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Successful ideas for YouTube channels

 How to choose a YouTube channel idea to start with

All of the above ideas are great ideas for YouTube channels, but this begs the question, how do you pick one of these ideas to start?

 How to define your YouTube channel idea, but here I will list for you a small set of mistakes that you should avoid when choosing your YouTube channel idea.

Do not choose a channel idea because there is a model you like, of course you can do that, but the point here is not to rely on this indicator only, that is, do not base your choice on just admiring the idea of ​​a channel, and you are unable to provide the appropriate content, and do not choose the idea of ​​a YouTube channel that violates the laws YouTube, Although YouTube's laws are strict and many illegal channels are shut down every day, you will always find channels that break laws, such as channels that steal content from other channels, or channels that steal content from movies and TV shows. 

Do not choose the idea of a YouTube channel. You do not have a clear plan to constantly expand it with new content. One of the mistakes that many beginners make is to run a YouTube channel around a field because the owner of the channel has an idea of one or two videos about this field and then everything stops.

 There are many ideas for those who want to own a channel with distinctive content, and these are the following ideas:

 educational youtube channel

Many internet users love to learn and get information through videos, and they use YouTube as a search engine to access scientific material in the form of videos, and the idea behind this YouTube channel is a great option for anyone who is well versed in a particular science or field. 


This idea requires someone who has the ability and skill to pass on information to others, and has an easy and simple way through which he can attract more views.

 Important points when creating a successful educational YouTube channel, namely:

  1.     Educational channels are of a special nature, and require a lot of effort to gather information from reliable sources, so before launching a channel, you should also understand this well and be prepared for it.
  2.     You should specialize in a field or branch of science because specialization is a way to attract followers and build trust with them.
  3.     Transferring knowledge and knowledge to others is a human message, and therefore you must be convinced and like what has been said above in order to get this message right.
  4.     People enjoy learning new things, but they quickly get bored when they start learning, so you should teach them in a fun and engaging way.

 Youtube channel about new products evaluation

Once a new product is launched, many YouTube followers search for videos that introduce this product, and these videos are videos that explain the advantages and disadvantages of the products they want to buy, and these videos also help many customers to learn about the products they want to buy before they buy And then help them make a purchase decision, and if you are passionate about a certain type of product and always keep an eye on what is new in this type of product, then this idea suits you a lot.

Among the most popular products that users search for on YouTube are technical products such as smartphones, professional cameras, computers and laptops, in addition to that, cars are among the most popular products that users search for, however you can set up your channel to rate any other type of product, And you can even not buy products and specialize in evaluating services.

It should be noted here that the best way to profit from YouTube channels is through affiliate marketing, as many YouTubers around the world earn thousands of dollars per month to evaluate products and present them to subscribers by posting affiliate links.

 Important points when creating a successful YouTube channel about product evaluation, namely:

  1.     Discover affiliate marketing because it is the best and most realistic way to earn from this type of YouTube channel.
  2.     Don't push your subscribers to buy through you, but give them the information and let them make the purchase.
  3.     You should keep a close eye on everything that is happening in the market with the products that your channel specializes in.

YouTube channel about “Makeup”

The idea of ​​this YouTube channel is more suitable for girls and women, where you can shoot videos that show you how to do makeup in an innovative way, in which you go to the most important tips on how to make a makeup suitable for all skin colors and for all facial details, and you can also do makeup for yourself or some of your friends in front of the camera , or you can theoretically explain it with some illustration girls and women will love it and they will follow you on your youtube channel for more creative makeup.

 Important points when creating a successful YouTube channel about makeup, namely:

  1.     Do not rely only on your taste, you should learn and accumulate knowledge, and it is recommended to take courses on the world of make-up.
  2.     You can also use affiliate marketing in this type of channel.
  3.     You can partner with popular brands to create premium videos to promote their products.


YouTube channel about technology and modern technologies

It is always difficult for people to deal with modern technology, and despite these difficulties they face, they need to learn how to deal with this technology as it allows them to complete complex tasks easily and quickly.

 of course there are many disciplines in which you can create a YouTube channel, such as Computer programs or smartphone applications, or how to work with tools and services such as Office, Photoshop, work programs and video editing, if you have certain skills or experience in the field of technology, you can create your channel and start explaining the things you are good at to your audience who is waiting for you.

 Important points when creating a successful channel about modern technology and technologies, namely:

    Screen recording is one method that works great with this type of feed.
    It should give the simplest explanations that suit the Arab audience.
    Technology is a broad field with many narrow disciplines, so you should choose topics based on the level of demand for them, not on your own experience.

Youtube channel about cooking

 This idea is more suitable for housewives who do not work and have free time, in fact food is something we cannot live without, as housewives deal with it every day, and many of them are experiencing new cooking methods and innovative recipes, if you are one of those who are always looking for everything He is new in the world of cooking and recipes, they follow popular programs and always apply what they have learned. 

You can point the camera at yourself while you're cooking or eating fast food, and then post the video to YouTube. Not only that, but you can also make videos with little culinary tips like how to mix spices that fit together, or ideas for making creative sandwiches that kids love, Or anything in cooking and kitchens.

 Important points when creating a successful YouTube channel about cooking, namely:

  1.     There are a lot of imitators and hobbyists here, so if your plan is based on imitation, it will not work.
  2.     This type of channel requires fresh creativity to be successful.
  3.     Men also have the opportunity to create a successful YouTube channel about cooking

 Youtube channel about pets

You may find this idea a bit strange, but people enjoy watching pets do stunts or funny things. You can take pictures of your pet sleeping drunk, trying to wake it up, or overeating after forgetting the last meal it was supposed to You can also include some dog and cat training tips, such as applying it to your dog or cat, and you can shoot dozens of videos with just your pet and have a really successful YouTube channel.

Important points when creating a successful YouTube channel about pets, which are:

    Don't take the idea lightly, because if implemented wisely, you can actually achieve tremendous success with it.
    This type of channel is one of the most interesting for its owners, so connecting with pets is one of the most wonderful experiences in life.
    Go beyond conventional thinking and do episodes about raising snakes, white rats, and chameleons. 

How to earn from youtube likes

If you want to make money from YouTube as it is prevalent these days because of the large number of bloggers on YouTube, but you have to know that this takes a long time until you have fans and views so that you can make money

Because collecting a large number of subscribers to the channel is difficult and important, here are 10 tips so that you can achieve this:

The first step to be able to make money behind likes from YouTube and you can buy subscribers by sending a message to people who do not follow you that contains an explanation of your content how useful and valuable it is, because collecting a thousand people equals from 3 to 5 dollars and it is also not an easy thing And fast, this may take 22 months, but why would a person wait so long to make money and this has many benefits, including:

Send signals to non-subscribers that your content has value. It also allows you to benefit from making money today and not after 12 months. After you have purchased subscribers, you have to do several things so that you can keep following them and get their likes, so create an original subscription watermark, which is a watermark that appears below the video so that they can subscribe automatically.

Create personalized videos

Because getting subscribers is important, you should make welcome videos for new participants so that they feel special and also so that the non-followers are happy to follow you.

buy youtube views

Views on YouTube is very important, because through it people judge your videos and make likes on them, as they judge whether they watch them or not, and buying views greatly speeds up the appearance of the video for many people and enables you to get subscribers, higher views and more likes.
The great description of the video attracts a number of views and also the quality. If the description does not attract viewers, you will not be able to achieve anything from behind YouTube and the poor quality as well, so you have to deposit in the videos that you provide because it offers you a lot like this makes you in a separate world from many bloggers and also viewers can Searching only for relevant information, video description also lets viewers know what they will be watching before playing it so they don't waste their time.
buy youtube likes


The number of subscribers to your channels can be many, but sometimes some do not like the video because they did not like it very much. But if you buy likes, this will make your videos more visible, and this is because of the algorithm, because the algorithm makes your videos vulnerable to advertising companies

Buying from the right companies

If you buy views and likes from wrong companies, this causes a waste of your time because it will not work, but there are companies that are known to be real

    Share your content

Famous bloggers not only rely on uploading the video and leave it to luck but also share it in a large number of platforms so that a large number of people can watch it in different places.

    buy in algorithm
You must publish safe contents because dangerous information will make your videos fall apart, and your videos must be long so that you can spend a large number of viewers and provide a high-quality video, and you must be a separate person from the rest and also provide videos constantly so that you can collect More views and likes.

    Collaboration Operations
Your collaboration with important people or original brands can bring you followers and also in different ways like:
You can collaborate with an influencer to showcase your brand in exchange for visibility.
 Also review someone else's products for a video with paid content.You can ask other brands to share your content in exchange for something else, whether that thing is a review or a rating.

 Give viewers an incentive

Offering a reward through your videos to followers gives you higher views and new followers. For example, you can offer a reward to those who like or follow, and not only do educational videos to make viewers follow your videos constantly.

End your videos with excitement

Attracting the attention of the follower, which makes him return to watching the rest of your videos, and you must write meaningful content for the video so that people stay in anticipation of the rest of the videos.
Add custom channel trailer

Because there is an empty space at the top of the page that allows you to use it by, for example, displaying the video of subscribers to the channel, as well as other content for non-subscribers, such as a promotional video that introduces them to your channel.

    Use clickable subscription tools

For example, you can use the end screen by reminding you to subscribe and like, and also the watermarks that are at the bottom of the screen so that they can subscribe with just a click.

    Develop playlists

You can use playlists as a mini-channel or a continuous series, for example, a person watches a video and continues to view the rest of the videos, spending a lot of time until he is motivated to subscribe.

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