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How to add your website, blogger or YouTube channel in Google News

 Google always makes every effort to provide the appropriate atmosphere and tools for content owners, whether article or written content such as blogger, wordpress or video content such as YouTube, if you are a publisher or you are the owner of content on any platform affiliated with Google. Google Inc. will notice the constant interest and sustainable development of users of Google tools.

 How to add your blog to google news: 

Tools that Google provides free of charge to content makers, for example:

1- Google Adwords: which helps you find the best words in terms of click price and number of

 Traffic and volume of competition for keywords.

2- Google cosole website: through which you can find out how many visits and clicks you have from Google

And also knowing the number of articles archived in the search engine on your site, and you can also make a manual archiving of your site and find out

 Problems or errors that exist on your site.

3- Google Analytics: It is a service also provided by Google to obtain accurate and accurate results

 Professionalism specific to your site, for example, it knows which article the visitor enters and how many minutes the visitor remains on the site and also

From which country does the visitor come from, and if you link it to Google Adsense, you can know the profit statistics

 In addition to that, are the visitors from a laptop, a mobile phone, or a tablet, among other features.

4- Google Adsense: which everyone knows, as it is a site that Google offers you to help you know

 Everything about advertising on your site, whether advertising profits or any more effective advertising or which country the profits come from

 The most and also tells you the types and forms of advertisements, the types of products with advertisements, as well as your total profits.

5- Google news site or (google news): It is the site that we will talk about today and how to register with it

And display all the steps of the subject and the correct method that ensures that you are accepted very easily in Google News.

Important note, read it carefully before adding your site to Google News.
- If you register or subscribe to Google News, it is the best way to increase, multiply and profit from your website
  Your blog post or your website, get  archiving does not take more than 5 to 15 minutes


It also helps you to develop or improve a center and put your site in Alexa, and do not forget that there is no fear in that about the quality of visits because it is from Google itself.

- Google News. All it does is to suggest your topics, articles, and videos to all people, as if it is doing the marketing of your site for free for free. All you have to do is take care of your site's SEO, and once you are accepted into Google News, you will directly find the difference in favor of your site.


How to add my site to google news.

How to add a website, blog or YouTube channel to Google News?

From to start linking or adding to your site or channel in Google News

First, make sure that the account in your browser is the account of your site or Blogger and in Google Console.

The page will open directly, choose add publication

 After that, fill in your site data in the first field, type the name of your site and the second field is the link to the site and choose your country in the third field and press add publication, you will find your site has been added but the settings are not completed.


Then click on the publishing settings, or post settings and this page will open for you with some data that we have previously done, such as the name of the site

Then click on the publishing settings, and this page will open for you with some data that we have previously done

And in the main website address, click on verify in search console. It will verify that you are the link to the blog

Then click next, it will take you to this page and ask you to put a square picture of your site or channel (logo) It also asks you to put a rectangular picture.

After you have finished uploading the required images, go back and click on Google News

Then click on the word EDIT as shown, the following page will open for you

Write the description as it is on your blog by going to the Blogger or blog and choose settings and copy
Blog Description Secondly, choose the domain of your site and then click Next.which is the most important page....Click on a new section

- Choose a feed if you want to add topics and click on the video if you want to add videos.

Then click next, click on review terms and conditions and agree to the terms
And fill out the required on the page, such as type the name of the blog, an email to communicate, and so on.

Then wait for a while until your topics are loaded and the word publish appears to you, then click on it and it will show you that
Your site is under review.

The period of reviewing your site for acceptance in Google News or Google News varies from one site to another. It may reach two or three weeks, and it may be a day or two.

And so we have provided an explanation of linking the site to google news.

My blog was accepted in two days even though it is new👊

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