Best Free and Premium Blogger Templates

 Your blog design is the first thing that attracts first time readers. When it comes to blogger templates, we have many free and paid options. Most of the people who start blogging on Blogger, tend to stick to the free templates offered by Blogger.com. These blogger templates are simple and elegant, but there are many web developers who develop excellent looking blog templates for free.

Here I am sharing a set of beautiful blogger templates, which are premium, and come with a “Free” price tag. Most of these custom blogger themes are inspired by WordPress themes, and they will give you a fresh and elegant look. If you haven't customized your blog's look yet, these templates will help you make your blog look professional

 this is est collection responsive free blogger templates that are released recently from any useful freebie blog.template makes good impression on your visitors. If your blogger template is messed up then it will make bad effect on visitors. It will decrease your blog performance. So the good looking responsive blogger template play an important role in blogging.

 Free blogger templates like wordpress

 Sendigo blogger template


free blogger templates

Blogger template with a column on the left, it has a three-column footer suitable for magazine and technology blogs, the template has many features that distinguish it from other blogger templates, including:

 Displays topics by label

  • Well SEO optimized and search engine friendly
  • The template is characterized by a mixture of attractive colors
  • Stylish clean design with a beautiful look and easy to use
  • The template is fast and responsive
  • Tools and Extras:

Responsive with all screens and devices

  • Powered by the best meta tags and SEO codes
  • Slider
  • up button
  • 404 error page
  • HTML5 /CSS3 design
  • Contains drop down menus
  • The template contains advertising space 

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 blogger template for news

 EvoNews Blogger Template 

is a feature enriched theme that helps in developing standard blogs then it must be your lucky day. This theme contains advance, powerful, and highly useful functionalities and elements that help in creating outstanding  and magazine blogs. It is fully responsive and provides an amazing viewing experience. With this theme, you will get high-resolution displays. It contains the latest typography which means you can easily set sizes, weight, style, and much more with  clicks. You will get a variety of font options in this theme. It also supports videos from various platforms. It is perfect to create blogs for travel, tech, 

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 Micro Blogger Template :

is very  and has a professional look. So if any one of you has selected a niche like Tech, , Sports, etc then this template is definitely for you only. It is designed by using lightweight codes and has the futuristic generation framework of Blogspot. This means in the future if Blogspot adds some new features and functions then this template will not get affected by that. It is fully compressed with the latest version of Scripts which makes the theme  and smooth in functioning. It has some useful layout categories where anyone can easily customize the theme without making a single change in theme code. Micro Blogger Template also has SEO-friendly codes which rank the website in all existing search engines easily. The post section has a post-sharing option where readers can share your post on all their social platforms easily. As the theme is lightweight and has a  code that deals with Adsense and helps in getting the program. The macro theme is compatible with all types of browsers and deals with all devices like Moblie, Tablet, Laptop, Macbook, etc. It is very easy to customize its color and designs by using the customization option. Seo Ready,

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 SpotBuzz Blogger Template

 is a theme that comes with all the new features and functions. The framework of the template is designed in such a way that it will never get disturbed in any new updates of blogger. This theme contains two latest and extra features which are dark mode and RTL (Left to Right) which make the user interface much user-friendly and responsive. As responsive it supported all types of screen sizes and adjust them according to it. It contains Adsense friendly code which will help users to get Adsense approval easily and the friendliness of the code is so flexible that it automatically makes the space for the ads without getting disturbed.  



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 Paperify Blogger Template

 comes with numerous excellent features like dark mode, grid post, RTL version, and it is very simple to customize it according to the user's specs. This theme is very fast in loading and has SEO friendly structure to get listed on all types of search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc. It is responsive in nature and supports all types of devices like Mobile, iPad, MacBook, etc. It is compatible with different types of browsers also. The user-friendly design will surely help the users to get a good amount of traffic and it is also Adsense friendly to display ads.

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