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ways to Make Money With Your Smartphone

 If you have a fairly new iPhone or android phone, it's entirely possible to spend time on it and still earn some money.

Without further ado, here is a non-exhaustive list of recognized ways to make money with your smartphone and generate additional income.

The applications mentioned here are legal and, although they are not paths to wealth, they still allow you to generate some pocket money and for some, to constitute an interesting savings of money.

 I Earn 30 $ Per Day By Answering A Question!

how to Make Money With Your Smartphone

If you haven't seen these kinds of article titles in the past few months, or if you've been ignoring them, you may have been wrong.

This is the service which allows money to be exchanged free of charge. To enlarge the community a program that offers their member 1 Hi Dollar (about 1 euros) per day by answering a question. Associated with the sponsorship program which, for each person invited, offers you 50% of their daily earnings, or 0.5 Hi dollar.

 How to earn 30 $ per day? It's simple, play your community, families, friends, colleagues, instagram fan, youtube... and invite them to register.

20 sponsorships thus offer you 10$per day. You have therefore understood it, use your talents as a marketer, seller and quickly get your 60 referrals and earn more than 900 $ per month.

 I get paid to watch videos on the internet!

Swag Bucks

Among the most popular apps in the “surf and earn” category is Swagbucks. She permits:

earn money by shopping online
to be paid by watching specific videos, containing advertising
earn money by answering surveys
You can get your winnings directly to your paypal account, or as a gift voucher. Millions of dollars in earnings have been collected by members of the Swagbucks community.

 The Toluna App

Toluna is a site that offers several missions, including paid surveys. It has an Android and iOS application with various paid surveys. As on the site, you must register with the Toluna application and complete a profile to be offered surveys. If you are already registered on Toluna, all you need to do is identify yourself with your username and password.

Thanks to the Toluna application, you will be able to share your opinion with other Internet users, answer surveys and earn points redeemable for money or gifts, share your opinion on brands on social networks, ask for the opinion of your community by sharing photos, etc.

It is possible to carry out these missions from the age of 16 and the surveys to be carried out depend on age, socio-professional category, geographical location, etc. The payment threshold with the application is 5 euros. For each survey we receive points varying between 100 and 3000 points. Referring friends earns 500 points. The application is available in 13 languages ​​and one can receive 500 to 1000 points by posting a discussion about the application.


Just like Toluna, MySurvey now has a paid money making app for iOS. It's also about taking surveys and accumulating points to redeem for cash or Amazon gift vouchers or codes. The money is available by bank transfer or on his PayPal account.

The advantage with the MySurvey money-making app is that you get an affiliate program that boosts your earnings. Membership of the MySurvey app is free and open to many countries. Everyone can therefore access it and earn money through paid surveys. Once installed, you must register to start using it and if you were already a member, you will only need to log in with your usual username and password.


Mobeye is one of the applications to earn money with your smartphone by carrying out missions in stores. This application allows you to complete easy missions and earn money quickly. The missions can consist of taking a picture of either a specific store, its departments and products, or even answering a questionnaire.

This application offers many missions as a mystery shopper. The places and types of missions differ each time and we are paid 3 to 4 euros per mission accomplished. Available for Android and iPhone, to complete a mission, you must first book it using the map or the list of missions. The best is to choose a mission in a store or restaurant near you.

The next step is to complete the mission by answering questions or taking pictures. Each mission is described to facilitate the task and once the mission has been completed and the information has been verified, you can pocket your remuneration by PayPal or by bank transfer.

 Inbox Dollars

This app has been around for over 20 years.

You will be paid to watch a variety of videos in different categories. These are product demonstration videos, movie trailers...

Inbox Dollars also allows you to earn money by downloading discount coupons, reading emails and playing games.



AppVip is an application that allows you to earn money by testing other applications and by answering paid surveys. Just download AppVip, test an application and answer the questions. You receive 10 to 20 VIPiz per test, i.e. 0.10 to 0.20 euro. Payment by PayPal is available from 2 euros, for maxi-checks, it takes 10 euros and 15 euros for iTunes cards. By activating notifications, you will always be informed if there are applications to test.
AppVip also offers sponsorship earnings that evolve according to the rank of each user. There are three grades including Bronze accessible from 5 apps tested, Silver from 15 apps, Gold for 30 apps and 150 apps for the Infinite grade. Available on Android, iOS and tablet, AppVip is a serious and reliable application to easily earn money.


CashPirate is a paid Android app to earn PayPal money by testing apps and watching videos. A tested application earns 60 or 90 points and a watched video earns 5 to 10 points. Keeping an application for more than 3 days earns 100 points and payment is available from $2.50 or 2,500 points. CashPirate has a two-level referral system that allows you to receive 10% for a direct referral and 5% for the referral of his referral who is the second level.

Exclusively available for Android, CashPirate allows you to earn money by downloading free apps, trying free video games and products, watching videos, taking surveys, and more. It is easy to use, just download it and register.

Its sophisticated referral system allows you to earn money even faster and easily increase your earnings. You can cash out your winnings with PayPal or turn them into gift cards.


ZappyDay also allows you to earn money by testing applications. It is a mobile site functioning as an application and the possibility of winning numerous gifts (gift cards, video game consoles, video games, etc.) for the points received. The application also offers a sponsorship system that allows you to earn 100% of your referral's earnings. ZappyDay, like the other apps, is very easy to use, costs nothing and can be used anywhere on your smartphone.

Even if you don't earn thousands of euros in the short term, you can still make ends meet or earn gifts by making the most of your time on your smartphone. A list of applications to download is regularly offered by ZappyDay and once you download an application, you must answer a questionnaire on ZappyDay to be sure that you have downloaded and used it. The questions are simple and take no more than two minutes.

Once completed, you are credited with your points, which is 250 per application tested. You can also earn points by connecting daily to the application and you are paid every 8 days. These will increase each day until you pocket your kitty. The app also rewards the diligence of its users who keep the apps tested on their smartphone for a certain period of time (90 days).


AppTrailers is an application available on Android and iOS that allows you to earn money by watching videos. Just like the applications of the genre, we earn 5 points per video viewed and if someone likes this video, you earn 5 additional points. Payments are made by PayPal from 0.5 dollars and it is possible to win Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox or Starbucks cards.

AppTrailers has a referral mode that earns 100 points per person invited. The application is 100% free and in addition to videos, advertisements are offered to earn more points. Scratch tickets for a competition are also available every day and are redeemable for points. The contest allows you to earn more points and the payments are instantaneous.


ScoopShot is an application to earn money by taking photos and selling them on the Internet or for newspapers (Metro, 20 Minutes). You just have to find a nice place, be there at the right time, take a photo with your smartphone and give it a price on the ScoopShot market. The application allows you to sell photos on order or by participating in contests.

The orders are themed missions (sea, brand, sky, weather, etc.) and the remuneration can range from a few tens to hundreds of euros or dollars. As for the competitions, they help to build the reputation of each user. Here, we vote for the best photo and the winner can win up to 1,000 euros for a photo. The application is only available for iPhone and is practical for photography enthusiasts who can offer their shots and earn money.

If your photos happen to become very popular on ScoopShot, you will gain the trust of brands and newspapers who will give you more assignments and eventually pay you more.


Bitwalking is an application to earn money by walking. Users are paid in virtual currency (Bitwalking) convertible into dollars. It is the ideal application to make ends meet while walking daily. However, it requires a little effort, because you have to walk at least an hour or 10,000 steps to earn a dollar, which is equivalent to 1 Bitwalking.

The application also does not allow you to walk more than 3 hours a day, which means that you cannot earn more than 3 dollars in a day of walking. Doing the accounts, Bitwalking saves around $90 at the end of the month, which is a godsend if you walk a lot.


Iden also enters this list of applications to earn money with your smartphone. This is a virtual treasure hunt where the treasures are located in real places or near stores and major retailers. Through this application, you can participate in a giant treasure hunt and you will win Iden credits, gifts (Apple Watch, tent, Quechua shoes, etc.) or even money.

The sponsorship is a winner for both the sponsor and the godchild who can both earn 1,500 credits. Thanks to the hot/cold system, you can know whether or not you are getting closer to a treasure. Thus, the application turns red when you are close to a chest and it is blue otherwise. Once you have found a treasure, the application allows you to open the chest and discover its loot.


The methods to earn money with your smartphone are varied and there are many others. Now you just have to test the one you like, and talk about it around you, to sometimes earn more.


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