How to make money through your Facebook page 2022 best ways

 How to make money through your Facebook page In fact, the answer to this question depends on the number of fans of the page.


 If you are looking to learn how to earn money through your own page on the social networking site. Here, my dear brother, is this article in which you will win all the effective and sure ways to profit without bothering to search for other places to earn a living. So give me your attention for the next few minutes, because this topic is really worth your time and may change your life completely.

 Why make money from Facebook profitable?

Because the process of promoting through Facebook is much easier and faster than the traditional means of advertising and in addition to all that, earning money through a Facebook page has become a very sustainable thing. sure.

 How to earn money through your Facebook page 2022?

Facebook has become a powerful platform for making money, with more than a billion users of all nationalities due to the possibility of using it in most fields, whether scientific, commercial, cultural or educational.. One of the best ways to make money from Facebook is:

 1. Sell your own product through your Facebook page

If you have a private page on Facebook with good content that has attracted a large number of fans and the percentage of gaining interaction from followers is increasing significantly, you can now move to an important stage in your career, which is promoting some of your products to achieve fantastic sales and attract The most important target customers and thus achieve Facebook fame.

The Facebook page is one of the effective and sure ways to profit, even for women who make traditional women's products such as decorative accessories, baskets with designs that mix originality and heritage, antiques, adornment on some materials such as crystals and cloth and other products where they can create a page on Facebook and sell there. Almost all users of this site in the world use this method to market their various business activities and thus earn money. It is an effective, easy, free, and inexpensive method according to everyone's testimony.

 Selling on Facebook is a very important way for some merchants to sell online, and others rely on it in part to sell their products, and this is due to the ability of this platform to display products in front of a huge audience at low costs.

Not to mention the ease of displaying the products, and the lack of the merchant's previous technical knowledge to start the sales process. Within minutes, the merchant can create a page for his products, or use the Facebook Marketplace directly, add his products and start selling immediately.

Although the competition may be fierce, with more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, the audience on this platform is sufficient for a large number of merchants, and it is constantly increasing.

 how to sell on facebook

1. Selling through a Facebook page

 The best form of selling on Facebook is professional, and full support for linking the page with your own site if you have one, or if you use a pre-made store through an e-commerce platform such as Shopify.

 Selling through a Facebook page
Although the order of the steps below may differ from one merchant to another, all of them are considered essential steps in the selling process on Facebook, for example, you cannot sell any products without photographing them professionally or writing an accurate description of their specifications.

Of course, you will not be able to start selling without having your own page, some may start shooting before creating the page, and others may go to another arrangement, but both steps will definitely be followed:

A/ Preparing product display method
When you talk about a product and ask your audience to buy it, text alone is not enough, so no matter how accurate your description is, you will need to reinforce this description with one of the following types of presentation:

1. Photo

Any merchant who wants to sell a product on Facebook must put a clear picture of this product, preferably a professional photo, and use a professional product photographer if possible (a professional photographer or specialists can be used in photographing products for the purpose of marketing and selling them).

However, since professional photography may require equipment and costs that are difficult to provide for some merchants, especially novices, high-quality images that provide clarity of the shape and dimensions of the product can be satisfied.

 2. Video clip
It is great to have a video that fully displays the product, in terms of shape, color, method of use and installation, as in the case of electrical appliances or pieces of furniture, because it achieves more than one purpose at the same time, in terms of marketing the product and presenting it in a lively clearer than the pictures.

It also shows how to use and install, and finally, this section can be used in the after-sales service for customers who find it difficult to install or use the product in any way.

3. Animated GIF

Animations are a good tool for displaying products, but they do not necessarily display the full shape of the product, so it is preferable to use them in special cases appropriate to the nature of this medium, such as showing the dimensions of a particular product, or how it is installed.

Basically it can be relied upon when you want to display simple information that needs to appear in the form of interaction with the product in a way that cannot be explained in an image, or can be explained in just a few seconds, and therefore shooting a video of it will be unnecessary.

The previous arrangement of the means of presentation depends on the means most commonly used, as it is not possible to rely primarily on moving images instead of images and videos.

Because although videos need user interaction to start displaying the content, the percentage of customers' attraction with the clips is much greater than that with the animation.

Only images are superior to this percentage, due to the ease of displaying them to the public, without requiring any interaction to appear, as the product image appears in front of them normally while browsing Facebook.

 B/ Create a private page for sale on Facebook

A very important and easy step
Tips to follow when selling through a Facebook page:
Add high quality photos or videos to showcase your products.

  1.  Add an accurate description of each product with a clear price quote.
  2.   Set opening times to be clear to your customers when they visit your store or product page.
  3.  Rely on the Facebook Chat Bot to respond to your customers in case they send messages outside of your official working hours that you specified in the previous point.
  4.  Avoid sending the price to your customers individually through private messages or (Inbox), because it is an unprofessional method and does not inspire trust or honesty.
  5.  Answer all your customers' inquiries on messages or comments, this will increase the rate of interaction on your page and is considered an effective method in marketing.
  6.  Be sure to add posts that encourage customers to interact, whether these posts ask for their opinions on products, or posts that provide general advice that fits your product field, or even posts for fun and communication with customers.
  7.  Keep posting contests and offers for your customers on the page, and design special offers for customers who follow you and did not buy your product that encourage them to buy.
  8.   I take advantage of the seasons and holidays in designing special offers that suit different categories of clients, such as designing special offers for students at the time of returning to school, and offers on the occasion of summer vacation and other occasions.
  9.  If you have your own site through which you sell, or a store on an e-commerce platform, do not forget to link it to the page to achieve more integration between the two platforms, which will help you track your sales and their source effectively.
  10. Alert your page audience to subscribe to the messaging service, then rely on the Facebook Chat Bot to send new offers to the page's audience, to ensure that these offers appear to the largest possible number of customers.
  11. Use funded promotion from time to time, especially to advertise special offers and in buying seasons such as Black Friday.
  12. Monitor the interaction rates of your customers with your publications through the control panel of the page, study the publications that have achieved high interaction to know the nature of your customers and the content they are interested in, and accordingly you can plan the content of upcoming publications and offers.
  13. Rely on live broadcasts to communicate with your customers and followers, or during the times of announcing offers and to announce the winners of the competitions that you present on the page.
  14. Use the add button feature, through which you can link the page to your WhatsApp number, or direct page visitors to a group linked to your page, or any other features that fit your product such as booking or buying a gift card.

 2. Selling on Facebook Marketplace

The easiest way to sell on Facebook, and as we will explain in this article later… You do not need more than some pictures of the product you want to sell to display it for sale immediately.

Through it, you can display your product in front of a large number of customers interested in it, whether this offer is directed to the Facebook audience interested in this product, or in groups on Facebook that display similar products and are particularly interested in this product.

 Selling on Facebook Marketplace
Selling on Facebook Marketplace is a quick and easy way to sell on Facebook, and it doesn't require you to have a page for your product and its related requirements.

And if you are not convinced of the effectiveness of this method, it is sufficient to know that the number of Facebook Marketplace users in October of 2018 (two years after the launch of this sub-platform) reached more than 800 million users.

This gives merchants a huge opportunity to sell their products to a huge and diverse number of customers.

Steps to Selling on Facebook Marketplace:

 Note: The explanation below is for computer users and those who use Facebook in Arabic, but with some simple flexibility you can apply the explanation on any mobile device, or using English or French.

1. You can access the Facebook Marketplace by clicking on the store icon at the top of your account page (in case you are using a computer or mobile using the Android operating system).

In the case of using an iPhone, you can access it by pressing the menu sign at the bottom right of the screen, and then go to the Facebook store by pressing the store icon.

 When you enter, you will find yourself on a page like the one shown in the image below (with the different products shown):

 2. Click on (+ Create a new listing) to show you a new page, as in this image:


3. Choose the category to which your product belongs and then click on it. In this example, you will assume that we will add an item for sale, and therefore the fields in this image will appear to you:

4. Add a picture of the product and the address you want to sell it through, then specify its price, and add any additional information such as the category you wish the product and its description.

After that, click on the Next button at the bottom of the page to go to an option that enables you to add the product to groups on Facebook, and you can choose to have your product appear in more than one group (up to 20) and then click Publish

Click on Close or on Promote List of Offers, if you want to make a sponsored advertisement for the product you want to sell, or the entire list of products if you have added more than one product.

5. Now that you have finished adding the product, you will wait some time for the Facebook administration to review it before accepting and displaying it.

In the meantime, you can view the product and decide what you want to do with it, such as sharing it on your personal page or the page of one of your friends by clicking on the three dots below the product name next to the promotion of the list of offers…

The Facebook Marketplace platform provides you with a few pre-prepared messages that appear to customers while browsing your product, such as is this product still available and I am interested, and others, which are messages that cannot be controlled or modified because Facebook shows them to the buyer only.

Tips for using Facebook Marketplace effectively

  1.  Make sure that the product images are clear, and the details of the product are fully included in their publication.

  2.  Stay away from adding a high price and then decreasing it, put the price of the product that provides you with an appropriate profit margin, and fits the price of the product with competitors.

  3.  Do not set a zero price or offer the product for free to attract customers, because this method is considered a bad selling practice, and does not inspire confidence.

  4.  Make sure to add your product in the appropriate category.

  5.  Use paid promotion or sponsored advertising if your budget allows it.

  6.  Rely on the advice of Facebook and publish your product in groups similar to the product category, because it contains an appropriate audience and is often a large number… that is, the possibility of you selling the product through it is high.

 3. Selling on Facebook Groups

This method of selling on Facebook differs from previous methods in several elements, such as its ability to build an audience faster, and its ease of implementation.

It is also ideal for selling specific products such as handmade products, not to mention that dealing with customers through this method is simple, since the deal is through the group manager in person, and not as in the case of selling through the page, through which dealing with customers consists officially.

Selling on Facebook Groups
Another easy way that you can rely on is to start selling on Facebook immediately, without the need for a page for your product.

The advantage of this method over the method of selling through Facebook Marketplace is the ability to build your own audience through the Facebook group, and communicate with them directly to answer their inquiries about your product.

This audience can be used later if you want to take a more professional look and create a page.

In this case, you can invite group members to subscribe to your page, which will make it easier for you to reach customers who are interested in your product and get them to subscribe to the page.

 Steps to create a Facebook group to sell through

1. Start creating a group on Facebook by pressing Create (+) on your home page, and choose a group to show you this image:

2. Add a picture to the group by clicking on (Upload Cover Photo), whether by uploading a picture that you designed specifically for the group earlier, or a picture available to you on your personal account.
3. Add the required data, and specify the privacy of the group in terms of allowing it to appear to members only or to anyone (do not invite your friends before writing a profile post for the group's goal) and then click Create.

4. Add a post with the group's rules or goal installed, then add another post for your product, its details and price, and if you have several products, it is preferable to make an illustrated list of these products with details and price of each product clearly and in detail.

5. Add your friends who you think might be interested in purchasing this product.

Tips for interacting with your customers on the group and how to manage the group effectively

  1.  Add real photos of your product, preferably high quality of course, you can also add photos from the official website of the product if you are selling a world famous product.
  2. But if you sell a local product, or there are no clear pictures on the Internet, then you must add clear pictures of the product that you have taken yourself, preferably of high quality.
  3.  Ask your friends to add their acquaintances and friends who might be interested in the product.
  4.  Keep in touch with group members with a set of posts explaining the features of the product or products you are selling.
  5.  Ask members who have purchased the product what they think of it, and ask them to write a post explaining their opinion of the product, its price, quality, and speed of access.
  6. Offer continuous offers to the new audience of the group, and special offers to the audience who have purchased a product more than once, or what is known as customer loyalty programs.
  7. Monitor all member posts, and contact any customer who has had a problem with the product, or experienced a purchase they didn't like.
  8.  Ask group members for suggestions on product development or the buying process.


 Integrate more than one way to succeed in selling on Facebook

This section is intended for merchants who have implemented all the previous means, and are looking for a way to increase the efficiency of these means, and this can be achieved by linking the page to the group, and linking the Marketplace to the group to achieve integration between the means and some of them.

This integration can be achieved whether the merchant actually uses these means, or uses one method and would like to use another method and link the two methods together.

 1. Link the page to the group
Go to your page and then click on (view more) to see new sections and options, click on groups to show you the following image:

 From this page, you can either link your page to a group you created before, or create a new group linked to the page.

When you click on Link your group, you will see a list of groups that you have previously created or managed, make sure that you have chosen the group you want for your page… then click on Link group.

You can also unlink by entering the groups section, and clicking on Unlink in front of the group.

 2. Link the product you sell on Facebook Marketplace to a group
Linking here is done differently, as Facebook does not allow linking the products you want to sell to pages or groups.

The option available here is to choose the groups that appear to you at the audience selection step, which is an offer for sale in your groups, and through it you can choose to share the product that you sell in a number of groups of up to 20 groups.

In the event that you have a group for the same product that you sell on Facebook Marketplace, this group may appear among the groups in which Facebook suggests you to post a product.

make money from Facebook by selling pages after they are enlarged

If you have a scientific qualification in a specific field and provide some interesting blogs and topics that have attracted millions of followers, you can now sell your Facebook page to those who wish to use it from some platforms currently specialized in buying and selling these pages, and this is, of course, after contracting with you and agreeing to use your page for the purpose that you It was established for it and not with the aim of changing its name and subject, and for a sum of money to be determined in advance.

And the matter will not stop there, but you can create other pages that collect a significant amount of likes and sell them after they are enlarged in the same way to become, after a short time, the owners of money, everyone flocks to you to buy what you write.

make money from Facebook by promoting other pages to followers

This particular method is adopted by many smart and experienced people on Facebook who have the ability to persuade and bring in many followers daily on their own pages, as their viewership may reach more than 10,000 people.

If you are among them and your page is gaining good interaction with people and a significant amount of fans, then you can send a message to another page telling them that they can promote their ads on your page for a sum of money. It is a profitable and easy way, but it requires craftsmanship, vigilance and hard work to compete with other people from all over the world and get a golden job opportunity.


In this article, we explained the different ways to sell on Facebook, which provide you with great possibilities and opportunities as a merchant (veteran or novice on the Internet) in achieving great sales to a huge audience of customers, with little costs and sometimes without a significant cost.

The great thing about the Facebook platform is that it is constantly evolving to suit its audience and their needs, and evidence of this is the creation of the Facebook Marketplace and the availability of buying and selling opportunities for a huge number of individuals.

This is an indication that the platform will add improvements to the buying and selling process through it to make it easier, and in a way that you will not need to rely on a third party to complete the sale process (such as relying on an electronic application to receive money or to pay for the product).

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