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TikTok Shopping What is it and how to profit from ?

 TikTok continues to expand the range of e-commerce platforms it works with, adding advertising products and help tools for marketers. It recently launched the TikTok Shopping service, which adds opportunities for companies to market and sell on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is one of the fastest growing social platforms, with over a billion users worldwide. The platform is constantly adding new features to keep its users interested and enjoy being a part of the world of Tik Tok.

TikTok Shopping

Most marketers and business owners outside of the typical demographics of TikTok users, are mostly elderly. This can be a hindrance when trying to sell and shop on Tik Tok, because it works differently compared to Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube.

Tik Tok became famous because it provided an easy-to-use platform for young people to create videos of themselves by imitating their favorite music tracks. With the wide spread of the platform, it includes many diverse videos, which gave brands a marketing opportunity.

Although TikTok users can upload videos of up to a minute, most of them still upload 15-second clips and TikTok provides more music support options for videos of this length.

When you open your TikTok app, you'll see videos on your For You page, a selection of videos that the TikTok algorithm thinks will catch your eye, and this includes relevant ads. These videos are usually from strangers but the kind that TikTok thinks you'll enjoy. This is very different from apps like Facebook or Instagram that focus on posts from your followers.

The videos that users upload to the TikTok app should be vertical, because that's how people use their phones, and also the length of the video should be short. So brands are unlikely to share the same videos on Tik Tok, as they do on YouTube and Facebook.

It is a mistake to post anything resembling a traditional advertisement on the Tik Tok platform, especially one that uses written dialogue. Therefore, advertising and marketing on Tik Tok needs well-thought-out strategies that are different from other social media platforms.

What is TikTok Shopping?

TikTok Shopping provides a way for app users to purchase products in the app without opening a web browser to go to a separate online store. According to the company, “TikTok Shopping” is the suite of solutions, features, and tools that give businesses an opportunity to harness the power of commerce on TikTok.

When a business uses TikTok Shopping it will have a dedicated shopping tab on its profile, represented by the shopping bag icon. This enables customers to browse and select products within Tik Tok and then purchase the product either within the Tik Tok application or by going to the company's online store to pay.

Links to products

An important feature of TikTok Shopping is the ability to associate product tags in TikTok videos. This way, you can refer to the products in your videos and viewers can click the tagged products to learn more about them. Then TikTok either directs people to your storefront to complete the process or it can be terminated within TikTok if you prefer. You can synchronously associate live shopping offers and demos with live product offers with links related to the purchase of products and services.

Can everyone use TikTok shopping?

TikTok initially limited TikTok Shopping to select Shopify retailers in the US, UK and later Canada. This is with the intent of providing a good experience before they expand the program to a wider audience.

TikTok announced the expansion of the program at its first global marketing event in September 2021. Now available in most countries, the program wasn't limited to Shopify, as it covered a wider range of companies including Prestashop, Base, Square, BigCommerce, OpenCart, Ecwid, Shopline and Wix eCommerce. Any brand can host direct shopping or link its videos to product pages.

How to set up TikTok Shopping

You must have a TikTok for Business account to be able to set up TikTok Shopping. And if you're dealing with Shopify, you should download the TikTok Shopify app and use it to create video ads, track results, and manage your orders all from within Shopify.


There are many apps for other types of stores, for example if you run a BigCommerce store you can download the TikTok for Business app, and this app automatically installs the TikTok Pixel on your storefront. Thus, you will be able to track the results of your advertising campaigns.

And by syncing your BigCommerce catalog with TikTok, you can create rich, dynamic ads that show relevant ads to interested users. You can then add a Shopping tab to your profile page with product links that redirect to your BigCommerce store for a seamless checkout experience.

Your Shopping Tab is your storefront on TikTok

If you run a TikTok store you should treat your shopping tab as an extension of your e-commerce interface.

It must be attractive to the occupying customers, so make sure that your product images are as attractive and clear as possible. Try to limit the title to 34 characters to ensure that the title remains fully visible, so you can write full descriptions and include all necessary details about your products.

What can you do to create a successful TikTok store?

It may take some time before users notice that they can buy items directly from TikTok. Your followers will likely not discover the TikTok Shopping tab, especially because the bag icon is relatively blurred.

Start by reviewing your TikTok bio, be sure to provide accurate information about your brand, and be sure to include some keywords to improve your SEO.

Since most of the TikTok users are younger generation, you must be careful to speak their language. Include a lot of emojis, and make sure you don't use anything inappropriately by mistake. Remind users that they can buy directly without leaving the app, include clear links and explain how people can shop from your store.

Add marketing ads in your videos, but don't make that your main goal, because TikTok users make fun of full ads. Mix videos promoting items in your catalog with other fun videos. Try to make your promotional videos more interesting and add some humor to them. Remember, people don't come to TikTok to shop but rather to watch fun videos. But they may decide to buy if your video catches their eye and they don't have to go through a lot of steps to buy their favorite item.

Use Hashtags for Brands

People will only use TikTok marketing if they know the companies and brands they are dealing with, so you will need to pitch your TikTok activities and opportunities to as many people as possible. One way to do this is to use Hashtag Challenge Plus, which allows users to shop for products from the brands they like best.

Tools provided by Shopify and other e-commerce platform applications

  1. These applications provide comprehensive effective marketing tools for companies that want to use TikTok as a marketing channel, and these features include:
  2.  Easily create a new account, set up your payment method, and run ads
  3.  The “Video Generator” tool that helps create high-quality videos based on Tik Tok clips, and without the need for video production experience, all you have to do is upload product images or videos, and the tool does the rest. 
  4. Track performance with TikTok Pixel, you can install it in one click without the need for any programming experience, you can use TikTok Pixel to track events, track TikTok users who made purchases, and retarget existing customers.
  5. You can easily set up and track conversion campaigns within Shopify with our guided campaign builder
  6. Target your audience with a mix of demographic, location, and behavioral options


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