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steps to make money with dropservicing

There are various ways to make money online. There's the classic business: dropshipping. There is also domaining, web marketing, etc. However, the majority of these forms of business are now saturated. Because of this, it is difficult to make money with it. There is, however, a new form of business that is quite promising: drop servicing.

What is drop servicing?


Drop servicing is a very simple concept that consists of selling an online service (website creation, logo, social media management, web writing, etc.) that we do not do ourselves. In reality, our role is simply to sell the service.

As soon as a sale is made, we order ourselves with a freelancer who will make the order. As you can see, it is simply subcontracting. Moreover, instead of using the word "drop servicing" or "dropservice" we could have used the word "subcontracting of services".

 Drop servicing derives its concept from dropshipping. To better understand this system, let's first see what dropshipping is. It's about selling a product without stock and without logistics management either. In this form of e-commerce, the seller only sells the products. It enters into a partnership with a supplier. The latter takes care of the supply, storage as well as delivery to the end customer.

Drop servicing adopts the same concept. The difference is that instead of selling products, it will be the services that will be sold. So the system works as a follow-up. You will look for a supplier (a freelancer for example) who offers services. Then, you will look for a customer who will buy this service (a company for example). When an order is validated, you order the service from the supplier. He is then responsible for providing this service to the end customer.

What type of service to offer and delegate?

 To make a smart choice, first do a keyword study. Thus, this search will allow you to see the types of services that are most in demand. To do this, you can use Google's keyword planner. it is a free tool that gives you the ideas of the keywords and their volume. Favor keywords that have a high number of searches and a low degree of competition.

For the present case, let's take the example of the keyword "digital marketing". Here is a screenshot of the results that Google's keyword planning tool gives us.


Make money dropservicing
You see that we have a monthly search volume between 10k and 100k and a low degree of competition for the phrase "digital marketing" (first word checked in blue). Given the low degree of competition and the high search volume, we can remember that this service is interesting enough to launch a drop servicing business.

It's just a random service so you can use another service of your choice. As long as it is a service that exists on the marketplaces with a high search volume and a low degree of competition, you can get started.

I advise you to favor simple services to perform. There are many services
article writing;
logo creation;

 How to make a drop servicing?

If you want to get into drop servicing, you need to follow a few steps. First of all, there is the choice of service and market research. Next, you need to find a jobbing or microservice site. When everything is good, you can start marketing the services.

 What are the services that you can work on through the drop service?

You can take advantage of Drop Service in almost all services, but you should always look for competition, if there are many people providing the same service, it is not necessary to give up the service, but it is better to do competition, but it is always preferable to search for low services competitiveness, and we will show you, by way of example, but not limited to, the best services that you can work with:

    Media manager.
    Work on creating animations and logos.
    Audio commentary.
    Writing on websites.
    Building websites.
    Graphic arts in general.
    Edit photos and videos.

I can continue to offer more services if you need more ideas but it is better to go to the freelance platforms and check the services offered, and once you have identified your service search for the freelancer at the right price, so you can set your rates.

 How can you find freelancers to perform your services

There are many platforms and freelance sites through which you can find self-service providers, you can choose from a large list of freelancers who offer their services, or you can post the job you want to do and the freelancers will send their offers to you and choose what suits you, Among the most popular platforms that you can use are:

     People Per Hour

 Over time you can consider calling and paying off the platform as it will save you some fees and extra coins, most platforms have a dispute resolution policy in case the freelancer doesn't do what you asked and if the platform management rules in your favour, you will get your money back and use it to hire someone else, how much should you put Bear in mind that some platforms such as Fiverr keep up to 20% of the service price, as it is important to remember this when agreeing to the seller’s price, and seoclerks remains one of the best sites used in the field of drop services and personally I prefer it a lot. This site is where you can buy Services for $ 1 and resell on one of the previous sites for much more


 What do you need to get started with drop servicing?

To get started, you'll need a list of services as well as a list of service providers. As we saw in the last example, there is a demand for freelance writers around the world.

I would propose to promote only one service from the list you have compiled.

This will prevent you from being overwhelmed when you start.

Find a writer who can meet my criteria if you want to resell writing services, for example. This is a crucial step.

Then I would invest money to evaluate the quality of the work of many writers.

What would be the best place to look for writers? Soon there will be more about it.

The next step is to create a platform. A website or online store is the best option for the deposit service. While you can use social media to sell your services, if you don't have a website, very few people on social media will trust you.

 steps to make money with dropservice

As you will see, drop servicing is really within everyone's reach. There is no need to have special skills, investment in money, or even buy training. We will see everything together in this article and if you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments!

 Step 1: Find ideas for services that can be sold in drop servicing
Most online services can be sold as a drop service. This is the case, for example, with graphic design services (creation of logos, banners, etc.) or writing, transcription or translation services. And that's good, these are the most sought-after categories of services!

For website creation services, bug fixes and everything related to programming, it's going to be more complicated to outsource. And this for a simple reason: You will often need to connect to sites (web hosting, customer site, third-party services). And sometimes you will need strong authentication (code received by the customer in SMS or on an app). So if you subcontract, it will be necessary that 3 people are available at the same time: The freelancer with whom you subcontract, you and your client.

 ideas dropservicing :

We knew how to buy services from seoclerk, starting at $ 1 and then reselling them on Fiverr

drop service idea

Steps to buy high-quality and best rated mini services and then resell them :

    Go to the services page on the seoclerk website from here
    Filter the services in terms of price in the side menu. You can view the services whose price is only 1 dollar, but the best is to display services up to the price of 3 dollars if you want to display these services on the Fiverr website because there are very special services from the price of 1 dollar to 3 dollars and you still have Profit at least 1 dollar in each service that you resell on Fiverr, but if you want to resell these services on Fiverr, you can not pay attention to the price factor and arrange the services in the highest rated list from the top list because in Fiverr you are not bound to have the lowest price for the service 5 dollars, but you can put the price you want

    Log in to the service and then re-copy its title and description and add it to Fiverr or translate and add it to Fiverr.

same type and idea dropservice

-Buying services from any mini-services site and then reselling them on freelance sites such as peopleperhour, in which you can re-offer the service at a very large price as you want, even if it is 100 or 200 dollars for the service you buy for 5 dollars

-Buying services from Fiverr and providing them when applying for projects on a freelance basis. Someone may offer a project in which he wants to translate an article for 25 to 50 dollars, so you apply for the project and offer, for example, 25 dollars, then you can implement it from five for 5 dollars

 Step 2: Find freelancers you can outsource to
Once you have found ideas for services to sell, you need to find freelancers who offer these services. The goal is to find partners with whom you will be able to work over time. For this, you can go to platforms like or

You can even go to other freelance sites like for example. But be aware that Fiverr is for freelancers with a vast majority of English speakers. In any case, you must look for a seller who meets these conditions:

Step 2: Find freelancers you can outsource to
Once you have found ideas for services to sell, you need to find freelancers who offer these services. The goal is to find partners with whom you will be able to work over time. For this, you can go to platforms like or

You can even go to other freelance sites like for example. But be aware that Fiverr is for freelancers with a vast majority of English speakers. In any case, you must look for a seller who meets these conditions:

Have a service that matches what you want to sell
Have at least one positive opinion on your service (or test your offer ourselves)
Reply to a message if asked a question (you can ask them a question about their service and see if they answer and how they respond)
It's important to only work with serious freelancers. Moreover, these same conditions apply if you want to affiliate on!

Step 3: Create a service on or
Once we know which service(s) we are going to sell, we will be able to create our offers. Some people advise to do drop servicing on your own site.

But you can also use platforms like 5 or The advantage of these platforms is that you will enjoy the traffic of these sites. And as for BeFreelancr, as I told you the platform has its own affiliate program. So affiliates will be able to promote your services.

My little advice: When you create your services, make sure to present them well.

Step 4: Manage orders
As you can see, with dropservice when a person places an order for one of our services, we will have to place an order with the freelancer we selected in step 2. We are actually an intermediary between the freelancer and the client.

But you're going to think: Why would the client buy from me when he can buy a little cheaper from the freelancer directly? Simply because we do not buy only according to a price. Many freelancers are excellent in their job, but do not know how to present their offer. They don't know how to sell themselves. So you're going to sell the services for them.

Freelancers are happy, you are happy, and clients have the service they need. And if they had bought this service from a web agency, they would have paid much more!

 How do I get customers in drop servicing?

  the best solution to make your drop servicing offer quickly visible is to use advertising campaigns to attract your first customers. Pay for Google adwords advertising campaigns. They will allow your site to position itself in the first search results on Google. By doing so, you will get your first customers in the coming days.

 4 reasons why you should start immediately in this field and without any thought

First, the profit is quick

Profiting through this system is fast and does not require patience until profits appear. You can now profit as soon as you start correctly in this system, and this is what made me introduce this method to beginners who do not have income or the ability to invest in order to profit from the Internet

Second: high profit

Through my work experience, you can achieve a profit margin from some services of up to 1500 dollars from a single service. From customers, so it is distinguished in Drop Service high profits that help you continue in the field and achieve happiness and positive change in my life

 Third: It does not require experience

It does not require great knowledge or previous experience, all you have to understand is the system and its secrets to start working in it and get profits

Fourth: A great opportunity to get customers

Increasing demand for services means that you have a great opportunity to get a larger number of clients on a daily basis, with the development that has taken place in technical services in its various forms and visiting the request gives us the opportunity to enter this method.


 This is where we will end this article. I hope you enjoyed it and that it will be useful to you. to allow a good number of people to take advantage of it to launch a profitable business with drop servicing, help me share it on social networks.

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