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How to earn 200 $ a day with DropServicing

Drop servicing is a low-cost online business model where you sell services to customers but outsource the work to suppliers. This allows you to start and grow a business without having to invest in your own inventory, equipment, or expertise.

 What is Drop Servicing?

 Here's how it works:

  1. You create a website or store and list the services you offer.
  2. When a customer places an order, you forward it to a supplier.
  3. The supplier completes the order and sends it directly to the customer.
  4.  You collect the payment from the customer and keep the difference between what you charged and what you paid the supplier.

Drop servicing has a number of advantages, including:

  • Low startup costs
  • No need to carry inventory or equipment
  • No need to have expertise in the services you offer
  • Flexibility to scale your business quickly and easily

Drop servicing example:

  1. You create a website that offers logo design services.
  2. You set a price of $130 for a logo design.
  3. A customer places an order for a logo design.
  4. You forward the order to a supplier who offers logo design services for $80.
  5. The supplier creates the logo and sends it directly to the customer.
  6. You collect the $130 payment from the customer and keep the $50 difference.

Drop servicing is a viable business model for a wide range of services, including:
✔ Web design and development
✔ Content writing and editing
✔ Social media marketing
✔ Search engine optimization (SEO)
✔ Virtual assistant services
✔ Graphic design
✔  Video editing
And many more

How to earn up to 200 $ from selling one service without skills and without money - DropServicing

 We all know that the idea of drop servicing is very simple, you offer premium digital services for sale, and you order all the work for a cheaper price.

Drop servicing includes high profitability services and medium profitable services, where you can check one service from one drop servicing service 300$ quickly and with minimal effort.

 For example, when a client comes to you who needs to develop their website, you offer this service for example $500, your client paid you, then you outsource this work at a lower cost, let's say you order a supplier or freelancer to Fiverr for $200 Now, I've made $300 from this whole process.

 Now you know what is Dropserving,But you don't know what services you can provide in your drop servicing business.


 To make it more clear to you and make everything look organized and clear, I thought that I would divide this article into chapters so that in each chapter we deal with a specific topic, and these chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter One: Drop Service Basics
  •  Chapter Two: The Right Steps to Work in the Field of Drop Servicing
  • Chapter 3: How to Price Your Services to Maximize Profit
  • Chapter 4: How to Scale Your Drop Service Business to Get Clients
  •  Chapter Five: Out-of-the-box ideas for developing drop servicing and building a business out of it

 Chapter One: Drop Service Basics

The purpose of this chapter is to clarify some concepts related to drop servicing and answer some important questions as well:

 It is very similar to dropshipping in principle, the idea here is that you are selling digital services that are not yours and when a customer asks you for one of these services, you buy it from an freelancer or another site and benefit from the price difference,

 How does Dropserving work?

The working principle is very simple and I expect you understood it from the previous definition.

  You create your own service store and offer services and start marketing them to attract customers and when an order comes to you you write to the freelancer who will perform the service and when it is finished you send back the work done to the client and you get the price difference, in short you are only a broker.

pros and cons of drop servicing

pros of drop servicing:

  1. Low startup costs: One of the biggest advantages of drop servicing is that it is a very low-cost business to start. Unlike traditional businesses, you do not need to invest in any inventory or equipment. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.
  2.  Flexibility: Drop servicing is also a very flexible business model. You can work from anywhere in the world, and you can set your own hours. This is a great option for people who want to be their own boss or who have other commitments, such as childcare or education.
  3. Scalability: Drop servicing is also a very scalable business model. As you grow your business, you can simply add more suppliers or freelancers. This means that you can grow your business without having to invest more money in inventory or equipment.

cons of drop servicing :

  1. Reliance on the freelancer: The quality of your service depends on the quality of the freelancer you hire. If you choose a bad freelancer, your customers will be unhappy, and your reputation will suffer. You can mitigate this risk by carefully vetting freelancers before hiring them and by having a clear agreement in place.
  2. Customer satisfaction: As the business owner, you are ultimately responsible for customer satisfaction. If a customer is unhappy with the quality of the service they receive, you will have to deal with it. This can be time-consuming and stressful.

What is the difference between drop servicing and drop shipping?

         drop servicing is a better option for business owners who want to sell digital services, rather than physical products. 

It seems very clear, dropshipping sells tangible products, while Dropserving is about selling digital services, it doesn't take much explanation, actually the topic is very clear.

What do you need to start a drop service business?

drop-in service businesses have low income requirements. Indeed, it is great to invest a specific budget in your new business.Even with no money, it is very possible to start your own drop servicing store and start making profits from the beginning,

  You also don't need to be a service expert. Alternatively you could have some basic knowledge to critically assess the skills of suppliers or freelancers, as well as finished orders.

How much does it cost to start a drop service business?

It is inexpensive to work with compared to dropshipping, to get started with this great project depends on the method that you will adopt,

the cost of starting a drop service business typically ranges from $10 to $200.

Chapter Two: The Right Steps to Work in Drop Service:

 We have now come to the chapter on the actual steps that you must follow in order to start properly.

very ineffective method of taking a service from a site and re-offering it on the same site or another competing site at a higher price,

The best successful method through which we make good profits is to build your own store in which you start building a brand for it, this is actually the best method.

Research and select the services you will sell

Before you do anything technical, you must plan and define the services that you will start working on,
This method is good, but for those who work in selling high-profit services, for example, who sells services of selling followers and getting likes and these things. Personally, I consider this a deception and not one of the paths will lead to anything, so before you start determine what you will do and how you will do,

How do you find profitable niches for your drop servicing business?

The Drop Service business is completely new at this point and very few people have started it. So, there are a lot of untapped niches to start with. 

But that doesn't mean that you can start with anything because some niche genres may be dominated by original freelancers or other companies.

For example, something like a logo design is already very competitive with both freelancers and huge companies that dominate the field. So, we'll need to stay away from those niches.

Here is a step-by-step guide to finding the best drop servicing niches:

Traffic Analysis

The first step is to find a service that has low traffic.Go to and register on the platform. On the Home page, you will find a lot of services listed. At the top of the page, there will be categories listed.

 Start clicking on each one of them and see if the first page results get any requests on them.

Anything larger than 80-100 orders is a good niche.

Make a list of all the niches and go to the next step

Go to Google Keyword Planner which can be accessed from Google Adwords

Once you are there, click on Discover New Keywords. Then open Notepad and enter all of the nitches you collected in the above step.Once you are there, click on Discover New Keywords. Then open Notepad and enter all of the nitches you collected in the above step.

Before entering, check that your site is set to all sites. But, if you are targeting a country, just select those sites only.

You can decide which niche is right for you:

To give a simple example, I went to fiverr and searched for video editing services, hundreds of services, and you can see that there are services with prices from $ 20 to very large numbers:

  1. Average Monthly Searches – Should be as high as possible “1K-10K” is usually fine. “10K-100K” and above are fantastic.
  2. Competition – it should be 'low' or 'very low'. You don't even have to choose Medium.
  3. The price at the top of the page is low: it should be very low. Less than $5 or $1 to be exact.
  4. Top of page bid (high range) - It should also be low. Less than $1 or $2.

If any of the niches written in Notepad select all four points above, select them and move on.

18 Profitable Drop Service Niches 2022

     Coding [Programming]
     Sales Funnel Services
     Video Creation and Animation
     Ads Creation
     Voice Over Services
     WordPress Fixer
     date entry
     Digital Marketing Services
     Translation Services
     Copywriting Services
     Customer Services
     Designing YouTube Thumbnails
     YouTube Intros
     Flyers, brochures, and social media artwork
     Game Trailers
     Content Creators

  Drop servicing ideas:

 Here is a list of 50 drop servicing ideas : 

1. SEO Services 2. Web Design and Development 3. Social Media Management 4. Digital Advertising 5. Video Production 6. Content Writing 7. App Development 8. Copywriting 9. Logo Design 10. Graphic Design 11. Web Hosting 12. Email Marketing 13. Voice Over Services 14. Transcription 15. eCommerce Solutions 16. Online Course Creation 17. Virtual Assistance 18. Translation 19. Online Tutoring 20. Webinar Production 21. Data Entry 22. Event Planning 23. Customer Support 24. Mobile App Development 25. Bookkeeping 26. Stock Photography 27. Data Analysis 28. Market Research 29. Surveys 30. Influencer Management.31. Product Photography 32. Networking 33. Copyediting 34. Voice Acting 35. Virtual Reality Development 36. Animation 37. Video Editing 38. Voice User Interface Development 39. Music Production 40. Podcast Production 41. Book Cover Design 42. Drone Services 43. 3D Modeling 44. Online Bookkeeping 45. Technical Writing 46. Data Visualization 47. Product Design 48. Scriptwriting 49. User Experience Design 50. Photography and Videography.

Where can you find freelancers?

There are many sites through which you can search for and hire freelancers and in more than one field as well, the most famous of these sites are:

Build your own store to start business:

 Now we come to the most important point, creating a Drop Service store that can be created in more than one way,

1- the first difficult way is to build a site on WordPress, buy hosting, add a template and these things are applied in dropshipping completely.

The second method, which we use and which is the best in my opinion, is to use the shopify platform to create a store to sell services.

Platform advantage: It fits everything we need for marketing and modification on the store as well as it has a payment processor, and the platform is optimized for search engines and has marketing tools

How do you create a Drop Service website?

You do not need design or programming skills to create a website.

If your blog was designed using WordPress You can implement the idea using one of the plugins that creates an integrated internal T-shirt design system, such as the WP-Spreadplugin plugin that provides integration with WordPress.

Examples of Dropserving Websites:

In fact, there is no website or blog, Doesn't own a dropserving store ,All bloggers use it

 When you offer your services, you don't show them as one person, but as a group working together

 Create a Drop Servicing website:

 1. Create a store:

The way is to create a store, for example, on the Shopify platform, and offer it your services such as design or graphic services

2. Choose a name and domain:

 Make sure the name matches what you are already selling.
3. Place the products on your Shopify store

4.Presentation of Testimonials:
Testimonials provided by customers

It makes the selling process a lot easier, if you have examples of people who have bought services from you and liked them, the sale just happens on its own, people always like to see other people's guides and recommendations before buying a service or product with me

Advertising for your store and searching for customers:

Of course, this is a very important point, without which you will not be able to achieve sales,
It will mainly be based on ads, ads will be on social media and we will target people who are interested in the service.

How to Expand Your Drop Service Business to Get Clients:

Content writing:

Exactly like online stores for products ,Writing good content and at the same time showing search results through which to bring in more customers and for free, take it as a rule from now: having a blog and content in any brand is essential to success

Offer pricing options:

It is preferable to give your services 3 prices for the customer to choose what suits him:

  • Low: This price gives high quality, but not with the same effort as the high price service to suit all categories. You must confirm here that the quality of work, services and additional offers are not included here.
  • Medium: This is very popular e, the service is of high quality and the support options are there
  • High: It means all offers, ideas and features available in this service, in addition to providing all options for support, modification and production of the highest possible quality.

Provide options for work performed

This method is very successful in persuading customers, the idea here is to provide more than one option for the customer to choose the final service form among them. Let me give you a simple example. I offer a logo design service for $200 and my freelancer friend (any name) provides the same service and at the same price.
Your drop service store needs to stand out and leave a convincing impression to your customers


How can you make money with DropServicing?

For any other online business, to get started with drop service, you will need:

  • Find the niches that work for you, make sure you choose a profitable one.
  • Create a website for your niche.
  • Plan your niche marketing strategy.
  • Run your own business and freelancers with Fiverr Business, the easiest way to expand your team's skill set with experienced freelancers already vetted for business projects.

 In the end you should plan your choice of niche carefully and look for freelancers, who you can trust and then start your own drop servicing business.

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