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How to import your existing content on Medium and increase your website traffic

 The importance of attracting visitors comes from the importance of the success of every website from the ground up, so what is the point of having a site without visitors.

get traffic from medium

Whatever the purpose of creating a website, you definitely want to get visits to your site.


 How to republish your existing blog posts on Medium to increase your website traffic is a great platform to post and read a story.
For a blogger like you and me, it is also a great platform to repost existing content and increase traffic.

Content sharing is not a new term for bloggers; It is a widely used strategy to drive more traffic to existing content.

 How to import your content on Medium and increase your website traffic:

Now, before we get started, the most obvious question in a scenario like this is:

What about duplicate content?

Well, this is taken care of at Medium, where they use the rel=canonical tag which passes the final authority on the content to the website you're importing that content from.

Well, Medium is a very popular platform when it comes to reading content. Their user interface is easy to use and it is one of the most visited websites in the world.

 Here are the latest stats of medium from the similarweb:

get traffic from medium


 Creating an account at is quick as you can use Twitter, Facebook, Google, or even your email to sign up. Once logged in, you can start reading stories and following people and posts.

In this tutorial, you'll learn everything you need to know before importing and publishing your existing blog posts on Medium.


 Medium provides an import tool that you can use to import existing blog posts from other platforms into However, this tool does not import photos or videos (sometimes), which is why you need to add them manually before publishing.


 Choose a story you want to republish on Medium. I would suggest choosing one of your most important blog posts as it will have more chances of becoming popular on Medium. You can use a tool like BuzzSumo to find the most popular blog posts from your domain.
Go to the Medium import tool here and add the link to the blog post you want to import

how to get traffic from medium

 Click Import.

This will bring all text and formatting from your existing posts to Medium.

At the bottom of the imported post it will also add a link to the original post with the rel=canonical tag.

At the moment, the post is in draft mode and we need to do a few important things before publishing it.


get traffic medium

If you have text-only content, the task will be easier for you.

However, I highly recommend adding some images as they make your article more readable and fun to read. If you don't have any, you can use any sites to get free images for your blog posts.

If you already have images on your original content, you need to download and upload them to the imported post. Click See your story and from there you can start editing content and/or adding multimedia. also automatically imports images and uploads them to their server

What you should do here is customize the title of the post and the permalink to make them an easy-to-use search engine.

Click on the three dots in the top right to access the story options panel:

medium traffic

Customize the link, so I click on More settings and choose advanced settings and then Custom.

medium traffic


Now, before you publish it, there is one very important thing to do  add tags.
Using the right tags makes your story discoverable. You can use  to 3-5 tags on the average.

tags medium

Make sure to use only relevant tags. You can also create your own tag instead of using a suggested tag.

Once you have added all five tags, click Publish.
Your story on is now live

Medium Publications: Content Organizing and Branding Opportunity:

Posts are great for the following reasons:

You can import your blog posts directly into the post.
You can add posts imported from your Medium profile to your post.
You can also format other articles published on Medium for your publication. This is a great way to improve branding and brand visibility.

Posts can have different authors and editors to help you import or even organize content.
You can have more than one post. You can access your existing posts or create a new one using this link.

 You can also import a piece of content and schedule it to be published at a later date. However, when you import content on Medium, it is published using the same date that the article was originally published.
They also have an iOS and Android app that you can use to read or manage your mobile profile and posts.


 The really important here to get more traffic to your posts on is:

 Use amazing titles. Use address parsers if you need.
Use the tags correctly.
At the end of the story, ask users to like it. Here's what I say: “Did you enjoy this article? Click the ??? button to help others find it.”
 Remind users to subscribe to your Medium profile and post.
Share your Medium stories on your social media profile.

Although it is not a platform that you own, you need to consider the accessibility of existing content. Unlike other content sharing methods, this can be entirely managed by you or someone from your team.

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