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TikTok Launches Artist Accounts to Boost Music Discovery

TikTok, the renowned social media hub, has introduced a groundbreaking feature called Artist Accounts, geared toward empowering musicians in fostering connections with their fanbase and amplifying their music promotions.

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The Artist Accounts bring forth a suite of innovative features:

  1.  Artist Tag: A distinctive tag beneath the artist's name, aiding fans in swift identification.
  2. New Releases Showcase: Artists can spotlight their latest tracks up to 14 days before and 30 days after release.
  3. Song Library: An organizational tool for artists to structure their songs efficiently.
  4.  Pinned Post: The ability to anchor a preferred post atop the Discovery page.
  5. Behind-the-Scenes Insights: A platform for artists to share the narratives and inspirations behind their music.

The Artist Accounts have garnered praise from musicians, with Cat Burns, a British singer-songwriter, lauding the platform for revolutionizing her fan interactions.

The new artist features have altered the way I connect with fans, Burns expressed. "Each song resonates differently with TikTok users, and being able to spotlight new releases has simplified introducing my recent tracks to both long-time followers and new enthusiasts."

TikTok envisages that the Artist Accounts will elevate music discovery on the platform, fostering an environment conducive to fans discovering fresh music while engaging seamlessly with their beloved artists.


The advent of Artist Accounts stands as a monumental stride for TikTok. These innovative features provide musicians with a manifold of avenues to enhance visibility and forge deeper bonds with their audience.

The Artist Tag is a seemingly simple yet potent tool that aids in swift artist recognition. The New Releases feature serves as a dynamic promotional tool for artists to unveil their latest creations. The Song Library simplifies music organization, facilitating fan access. The Pinned Post functionality enables artists to spotlight key content, be it a new music video or an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse. The Behind-the-Scenes feature fosters a more intimate connection between artists and fans.


Artist Accounts represent a promising chapter in TikTok's evolution. These dynamic features empower musicians, enhancing their presence and connectivity with fans. The subsequent months will unveil the true impact of this groundbreaking addition, setting a new benchmark in artist-fan interactions on the platform.


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