how to make money online for free

 In this topic, you will find some effective ways that will enable you to earn and earn money from a computer or phone, as you will definitely reach the goal because you take it seriously and consciously.

Important: It's better to make a little money at first than the old and trusted companies with a solid and good reputation


Better than new and scam sites that promise you a lot of money and in the end you get nothing.

From the beginning, I would like to tell you about an important thing, which is to beware of misleading and non-profit websites, and we will explain this in two points:

 earn money fast

We all want to earn money quickly, but we must know profit from the Internet is like outside work, which is not easy, but we must work hard to earn in good and guaranteed ways.

The first point: Beware of sites and companies that delude you into easy and quick profit. Will anyone give you money for free!!! Does this make sense, of course not, money does not come in easy ways but must work hard.

Be careful and wise before making any decision, there are shopping sites that promise you to earn money quickly without fatigue or effort

You should stay away from these websites, because they market for themselves. At the end of the article, we will show you the good and guaranteed sites for profit.

The second point: Do not open an account or register on any site that promises you a lot of money in an easy way. It may be a fraudulent site to collect information or only bring visits to the site.

Remember the two points well, because they will help you in your beginning to profit from the Internet.


 It is known that working with enthusiasm, positivity and commitment helps you succeed, and if you stick to your work, you will be a 100% successful person, and this helps you achieve your desired goal.

Since those who earn a lot of money have patience and work firmly and actively, we are with you to the end and we will help you achieve your goal, God willing. Do not worry, my brother.
Ways or sites to make money online

All the sites and companies I will talk about on this subject are documented and guaranteed, and the profits are paid on time.

 Earn money by freelance work

Other work is one of the ways to earn money in a free way from the Internet, all you need to work as a Free Lancer is that you have a skill such as design, montage, photography, creating mobile applications or designing websites, and there are many skills.


 Make money selling photos

Earn money from selling photos and also earn money by graphic design here for lovers of photography and design. If you love photography, this is a good way to profit. You just have to take pictures from different places and a high quality image.

Here the price of images varies from one image to another. These are the best sites for profit from images and the ease of receiving profits from the site. The most famous sites for selling images:







 Paid survey companies

Earn by completing or filling paid surveys and surveys. It is one of the best ways to make decent amounts of money online.

In this field, know very well that all survey sites pay you and do not ask you to pay any money.

Best honest survey sites






 Earn money by translating

Currently, there are a lot of Arab and foreign companies looking for translators in all languages. This is a good opportunity for those who are fluent in the language and profit by translating documents or content of websites, videos or texts, and there are many sites that offer a good profit for the translation service, such as:



 Earn money writing articles

Currently, blogging has become a good factor in profit by creating a personal website on WordPress or Blogger, and then blogging and placing Google Adsense ads or any alternative companies to Adsense and profit from them, or other ways as well, such as writing articles and selling them on the Fiverr website and profit from them, where the lowest price is 5 dollars for each article.

blog creation site




 Affiliate Marketing

If you have your own website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, or other networking sites, know well that you have a good chance of making money online in a 100% guaranteed way.

If you do not have any of them, there are also companies that support affiliate marketing without communication sites or blogs such as TradeTracker

And if you have a good amount of money, you must create a website or blog to promote your product and earn more money. The design of the website or blog is very easy and there are many sites that explain the creation of a site.


 Earn money selling T-shirts

One of the best ways to make free money on the Internet is to sell T-shirts in that they bring in a good return on good money, yet it is an easy and free way to profit from the Internet. You are only required to master how to design a specific T-shirt or have a design idea that you are designing,

These are the most famous sites for making money from selling T-shirts. You can participate in them and apply your design and profit with all guarantees.

merch by amazon


redbubble website.


 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

The coins of the future, the price of the popular currency bitcoin is currently around 55,000 dollars, which is really a good thing, these are the best sites to earn bitcoin for free:



Open an account on Coinbase wallet to save, buy or sell bitcoins. Coinbase wallet is one of the best bitcoin wallets and some digital currencies that accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and other digital currencies.

 There are also excellent faucets and wallets, such as the faucetpay wallet, which is one of the best wallets to transfer and receive currency and also profit from the wallet by offering profit sites and free faucets, as well as some platforms for profit.

faucetpay website.


 Forex and CFDs Forex / CFDs

Websites to invest in foreign currencies and contracts for difference “Forex”.

These sites are for investment and are only suitable for you when you have the capital to invest

Therefore, if you are not familiar with the profitable field of the Internet, it is recommended that you earn from Bitcoin earning sites to increase capital, this is the best option for any beginner to take advantage of the Internet.

These are the investment platforms from which I earn decent profits every month

IQ Option


 Earn money through educational courses

Many people earn a lot of money by offering specific courses or courses.

Therefore, if you have experience or are familiar with a particular science or research, you can offer online courses, but you will have to pay. One of the most important places to offer courses and earn money courses



Earn money from your smartphone

There are many applications that can complete some simple tasks for you

Like downloading and trying out certain apps, filling out survey forms, watching videos and even chatting if you know most of the apps are fraudulent come to pay.
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 Create a YouTube channel and earn money from it

Profiting from YouTube is among the best ways that I have tried to profit from the Internet. All it takes is to create a channel and have a preconceived idea to turn it into videos and publish it and link your account with Adsense and directly you will find that the profits flow into your account.

But it requires you to be patient in the beginning to learn some things that will make you achieve good results! So far, I have helped 4 people professionally profit from YouTube, including a girl who created a channel specialized in beauty, and a friend of mine earns from design videos, and another one who profits by recording gaming videos,,, and you, too, can achieve what you want through YouTube.

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