How to promote your NFT for free

 In this article, we will learn about a great and free way by which you can promote your NFT for free just by following simple steps, which I will explain in detail.

How to promote NFT for free?
How to promote NFT for free?

 how to promote your NFT on social media platforms :

NFT is visual content such as photos and videos that is the first thing that catches the user's eye in your accounts on social media platforms, and often the one that lasts in their memory for the longest time. 

 you must make sure that those images are of high quality, are clear and have the correct dimensions.

 Ensure that you use images with appropriate dimensions for each social network, in order to avoid image stretching and reduce their “pixelation” and to ensure that the entire image is displayed to the user while browsing, which will help you increase user interaction with your content. Here are the appropriate image dimensions for each platform:

It is necessary to publish images on those platforms in the appropriate sizes, to avoid hiding or cutting parts of the image

how to promote your NFT on twitter :

Optimize your Twitter profile to the max

These are supposed to be the first tips that we have to tell you, but we know you were excited about some direct advice, but now you have to realize that the better your profile is, the more you encourage others to follow you, so here are some ways that will contribute to improving and enriching your Twitter profile sufficiently

Use appropriate dimensions for Twitter images, pay attention to these points:

profile picture

    Preferably the dimensions of the profile picture should be 400 x 400 pixels
    Maximum image size is 2MB
    Supported formats include JPG, PNG and GIF
    The image is displayed at a size of 200 x 200 pixels

Cover Photo

    Preferred dimensions are 1500×1500 pixels
    Maximum image size is 5MB
    Supported formats include JPG, PNG and GIF


    The minimum image size for publications is 440 x 220 pixels, with a ratio of 2 to 1 .
    Maximum size for still or moving images (GIFs) is 5MB from smart devices, and 15MB from desktops.
    Images are displayed at 1200 x 675 pixels
    If you post tweets with a link and an image, the image will display at 800 x 418 pixels

Twitter Stories (Fleets)

 Twitter Stories or Fleets are displayed in 1080×1920 pixels, a feature available to smartphone users only.

Pin a tweet about NFT:

This way does not care about it, but it helps to increase Twitter followers, as you verify the tweet that you published, but it must not be a normal tweet. It is the one that will give the first impression, whether it is a strong and useful account or an account that does not provide content in its tweet. This tweet may be a way that may help you increase Twitter flourishes.

 Tweet at the best possible time:

 You can use twitonomy to find out what peak times are for your audience and then you can schedule tweets to reach your audience at those times when they are most active.

how to use twitonmy

In some cases, you may not be able to set peak times for your audience, so we recommend that you publish one or two tweets every hour for a whole week and then monitor the tweets that have the highest reach and interaction, often this is the most appropriate publishing time for your audience. You can use a Twitter content scheduling tool like Buffer which will enable you to easily set a time lag between your tweets.

 Post tweets that deserve a retweet about NFT

You can post content like trending news, important stats, interesting facts, etc. to get more retweets. In fact, tweets like this are one of the most important types of content that interests Twitter users. You can also use humor to get more interaction and retweet.

This is another great technique to enhance the reach of your tweets, and you are required to publish only really powerful and wonderful content, as the higher the value of the content of your tweets and they were really worth sharing, the more retweets you will get, and therefore you will reach a larger and wider audience and this will enable you To get more followers for your account.

You can post content like trending news NFT, important stats NFT, interesting facts NFT, etc. to get more retweets. In fact, tweets like this are one of the most important types of content that interests Twitter users. You can also use humor to get more interaction and retweet.
 In this case, it is recommended that you directly request retweet in your tweets, such as writing under the tweet the hashtag “# retweet” or the text “Please retweet” .. etc.
 Tweets with a request for retweet got 4 times more engagement than tweets with no such request.
twitter rettwit sstatics

Correct use of hashtags:

 The use of hashtags in the world of social media is one of the best ways to reach the largest segment of followers and connect with the audience who share the same interests.

Also, hashtags are the perfect way to make your tweets visible in the Twitter search engine. The more hashtags that express yourself, the better your Twitter account will be visible to other users who share the same interests as you, and the more likely they are to follow you.

It is recommended to use at least 5 hashtags in your tweets, with the importance that this hashtag be relevant to the topic of the tweet. Do not be a victim of the erroneous practices promoted by some about the importance of filling the tweet with the largest amount of hashtags to reach a larger audience. In fact, studies say the opposite as that Using more than one hashtag may cause a decrease in the reach and interaction of your tweets, but one hashtag will get you the most interaction possible.

Interact with the most engaged tweets in NFT

Posting positive responses to tweets related to your industry is a great way to increase your followers, especially when you introduce yourself as a specialist or expert in the same topic you interact with.

Start following the most popular professionals in your field and interact with them by RT with comments, likes and responses that enrich the dialogue. Do not feel ashamed to engage with every controversial tweet in your field, ask questions or share answers, because all this will contribute to more users getting to know you and thus following you.

 Promote your NFT on reddit :



Reddit, what a wonderful invention! For those new to nft, it's a social network divided into "subreddits" that are all focused on NFT only

So you can find everything there. But really on NFT. From the simplest stuff to the darkest stuff, hence the name “the front page of the internet” that it gives itself. To get an idea, it looks like this:

best 15 subreddit NFT Collections and NFT giveaways

create your one NFT subreddit or Reddit community :

Promote your NFT on jaadoo

You may have asked yourself this question before, in general this is the solution that you wanted to know before and of course there is a concrete solution that helps you in promoting NFT for free and in an effective way. And all this through the Jaadoo platform.

How does Jaadoo work? 

Jaadoo NFT Upvote platform to empower the NFT community where you can just register yourself for free and add NFT's that you have listed on other NFT platforms.

The platform team reviews and approves your listing in about 24 hours - you have your free promotional listing.

Promote your NFT free

Now that's when the real fun begins. The platform allows the NFT community to vote for their favorite NFT and the Jaadoo team promotes the best NFT daily based on the votes submitted.

Simply sit back and relax while you are automatically signed up for a FREE $JADU metaverse token airdrop, now that's what I'm talking about! Totally free money or income is great, isn't it?

While we are busy building our one-of-a-kind NFT Marketplace - we are very excited to share this NFT affirmative voting platform to help the NFT Creators community.
What is Jaadoo?

Jaadoo has come up with this NFT affirmative voting platform to help the NFT community that wants to serve it for the long term. This is the primal world of the Jaadoo metaverse in the making.

Jaadoo Metaverse is developed as the ultimate manifestation of your inner childhood or even adult fantasy. Now you can create a high-resolution scan of yourself and your real-world assets and move everything into the metaverse.

Jaadoo integrates 3D scanning and modeling technology that generates ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual items for use in games, virtual reality, social media and online fashion. The technology also allows the creation of NFTs from realistic artwork and collectibles

The engineers and developers at Jaadoo are integrating this powerful technology with a new token-based market and ecosystem to provide users, gamers, artists and entrepreneurs with full access to the virtual opportunities of the future.

Jadoo's intelligence and next-generation technology combined with our experience building tech startups from the bottom up will make Jaadoo one of the magical metaverse platforms.

What makes Jaadoo different?

Jaadoo started with significant seed funding from a group of blockchain developers and software engineers with the able guidance of selfless industry leaders.

The founders of Jaadoo have experience taking various startups from self-financed and seed-funded to industry specific products in the field of IT services, Blockchain development, and digital marketing platforms.

Jaadoo is a carbon neutral technology platform and the founders are committed to the cause. Apart from being an environmentally conscious venture, the Jaadoo team is involved in many charitable activities around the world.

Jaadoo is committed to providing realistic solutions by providing free test kits and medical supplies to those in need

 Promote your NFT on UpcomingNFT.net.

Promote your NFT on UpcomingNFT.net.

NFT projects are becoming very popular nowadays, the NFT industry is growing at an unfathomable speed, if you are willing to create an NFT project, your ultimate goal will be to make it successful, and marketing your NFT project is very essential in getting people interested in your project.

Where you can choose the marketing tactic that best suits you and promote your NFT on UpcomingNFT.net Apart from that, there are factors to focus on to make your NFT projects more successful.

Free means of NFT promotion:

Add your drop to the NFT calendar

NFT Calendar is the first calendar on the market where the best NFT drops from various markets are gathered in one place. It's a great source for NFT collectors who don't need to rush from one market to another to discover the best versions.

Adding your drop to the NFT calendar only takes a few minutes. Simply fill out the form with the main details of your release:

  • the title of your NFT collection or artwork
  • creator details
  • description
  • the key visual of your drop
  • date and time of your deposit
  • a marketplace where your NFT drops
  • the link to your exit

In short, you give more visibility to your drop by adding it to the NFT calendar for free. Sounds tempting?

Use your social media channels

Social media marketing is a great way to make yourself known. If it is an NFT collection of several NFTs, the artists publish them on all their social media accounts and present each of them. At least two weeks before the release, it is necessary to start preparing your audience for the release. Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Medium are the most popular platforms to present your drop. Say what tools you used to create the pieces, the main idea behind the collection, your failures if any, etc.

Keep in mind that there are people who know nothing about NFT art. Also prepare a set of publications in which you explain what NFT is and why it makes sense to buy digital collectibles.

Create an eye-catching teaser for your NFT project

The main idea behind the teasers is to show what your NFT project is about but, at the same time, to keep the plot. Such a mode of advertising usually arouses the interest of potential collectors, encourages them to stay tuned for more details and not to miss the release date. Post your teaser on social media and also give it to the market for use on their website and social media channels.

Access the drops featured on the market

This type of promotion is discussed directly with the marketplaces. Based on our observations, some of them have a separate web page with featured drops. KnownOrigin, for example, creates such a page every week with 4-5 drops featured and a countdown to release. MakersPlace also creates a page with the description of the drop, images or a teaser and a countdown timer. Nifty Gateway is releasing a program for the coming week on the website and Twitter. If your NFTs reach the featured drops, the markets also promote it on social media. So, you kill two birds with one stone!

Start a thread on Reddit/Bitcointalk

Platforms such as Reddit, Quora, and Bitcointalk are very useful when you want to spread the word about your NFT collection. You can start a thread by asking, for example, "Which emerging NFT artists do you recommend keeping an eye on?" Using another account, you can give links to your deposit and talk about yourself as in someone else's name.

This may seem a bit dishonest. However, it was not us who proposed this type of promotion. This is called crowd-marketing and is actively used in advertising.

You can also get involved in other discussions if you really have something to write about. The more your name appears on the different channels, the faster people will remember it.

Order a PR article on your NFT repository

It's a good idea to write an article about your NFT collection and spread it on the most popular thematic media. In addition, you can offer other formats for collaborations with media, such as an interview with you. Usually, this is a paid option. However, you can use Medium and write a blog post with all the details about your fall.

Technical design of the project

Successful NFT projects are able to grab people's attention all at once and are easily recognizable, and the way you design your NFT project will be very different from other current successful NFT projects.

Since you have to add distinctive details while designing your NFT project, this will ensure that it can stand out from the mounds of other existing NFTs.

When an NFT's design is unique, more people will care about it, and owning NFTs with unique designs helps bring together investors easily.

Generative art design will help to add different attributes from NFTs to a simple base design, attributes can be rare, but each attribute should have a different visual representation than the next, and will ensure that all of your pieces don't look the same.

However, there will be some interconnection between all the NFT projects in one way or another, the project will have certain features of its own, another thing to remember is that there are no time limits attached to the technical design of an NFT project, as you should not stick to themes that are likely to get lost in the crowd In the future.


You must keep these points in mind while designing your NFT project and it will ensure that you occupy a prominent position in the cryptocurrency industry.

Your goal should be to keep investors attractive to your NFT project, and keeping the above points in mind will ensure that your NFT project is able to remain relevant.

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