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The best way to convert text to voice FREE

 The best ways to convert text into professional voice for free


 Learn about the best ways to convert text into professional voice through a number of sites for free, in addition to the best free program to convert text into professional human voice and export in mp3 format for Android and various operating systems for computer and mobile.

 The most important uses of converting text to voice

Convert text to voice is a great way that enables you to listen to texts instead of reading them, as there are many people who prefer to convert written speech into audio; Because they are bored from reading too much throughout the day, or they are busy completing a certain task while listening to the text content, or they are very tired as a result of their strenuous work, so they resort to methods of converting text to audio to listen to it in order to save time and effort.

 Also, let's not forget how important text-to-speech is for people of determination who suffer from a loss of sight or speech; The best methods of converting text into a professional voice for free that supports Arabic can be used to help them know the written content (for the blind) or to deliver the speech they want to reveal by voice (for the speechless).

 In addition to the text-to-speech conversion that helps YouTube content creators to create audio-visual videos using text-to-speech sites and programs instead of their real voices, it also contributes to assisting male and female students in the educational process by listening to the text that is difficult to The student should read it and correct its pronunciation.

 After what was previously shown of the importance of the method of converting text to voice, in this article we will present the best free programs in converting text to voice, as well as the best free sites that support all languages in converting text to voice.

 Best site to convert text to voice:

1. GetWord

getwoord is a British site affiliated with Woord Ltd. specialized in programming and modern technology. The GitWord site is considered the best site that supports Arabic for converting text into voice, as it has great advantages such as the quality of the voice and the pronunciation that has been converted from the text, in addition to allowing the use of audio clips in business such as marketing About products or using it in YouTube channels, as well as making it available for educational processes and many other uses.

getwoord offers free text to audio without registration, the maximum limit is 1000 characters, to download the audio clips, you must first register for free, and then you can download the files with ease, in addition to giving you 2 free audio clips downloads per month.

 2. Kukarella Text-to-Speech Site:

kukarella is a very wonderful site through which you can convert text to voice easily and easily. The site also provides the service for free with a maximum of 500 characters at a time in addition to its support for the Arabic language; Therefore, it was added to the list of the best text-to-speech conversion sites.

The kukarella website is supported by large and reliable companies for a large number of users in the world such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM, as well as its support for downloading audio clips for free without complications or obstacles. The free text-to-speech service on kukarella is criticized as allowing only one woman's voice without providing it with a man's voice.

When you register on the site to create an account, you will be given 2000 characters as a gift from kukarella, then you can choose the sound you prefer, you will not have to enter any payment data such as credit cards or a bank account to get the gift.

 3. The ttsmp3 text-to-speech site:

ttsmp3 deserves to be on the list of the best site to convert text to audio professionally, as it provides free texts with a maximum of 3000 characters per day

You can use ttsmp3 if you want to create professional videos to publish on your YouTube channel. It is also suitable for use in presentations in addition to the possibility of using it in the educational system, and finally the biggest advantage is downloading audio clips in MP3 format.

4. Texttospeech website

Here is a completely free site for converting text to voice, which is texttospeech, through which you can add text, choose the language, then adjust the sound settings as you wish and press speak. You can take full advantage of the site by downloading a program to record voices directly; This is because texttospeech does not have the ability to download audio tracks.

 Best text to voice converter software.

1. Talk Free – Best Android Text to Voice Converter:

Talk Free program is characterized by ease of use as you can deal with it even if your knowledge of the programs is simple. The Talk Free application allows the ability to convert text on website pages directly or even from other programs, after adding the texts to be converted into audio, you will be able to download them as audio clips in WAV format .

It must be taken into account that Talk Free program depends directly on the TTS engine. Unrequited voice.

 Link to install Talk Free on your Android device: Download from Google Play

 2. Narrator’s Voice – Best iOS Text to Voice Converter:

Narrator’s Voice program helps you in the process of converting text into voice for free. You can benefit from it in more than one way, such as overcoming your child’s dyslexia by pasting or writing phrases that are difficult for your child to read and making him listen to their pronunciation in the correct way while looking at the phrases to identify them.

You can also use Narrator’s Voice in commercial and profitable operations by converting text to audio and adding it as a comment or explanation to videos and using it to promote your products or services, or using it on your YouTube channel.

The most important feature of Narrator’s Voice is that it is a free service, and also supports the conversion of text to voice in Arabic with great professionalism.

Link to install Narrator’s Voice on your iPhone and iPad: from here

 3. Naturalreaders - Best Text to Voice Computer Software:

NaturalReader Text to Voice Converter on PC has a simple and uncomplicated user interface, and it provides a free plan with which you can access free voices without limits, as well as provide a tool to read the content written in other programs, use the voice editing tool and pronunciation, also support PDF, Docx, TXT, and ePub files.

NaturalReader works on computers with Windows operating system version 7 and above, it is recommended that the processor is 500MHz and the memory is at least 64MB, NaturalReader also works on the Mac operating system (Mac) version of Mac OS X 10.11 and above above.

Naturalreaders Download Link for Windows or Mac: From here

 Finally, we hope that we have provided you with interest and agreed to explain the best ways to convert text into professional voice for free, which is divided into the best site to convert text to voice and the best program to convert text to voice.. If there is any question or suggestion, you can write it to us in the comment box We will reply as soon as possible

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