identifier (id) of the application manager account.
  • The identifier of your site's page on Twitter.
  • The identifier of the admin account on your Twitter account.
  • Link to your Facebook page.
  • The author's account link on Facebook or the website page link on Facebook.
  • Add your values ​​between the quotation marks specified in the content box

Change the alternate posting image
  • The alternative image is the one that appears automatically in the event that there is no image in the articles or when the home page link is published on social networking sites.
  • To change the alternate image, follow the steps below
  • Go to the Appearance tab
  • Then click on the Edit HTML button
  • Find the following code
  • <b:includable id='MetaImage'>
  • Next to the code you will find an alternative image link that you can change with the image link you want (the link must be hosted on Blogger or any site that supports HTTPS)

A question may come to your mind. There are weaker sites than my site and they are accepted, so why?

The problem is that the website’s weakness is not only in the number of its visitors, but in the category, I mean, for example, the category of technical websites is too many
Therefore, Adsense will not agree to any technical site, which will make the conditions for approval of a technical site much more difficult
While you may accept a site with fewer statistics, but it is in a field that is not widespread so that it targets that category of visitors
Adsense wants to cover the largest number of unique visitors, so you do not need to agree to a million technical sites with the same visitors
It suffices to agree to only 5,000 distinct sites from them, and visitors who go to the rest, naturally, frequent the larger sites, so you do not need to target them.
The higher the category of sites you compete in, the lower your chance of being accepted
So when you get a vague message

The most important terms of Google Adsense high quality and SEO friendly content:

 The beginning of the main task of any topic you do is to lure a specific visitor from among the millions of Internet users, meaning you take a very small part of this audience, who is likely to think at a specific moment one day that he needs your job, so he searches for him with a word or phrase and writes it in the search box, and it shows him the title of your article He enters and interacts and earns you a visit and profits, because when he needed you, he found you and chose you from among the millions (I mean, you knew how to simply lure him).

 The most interactive categories with ads in Adsense

 The common denominator between all these niches is the woman and the child. Everything that the man seeks in commerce and increasing income is in the end to search for well-being and ensure a better future for his partner woman and his young children and most of the family budget goes to them + all areas of daily service necessary for a huge audience

You can create a website specialized in any nice in them, and the acceptance rate will be fast

liste of best niche to get approval with adsnse :

 the first

   money money
    Currencies and exchange rates
    brokerage and day trading
    Real Estate Investments
    Investor Relations and Co-Capital
    mutual funds
    Individual retirement accounts

 The second

    Accounting and financial audit
    life insurance
    health insurance
    property insurance
    Vehicle insurance
    Money transfer and electronic transfer services
    Business Financing
    student loans
    Business news and media

 the third

    Motherhood and New Parents
    Baby diapers and toilet training
    kids nutrition
    Baby care and hygiene

 the fourth

    Antivirus software
    Temporary screens and digital wallpapers
    web browsers
    Project management software
    photo software
    Graphics and multimedia software
    Consumer Electronics and Computers
    Computer programs
    Internet and web applications


    Business and Productivity Programs
    Graphics and multimedia software
    educational program
    Home video and audio equipment
    Wireless devices
    Consumer electronic accessories
    Portable Media Devices
    GPS Navigation
    In-car audio and video systems


    Shirts and jackets
    Women's Clothing
    children clothes
    plus size clothes


    sport shoes
    Watches and accessories
    Handbags and wallets

 Earn with Adsense or any company with is (good selection and distribution of keywords)

 So, if you collected a list of words and wrote an article with it, but there are no visits or little profits? Your choice of words remains wrong, or the list is not related to each other, or the Maval fails to help Google understand what it means.  

And in order to make sure that the article is consistent with Google’s understanding of a sweet movement that you can make and learn from it how Google sees your articles

Open the main Google search page and take any paragraph that has a subtitle of the topic and put the entire paragraph in Google search and try to choose from it within 150 characters as the maximum limit for the search.

example site in google

And if there is no match that appears, you need to amend the paragraph in order to conform to Google’s understanding of it, because the paragraph must be an explanation of the subtitle to it in order for it to be understandable and achieve the purpose of the words included in it as a matching search request
H2- H3

Subtitle example: How to get your site on the first page in Google

Corresponding paragraph example: The new article, like the new football team, appears only when it plays the big clubs, so try to link this article to the best articles you have ,Appearing on the first page in Google on important words in the specialization of the project is one of the great options for projects, especially if you are working on the quality of products that people search for in Google before buying or have inquiries about them.


It is very obvious by tightening targeting in choosing the best keywords in each article that this is reflected in the improvement of the quality of the written content and that the distribution of paragraphs with tight titles responds to the most important inquiries about it

In detail, because you must know that the one inside you does not know anything about the information in your article, and the one inside is benefited and knows, because simply if he knew, he would not have entered at all.

Treat him like a primary school student and explain everything related to the topic in detail or briefly according to your important style in the end, to ensure that he understands, knows and benefits
Do not underestimate any information, even if it is insignificant in your view, in the eyes of others, it is very great and may make the difference that he wishes for in the research journey.

If you are a fan of daily blogging, this will also help you a lot in archiving articles immediately by Google, meaning it is preferable that the content be renewed on a regular basis.

One of the most important requirements for Google Adsense is that you have published a good number of articles between twenty and 30 topics and that you ensure that they are archived in search engines.

It is important for your site or blog on Blogger to be popular with search engines, and most importantly, to publish Google search engines, in order to get traffic.
In order to become a partner and display Google ads on your site, you need to know how to write exclusive articles.
And the article should be no less than 300 words of your writing and should not be a topic copied from other websites.

This is one of the most important reasons for rejection in AdSense and its classification as invaluable content.
If we conclude the importance of exclusive articles from your personal effort.

One of the most important requirements for Google Adsense is that you have published a good number of articles between twenty and 30 topics and that you ensure that they are archived in search engines.

one of  important for your site or blog on Blogger to be popular with search engines, and most importantly, to publish Google search engines, in order to get traffic.
Continuing to publish valuable content to be accepted into Adsense
Google Adsense requires you to keep posting good, valuable and exclusive content while respecting the privacy policy, and not using images that have proprietary rights.

You can view the Google Adsense policy and review the most important points imposed for all users

Important: You must publish on the fixed pages of your site, (Privacy Policy, Use Agreement, About Us, and finally Contact Us)

 What is an archiving articles?

 Archiving is the creation of a blog or articles for search engines and it satisfies the requirements and conditions of the search engine systems, the most important of which are Google and Bing.

Archiving is what helps the blog or articles in their purification of the pure engine and identify them through the pure spiders and keep them pure for the pure, and also helps a large percentage in purifying the topics on the first pages of the pure engines.


Do not request archiving of articles. There are many factors that we highly recommend in order to archive topics correctly, and we will learn about the most important of these reasons in the next paragraph.

Articles archived in search engines:

Archiving Articles Google asks for some criteria that help purify your blog with search engines, including the following:

Domain name:

Blogs with domain are archived at an incredible speed, and this is also normal now that the search engines save all the pages that were indexed before, on the contrary, a free domain will take time to get to know it through the search engine spiders and learn about the content of the blog.

Content :

After several Google updates that I know recently, it is fighting against content transferred or copied from other sites. If you have any articles taken from other sites, they will not be archived. It is preferable to write exclusive articles, or it is also possible to modify content, preferably bypassing the modification 85% to ensure that the article is archived quickly by Google.

Blog power:

Your articles should provide useful content for the visitor to acquire as long as possible inside the site, which increases Google's confidence in the blog. This means that the higher the reliability, the faster the archive of future articles.

Request to archive articles manually:

To request archiving manually from Google, you must follow some of the steps that we will learn about during this paragraph. You must focus well not to make any mistakes that may affect the archiving of articles.

Go to the google search console:

We will go to the “url check” feature from within the Google search console and copy the link to the article we want to index on search engines.

Paste it in the search box for the url, then search, the data will be retrieved through Google indexing for a few seconds, directly, the article will be cleaned with you with two results as follows:

Doesn't clear url on google :

This means that the article has not been cleared in the search engines, I have to request that the article be archived manually through Google spiders, note that you do not request the indexing more than once for one article, I will leave this all in some illustrations with the steps that you must follow.

The url is available on Google:

This means that the article was automatically archived by Google spiders. This is usually caused by automatic archiving now related to the reasons we mentioned above, such as the strength of the site and the exclusive renewed content, etc. This often helps index articles without asking them from Google. This is what we talked about in Google's blog paragraph.

The ultimate solution to stop archiving in Webmaster Tools is to join Google News.

Many bloggers on the Blogger platform are suffering from the problems of archiving articles, which may take a long time to appear on search engines.

To become the final solution is to submit your blog to Google News or what is known as Google News, all you have to do is link your blog or site to see the speed of archiving of articles and their appearance on the search engine in less than 15 minutes.

The most important factors that help archive articles quickly through Google indexing

You can Watch this article  submite your blog via google publishercenter 

Take advantage of these 2 free tools:

There are three free tools that you should use to make sure that your site does not have any problems related to search engines and SEO, all of these tools will help you manage your site and also facilitate the approval process in AdSense.

Google Search Console Tool: This tool provided by Google must be used by the owner of any site, as it helps Google to continuously archive (indexing) sites, and also clarify any site-related issues with search engines.

Also, this tool displays a lot of reports on how Google and its bots see your site and how they interact with it, and archiving your site pages is very important in order to get traffic from search engines.

Google Analytics Tool: This tool provided by Google is indispensable to any site manager, as it is the most important tool for displaying data and analysis of the site (such as the number of visitors to all pages - keywords that the site leads in search results - traffic sources) and other important information

Do not submit your blog immediately for google adsense:

Many new site owners apply to Google Adsense immediately after building the new site, and this is completely wrong, you must wait until your site meets several conditions.

Achieving these conditions will greatly ensure that you will be accepted into AdSense immediately after applying, especially if you apply the previous tips. These conditions are as follows:

Do not submit until you have at least 30 distinguished articles (in the way I mentioned to you earlier) in the field that your site is talking about.

Wait until you get at least 10,000 visits to your various pages (Page views), you can find out this information easily through the Google Analytics tool

Use social media to your advantage

Various social media sites (Youtube - Facebook - Instagram- twitter- reddit -quora) are very important for the owner of any site, because you can use them to get good traffic for your site completely free of charge.

This traffic will help you achieve the conditions we talked about in the previous advice, and there is another benefit that these giant sites will provide you with.

When you create accounts on social networking sites with the same name as your site and constantly publish on them your content and articles, this gives (Social Signals) to Google and helps in archiving your site, since Google robots are constantly checking these sites.

These signals were previously Google relied upon heavily in ranking sites in search results, and so far they are still important in SEO according to many experts, although Google did not declare this.

There are many ways in which you can take advantage of social media sites, so I advise you to read the following guide on marketing through these sites, which will help you choose the best platforms that you should rely on according to your field.

Do not apply to Google and there are any kind of ads on your site:

The last tip which is a good conclusion to the AdSense acceptance tips is: Do not rely on any other ad network while applying for an AdSense account.

There are many ad networks similar to Adsense (of course they are not as powerful), which some website owners rely on, these networks may be a good option for you in the future

How do you make sure you are accepted into Adsense the first time you apply?

 What do you need to know about the approval process and what to do if you are not accepted into the AdSense program?

Before applying for an AdSense account, there are a few things you should know:

  1. Understand how AdSense works and also read AdSense policies.
  2. Make sure you have a content-rich site that adheres to the AdSense policies. 
  3. The website must not be used previously to obtain AdSense approval.
  4. Make sure your domain is at least 2 months old. If you are applying for an Adsense account from the Middle East, you may need a domain that is at least 6 months old.
  6. Apply for adsense after your website receives at least 100 unique visitors per day. The rules are getting stricter and it can be hard to accept if you don't have the right amount of traffic.
  8. You must have a Google account (eg gmail) to use it with Adsense. 
  9. No need to create a new account if you already have one.

    You are allowed to have only one personal Adsense account. If your account is suspended for any reason, you cannot create a new account (in this case, you should look for AdSense alternatives).
  10. You cannot apply if you are not at least 18 years old.

Adsense application process:

The application is simple and straightforward and is divided into two phases. The first is automatic and the second may involve manual intervention.

Once you make sure you meet all the above criteria, go to www.google.com/adsense and apply for an Adsense account.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to use an existing Google account or create a new one.

Some people prefer to have a different Google account for adsense which is fine but note that the same Google account should also have admin access to Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics (to link these 3 tools together and share useful stats and Adsense metrics).

Next, it will ask you to enter the URL of the first website on which you will add Adsense ads.

As mentioned earlier, it should be a website that is not using adsense, rich content (unique and interesting content), at least 6 months (for some regions) and with some traffic.

Once you have been approved for AdSense, you can add ads on any website that meets the program's criteria without having to go through the approval process again.

The last step in the first stage is to fill in the information such as your country, time zone, name, account type and address.

Some things you should know:

  • The country you enter must be your country of residence. Adsense will verify your address by mailing you a confirmation code.
  • Once you enter a country, you cannot change it. In the event that you have to change it because you changed the country of residence, you will have to close your existing account and create a new one.
  • If you have an officially registered company and have a valid registration number, you can open a business account. There is no difference in functionality between the other two that payments are made to a business and not personal (as is the case with a personal account).
  • Once your account is created you cannot change the account type (ie from personal to business and vice versa).

What to do if your AdSense account is not approved?

If you are not approved, you should carefully study the email they sent you explaining the reasons why you were not accepted into the programme.

You can then go to the adsense community and see what others who have had the same issues have done.

Read the adsense instructions again and create a list of things you need to correct, wait at least two weeks and then apply again.

Although there is no maximum number of attempts you can make to be accepted, do not apply if you have not taken corrective action first.

Also keep in mind that there is no way to contact the Adsense team directly and ask why your application was accepted other than the official AdSense forums.


Getting approved for an AdSense account is not difficult provided you meet the criteria above.

Adsense is a great way to make money but always remember not to violate any of their guidelines for any reason.

Once you break the rules, you are out of the program once and for all.

Play by the rules, try to get more organic traffic (converting is better when it comes to adsense) and soon you will start seeing the benefits that Adsense offers to publishers.