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major mistakes to Monetize your blog

Monetizing your blog to make a living from it or earn additional income is of interest to many bloggers. But what are the 3 major mistakes to avoid?

 3  strategy mistakes to avoid at all costs when trying to monetize your blog (or your site).

 First mistake: relying on a single source of income

 👌You should never rely on a single source of income, even if it seems reliable to you, even if it brings you decent sums.


 Traffic fluctuates

Compensation based on traffic can be very variable… because your traffic itself varies according to the time of year, according to the influx of visitors from search engines, etc.

Traffic is different from qualified traffic

To make money on the Internet, it is not enough to generate traffic but to reach people, human beings. Because they trust you, because you give them quality content, they will be more likely to buy your products, to use your services, to follow your recommendations when you tell them that such a product is of quality. .

If your monetization model is only based on the search for a “big number”, it does not take into account this emotional component at all, yet so important. Beyond a large number of visitors, try above all to target visitors well.

 Expectations vary

Not every visitor to your site or blog has the same expectations. Some are looking for very specific information and do not come from a buying perspective at the origin. Others are looking for a reliable person to carry out a mission (a web editor, a translator, a website creator, etc.). Some will want to read a detailed and reasoned opinion to see if it is worth buying a particular product.

All of these concerns correspond to different forms of monetization. By choosing only one of them, you will leave out many other sources of income that may be more interesting.


 On my profitable website, I combined contextual advertising (via an advertising network, like The Moneytizer), affiliation, sale of advertising space, an online store, services (consulting, translation) , etc

You don't necessarily have to disperse to this point, but even when you bet on the sale of a product (an ebook, etc.), it is always interesting to have an alternative source of income. For example, if you sell an ebook on dieting, you could offer a personal coaching service. If you're creating an ebook on learning to bake, you could create an article with a selection of materials for beginners (with affiliate links).

Second mistake: forgetting indirect sources of income

Having traffic on your site does not guarantee you will make money… but having no traffic on your site will definitely prevent you from making money :) It is obvious that 100% of visitors to your site do not won't click on your ads, won't shop through your affiliate links, won't buy that wonderful ebook/mug/t-shirt you're selling.

The percentage of those that bring you money often ranges between 2% and 5%... so of course, if you only have 100 visitors a day, it's hard to hope to make a living from it!

👌Boost your traffic by posting regularly, working on your SEO, optimizing your presence on social networks, trying to understand the expectations of your readers, etc.
I told you: traffic is not everything. It is therefore important not to neglect the gradual construction of your expertise on the subject that interests you. Whether on a fashion blog or on a site comparing second-hand engines, it is this expertise that very often leads readers to become “consumers” or customers. Adding value is essential.

For example, if I read on a blog a detailed, documented opinion, with beautiful photos, on a product, there is more chance that I will buy the product than if it is presented in 2 lines with a blurred photo. Quite simply because the most careful opinion gives me the image of someone who knows what he is talking about.

👌So remember to take care of your content but also to take advantage of opportunities to show your "skill",

Third mistake: not analyzing your performance

It is not enough to install a banner ad in a few clicks and then let it live its life. To intelligently monetize your site, you have to analyze its performance: look at what works and what doesn't by asking the right questions, for example:

  • Are my advertising banners well placed?
  • Are the products I am talking about consistent with the theme of my site?
  • What added value do I bring to my reader if we remove monetization?

 You must use the tools made available to you by each platform to evaluate your performance. For example, analyzing what type of link is profitable on Amazon, which ad unit is the most profitable, which product is selling the best, which did not convince at all. This analysis must be done regularly because as you grow, the nature of your traffic and the expectations of your visitors may change.

If you market a service, collect the opinions of your customers to progress. If you sell an ebook, do you also offer enough free content to make people want to know more?

These are, in my opinion, some of the most common mistakes when you want to make a living from your blog or earn an additional income from it.


By : outemzabet
Passionate content creator with a love for writing, art, and blogging

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