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ways to get ideas for content to increase your traffic to your site

Getting ideas for content is not as simple as some think, but rather it is according to many experiences. I see that it is the main tiring thing more than writing the content itself!!

Of course, I do not need to talk a lot about the content and its importance, and I expect that it is the meaning of your entry into this article. You certainly know the importance of the content and know that it is one of the best marketing methods or means at all.

ways to get ideas for content to increase
ways to get ideas for content to increase your traffic to your site

 Of course, good or attractive content helps increase the number of visits and click rates, and these things are very important for your site’s ranking on Google, as well as for building a brand as we all know… Take it as a rule from now on “content is the king” and actually by virtue of my experience in this field I can confirm that Content is the difference between one person and another, and between one site and another.

 What do you do when you are stuck and can't find new content to offer?

 A situation that every blogger must go through, which is that he finds himself stuck and does not find anything new to offer. He may have many things in front of him, but they are either below the level or he has already presented them previously, and he does not find suitable content to blog about, and this is usually the beginning of the decline, and I personally have gone through this a lot. Especially since the blogger field is one of the most difficult areas to write in because the development platform is limited and because the topics themselves are rich and need research, so here are five tips that will help you to overcome this problem

 Go back to your rules

Remember how you started blogging in your field and remember what references and websites you used to visit to learn the field. Go back to them and take a general look. You may find something new that you can elicit good ideas from.

Search your old files

Any blogger usually has a number of files and images that he collected throughout his wanderings on the Internet. You will be surprised by how many things and things on your device that you did not talk about before, but you may find wrong things that you learned and you can now write about them and warn that they are a mistake to save those who follow you to experience Bad, you may find a picture that reminds you of a very important topic that you haven't talked about before

see comments

Do not underestimate what your followers write, they are a treasure, either in directing you to mistakes or asking you for content and you forgot to write in it for any reason, so review the old comments, you may find your content in them

Learn new about your content

Sometimes you may need to learn something new to pass on to people. You may not find anything useful in what was mentioned in the previous suggestions, so you need to learn new techniques and things in your content to present to the followers, so you benefit first and benefit others.

Open a new branch for blogging

You may eventually find that your content is frozen and nothing new to give at least for the time being

Then try to search for a new field close to your field and you have knowledge in it in order to transfer your knowledge to people, but the content should be not far from the content you are presently presenting, for example, you do not blog about football and then move to blogging about technology or cooking. Try to be The field is close to your field so that you do not lose your followers, but rather take them with you to take care of other things that are familiar to them as well.

 How to Find Unlimited Content Ideas for your Blog?

 It is necessary for every website owner to maintain good and attractive content on a permanent and continuous basis, and frankly I agree with you that the process of producing good content takes a lot of time and effort, in addition to the problem of obtaining or creating new content ideas that can attract the audience.

But do not worry my friend, in this article I saw that the best thing is to offer you a different set of ways that you can rely on to get new ideas to create innovative and attractive content, I only ask you to read the article to the end and of course if you have any question Or a query, feel free to put it in a comment.

The best ways to get ideas for content that will attract the audience of your site:

 Find the most trending and popular content “keep the trend”

One of the things that helps to create outstanding content is that you constantly follow the potential audience, and try to talk about the topics that they are searching for most.

There are a lot of tools that help you know the most trending and popular topics and it is one of the best ways to get ideas for content, as it generates a lot of clicks and shares, and one of the best tools that you can use is BuzzSumo.

This tool is a great resource for generating ideas using keywords related to your industry; In addition to tools, you can also rely on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to find out the most popular topics, and of course, social media platforms are now considered one of the largest places that contain potential customers.

 Rely on SEO tools to get new ideas

SEO tools can be used for a lot more than keyword research and stats, all it takes is to think differently or think outside the box, because SEO tools are actually a gateway to a lot of trendy topics and engaging content.
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The analytics and stats that these tools provide about the popularity of a particular keyword, gives you a broad view and different insight into the trending topics, and there are a lot of tools you can rely on like Ahrefs as well as SEMrush among others.

Use platforms like Answerthpublic

Answerthpublic is a platform that allows you to find content ideas based on questions and answers.

This platform is very useful if you are struggling to find topics to blog about or if you want to expand your field of investigation.

Just enter a theme in the right language and Answerthpublic will offer you results from users' searches on search engines.

What is very powerful is that among these results, you will find questions regularly asked on the web.

Example with the topic "lose weight":

how find trends  to increase your traffic to your site
how find trends  to increase your traffic to your site

ContentIdeas from Content Studio

ContentIdeas from Content Studio is a free website for exclusive blogging and social media content ideas and topics. This is a completely free platform where you can discover the best trending contents on the web. It has a lot of categories listed on the main website where you can find new websites, blog posts and news articles.



 It allows you to filter the result by the number of days and the number of social media posts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Reddit. So, for example, if you want to see the most important articles about “programming” in the last 30 days on Twitter, you can easily do it. You do not need any subscription or registration to browse the site.

 Apart from searching for new posts from a different category, you can also discover new content for a specific keyword, such as 'Windows 11'. In addition to that, you can also choose to get search results from a specific site as well. When you search content on a particular topic, it even shows you ideas of related topics that you might be interested in.

 ContentIdeas is an amazing website from Content Studio. You can go to its homepage from here and see the list of topics curated for you. The main user interface looks as you can see in the screenshot below.

 Click on any category and it will show you the most relevant website links. Here you can see a mix of all types of content matching the category you selected. Finds and shows you blog posts, tutorials, changelogs, news items, social media posts, and more.



 Displays the content as cards. In addition, it specifies the topics and the number of days since they were published. You can just click on any card to read the article or post.

 There are two filters available on the site to narrow down the topics. It will help you find what you are looking for. So, apply the filters and then it will show you the most relevant results and you can analyze them.

 Apart from browsing the site through categories, you can use the powerful search tool that it provides. You can type any keyword there and then it will show you the most relevant match results. Not only that, but it will also show you related keywords that you might be interested in exploring

 In the search box, you can choose to get pre-filtered results. If you want to get content ideas from a particular website for a particular keyword, you can do that easily. Here is the search syntax for that.

 You can search for other topics like this and discover new website and blog posts. You can read it and share it on your website or social media if you think your audience might be interested in reading it. Or you can also send it in your daily or weekly newsletter.


 The big dilemma that publishers, bloggers, and social media managers often face is what to post next? And for those folks, I'm happy to share ContentIdeas. I'm really amazed at that and the way it works. Just bookmark this site and find newly published content on the web at any time. The filters it has to offer will help you find exactly what you're looking for. Personally, I would say this is very useful, but I hope they add RSS feeds in the coming days to make content discovery more flexible.


 Go to Facebook groups to find new ideas

It's very powerful.

Facebook groups are nests of content ideas because you will find a lot of questions asked by members that must be answered.

You can find topics for your next blogs or Youtube content almost directly!

The good thing is that the group members are ready to read your article and maybe even share it.

Facebook groups are real pools of content ideas for your blog where you will find the questions that your ideal customers ask themselves (customer avatar, personnas).

To top it off, other members will provide answers to these questions that can also give you other ideas!

For example, if you regularly see erroneous answers, you could make an article about "the 10 misconceptions about xxxx".


Finding content ideas is not difficult, you just have to be curious, creative and know where to look.

The sources of inspiration are numerous and you will inevitably find your happiness!

In addition, it will allow you to build a catalog of ideas for the future so that you never run out.

Thus, even if your content does not immediately take off or topics are less interesting, you can still draw from your reserve and write articles or make quality videos (even emails, and posts!).

You now have all the keys in hand to find unlimited content ideas for your blog! All you have to do is put these methods into practice and see the results.

By : outemzabet
Passionate content creator with a love for writing, art, and blogging

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