how to make your art blog?

 Being an artist, as we know, is more than a job. It is also a state of being, a philosophy, a way of thinking and existing. Well, creating an artist's website is a bit the same: it's more than just doing a professional website. It is, indeed, to make a professional page, but it is also to put a lot of oneself in it, and make it a place of exchange and sharing.

how to make an artist blog?
how to make your artist blog?

how to make your artist blog?

 Painter, sculptor, visual artist, videographer, musician, actor... whatever your artistic field, you carry out an activity that involves creativity, as much as relationships.

 Creating an artist's site will allow you to develop these two aspects: design the site that perfectly reflects your universe, and extend your influence, via the web. So, ready to project your artistic identity on the web, ready for a digital encounter with your audience?

We tell you how to create an artist site, enter the adventure of your artistic site creation! 

Why make an artist site?

Browsing the internet has become a reflex for a majority of us.

Building a professional page is now a must in many sectors of activity.

But in the artistic world, this is certainly even more relevant, because of the ultra-social nature of this field.

Making a website for an artist is therefore even more essential, than for any other profession.

An artist's web page to make yourself known

The Internet ignores distances and borders!

Building a site for an artist is therefore, above all, one of the best ways to make yourself known. It's a great way to reach new audiences, even, and above all, far from your physical relational circle. It is the ideal location to present your artistic universe, show your works, display your exhibition agenda, etc.

In short, it's your space, the place where you need to put yourself forward, the place where you need to shine. 

Develop your community around your artistic project

Creating an artist's website is also an effective way to maintain and enrich your community.  People who follow your artistic journey appreciate being kept informed of your various projects.

What could be better than an artist's web page to inform them of your news?

Interactive tools, or the insertion of an agenda presenting your tour or exhibition dates, will allow you to easily notify the members of your community, of your current activities, and possibly to exchange with them.

Explain your artistic approach

Your artist site will also be the ideal place to explain your ideas, and your journey. Your web page, due to its multifaceted appearance, will allow you to easily illustrate, with the help of images, videos and / or texts, your approach and your artistic projects.

What is the best solution to create your artist site?

There are different solutions to create an artist site, you can use an online service with self-hosting, or create a portfolio on an internet platform, such as Flickr for example.

If you do not have time to spend hours there, or it is not your field of choice, using a website builder will certainly be the perfect solution for you.

You can create a fully customized artist site, with online editors like Wix, SiteW or Orson: without the required technical knowledge, you will be able to get started on the web, in just a few moments.

 How to create an art blog:

A great way to share art with the world is to create an art blog. You can even sell artwork to people who visit your blog or offer to create custom artwork like paintings for people interested in hiring you as an artist. In many ways, creating an artistic blog is like creating any other blog except that the blog content will consist of more images and the blog will follow a more creative theme that depicts your work style

 Start building your art blog just as you would any other type of blog. When using any blogging service to create a blog, you will be asked to choose the following blog themes.

Choose a template. The template basically defines the layout of your blog and how the content within it is displayed. The template should match the theme of your blog or the art style it will be displayed on. Most blogging services allow you to preview different templates to help you choose the best one for your blog. Here are some of the themes that are included in the template.

Start writing blog posts so that people have something to read when they visit your blog. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Tag your photos if you want to prevent others from copying and using photos from your blog without your permission. Here are two branding methods you might want to consider.

Add images to create a visually stimulating art blog. Of course, people want you to share your art on your blog or at least see your work style. Adding images is even more important if you want to sell artwork or encourage people to hire you as an artist to create custom artwork because your customers will want to know more about the products or services they are paying for. There are a few methods you can use to add photos

So, how do you create an artist site?

By going through an online site builder, the creation of your artist page will be done in a few simple steps: after opening your account, you choose a title for your site, select a web template and a subscription.

And that's it! It's already time to start your new work, namely your artist site ;-)

Choose an artist template to create a site

Choosing your template is one of the first steps in creating an artist site. And this is perhaps one of the most important!  Because if there is a profession for which, the pro site must be beautiful and attractive, it is the profession of artist!

Select a theme that you like, aesthetically speaking, and whose menu corresponds to your needs.

Think that web templates are generally totally customizable: you can change colors, fonts, add pages, and of course, integrate your personal content.

Make sure that your images have an optimal size: in other words, not too large, so as not to impact the loading speed of the pages, while remaining of professional quality. Your artist portfolio must be recent, and regularly updated. Display your exhibition dates, concert dates, etc.

If the portfolio is the central point of your artist site, the agenda of your exhibition is no less important. Your online agenda allows your community to come and meet your works: it is a little, on your website, the door between the virtual world and the real world

Interactive tools for your artist website

In addition to creativity, exchange is certainly the second pillar of the artistic field.  However, it turns out that the web, by its interactive dimension, is particularly conducive to dialogue and communication.

Mention all your contact information, possibly creating a dedicated page. You will find, on the different site creation platforms, tools designed to promote interaction: whether through personalized forms (for contact or online quote request), surveys and questionnaires, a comment feed, a blog, or links to your social network pages...

You will have multiple opportunities to communicate with your audience.

Sell  art online

The addition of an online sales system may interest you, if you want to sell your creations on the Internet, whether physical or virtual products (discs, music on digital media, goodies, paintings, reproductions, photos ...).

Now is the long-awaited moment, to show your new creation (site ;-) ) to the public... by launching it on the web!

Promote your artist blog

As an artist, you know, better than anyone, this problem: creating is essential, but disseminating is just as important!

For your site realization, it is exactly the same, as for your artistic creations: once you have designed it from start to finish, you must now make it known.

For this, no miracle cure... But proven techniques that have proven their effectiveness!

To appear prominently in search engine results, start by reserving a domain name for your site. It will surely be your name, or the name of your company, your group, your collective... 

Add your texts! Because your portfolio is essential, but not enough on its own: to have a well-referenced artist's website, create long enough pages. This is the perfect opportunity to retrace your biography, your career as an artist, your past events and achievements...

Then work on your keywords (current, artistic style and field, geographical location, name of your works, etc.), and insert them into your texts and metadata. As well as in the titles and Alt tags of your images: name them explicitly.

Do not forget to optimize your site technically speaking (computer code, page loading performance ...), and to refine the navigation (internal links, menu ...). 

Finally, work on your digital reputation: create reference backlinks, participate in web events, get interviewed...

social networks, how to use them?

Exercising a public profession, you will hardly be able to put social networks aside. This doesn't mean you have to be on all social platforms, but rather that you have to use them wisely: target the ones that suit you best, based on the characteristics of your community. And, most importantly, post regularly.

Note that your social media accounts will play a complementary role, compared to your artist's website: the content published there is ephemeral, and lighter, than on your pro pages, which are part of time.

Your audience is waiting for your news, and needs to be informed of your news. Social media is the perfect place for this. They also make it possible to create a special proximity with your community, and to establish a facilitated and instant exchange.

My artist site: taking advantage of statistics

Finally, it is interesting to be able to have a feedback on your artist's website creation. Indeed, all the encrypted data, in relation to the traffic of your pages, can be analyzed. This is in order to improve your site, and to give your audience what they expect from you.

Access to Google Analytics information will allow you to know your visitors, their behaviors and habits, and to understand precisely what they expect, by visiting your pages. You are ready to start your artist site construction. Choose the best provider, based on the different essential steps listed in this article. ... Create the artist site that will make you shine!

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