Best NFT Projects for 2022

 NFT is a digital asset that represents real things like art, music, in-game items, and videos. They are bought and sold online, often using cryptocurrencies, and are generally encoded with the same basic software as many other cryptocurrencies. In this article, we present to you the best NFT projects to pursue in 2022

Pixlr Genesis Project

Pixlr Genesis is a soon-to-be-launched global art movement to build a world-class digital museum. Pixlr Genesis is a prominent decentralized art platform that intends to display ten thousand unique pieces of NFT art.

The platform will launch the first two thousand NFT cards at a price of 0.3 ETH which will allow different pieces of art to be displayed on the platform. Pixlr Genesis NFT Cards grant exclusive rights and access to community airdrops and additional sets of NFTs. 

The Museum of Digital Art is expected to be launched on December 1, 2021.

Samurai Dog game

Samurai Doge, often called the “next Axie Infinity,” is a pool of 10,000 animated NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

People can buy limited Samurai Doge NFTs that come in many options such as weapons, armor, facial features, items, and many more. Those who own a pair of Samurai Dogs will be able to mate with them and raise a new generation of Samurai Dogs.

 They can also participate in decentralized battles in the 3D Voxel Army and earn HON$ tokens.

 So far, there are 610 Samurai Dogs remaining ready to be minted at 0.06 ETH. The project will soon release an introduction to the game and how to play it, where owners can send their Samurai Dogs on expeditions and battle other Samurai Dogs.

GenArt.Ai . project

GenArt.Ai – a decentralized program within the Ethereum and Polygon network that allows its users to create NFT art through artificial intelligence technology.
 The platform creates thousands of premium NFT art that users can choose from based on their preferences. GenArt.Ai offers various art themes that are predominantly geometric in nature.

Lost Relics

Lost Relics is a P2E win-win NFT game, where players traverse the dungeons and forests of Talmuth to fight monsters, level up their players and hunt for treasures. Players can sell items and weapons of different levels of rarity in the market for real money.

The rare items in this game are called Relics and can be categorized into several levels according to their rarity: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Fantasy and Transcendent. The game is still in its early stages, and only a few pre-registered players are allowed to enter the game.

MeSkulls . Project

MeSkullz is a community of 10,000 3D voxel characters in the shape of NFTs. NFTs on the ERC-721 are uniquely built and carefully designed and come in a high-resolution PNG file and a 3D GLP file with specified rarity, category, theme, icons and accessories. You can use MeSkullz NFTs as 3D avatars in metaverses.

Project Geniace

The Geniace NFT project involves the buying, selling and trading of NFT-shaped collectibles by various artists around the world. Geniace offers its community a modern way to collect digital cards of the most famous celebrities, influencers and inventors in various industries. 
Each digital art card has its own unique traits, rarity, issue and artist image. Mystery chests for premium series like entertainment, Hollywood, etc. can also be purchased, and if you're lucky you may find a rare NFT card in the mystery chest. Limited Edition Geniace NFTs that increase in value over time can also be purchased.

Decentraland  game

Decentraland is one of the most promising games ever because it offers a very wide range of opportunities and possibilities for people to play, have fun and earn profits at the same time. 
It is a decentralized virtual world where you can buy, build and sell digital real estate, artwork or NFTs. You can do all this by playing the game and interacting with different activities in a virtual world.

Decentraland, by definition, is a social experience where you interact with people in the community. The game platform is community owned and built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Oceavrse  project

The Oceaverse Project is an environmental organization that aims to use NFTs and blockchain technology to support its goal of protecting coral reefs and marine life around the world.
 Oceaverse works in partnership with Reef Check International, a project that trains volunteers to become scuba divers with the goal of collecting critical data on the state of tropical coral reefs and bodies of water around the world. The project will display various surround masterpieces from professional artists in the form of NFTs. Digitally generated Reef Collectibles (NFT) and 3D Virtual Digital Ocean Collectibles representing real coral reefs are also expected to be on display.

Guild of Guardians


Guild of Gurdians is a P2E NFT play and win game for smartphones. Players can team up with their friends to fight monsters and win rare artifacts, equipment and gems.

Players can purchase pets, heroes and other assets in the game store. Notably, Guild of Gurdians is expected to be released in early 2022.