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How to use PLR products to earn money

 In this post, I will share with you ways to make money from PLR articles, PLR products This term may have passed you before, whether it was in an advertisement within a site while browsing it, or when you searched for ways to make money from the Internet by selling products, or even you heard it from a friend of yours who is interested in the field of e-marketing through content.

How to use PLR products to earn money 2022


 What is PLR Products?

PLR, short for private label rights, is a license that authorizes the original owner of a product (author, programmer, or designer) to sell part or all of its intellectual property rights to its product.

PLR products are digital products that may be e-books, articles, software, applications, videos and audio recordings, or even website templates and appearances...etc.

Who can benefit from PLR products?

 Blogger: By bringing up-to-date and distinctive information that he can benefit from when writing his topics, in addition to generating new ideas.

E-Marketer: PLR products benefit the e-marketer by using them as content for advertising, and exploiting them to obtain a targeted mailing list or send it to the current mailing list and other methods that will be detailed later

Affiliate marketer:
Affiliate marketing is a field that needs content rich in information about the products that he wants to promote, or use as a bonus and gift on the product being promoted, which increases the conversion rate.

Service Provider: PLR products are a good to use and sought after commodity. You can sell them on online service sites.

YouTuber: If you are one of the creators of audio and video content on YouTube and you know very well the value of creative and innovative content, you can use PLR ​​products and repurpose them in your videos.

 PLR License Powers:

A PLR license enables the purchaser of the product to modify it, sell it as is, or use it in a different way as follows

Modification of PLR Products: You can modify the PLR ​​Product by reformulating it in the sense of changing the style of written content or adding to it by entering new information into the content of the PLR ​​Product.

Selling PLR Products: You can sell the PLR ​​Product as is for one or more times, whether you change it or not, with the buyer giving the same right to sell it to other people, modify it or use it in a different way.

Repurpose PLR ​​Products: You can do the use of PLR products in a different way than it was previously; That is, you can convert a PLR product from written content to audio content or convert it to visual content and vice versa.

PLR Products Features:

PLR products have many advantages, and we will mention the most prominent of them

    Save time: PLR products reduce the time wasted in searching for content or a product that suits your business.
    Save money: PLR products save you a lot of money that you would have paid an author, programmer or content creator to buy a piece of work.
    Generate new ideas: PLR products can be a source of inspiration to generate new ideas for use in your business.
    Reuse: PLR products enable you to use them in many areas over the Internet; That is, it opens up new horizons for you in your work.

 Best site to buy PLR products?

The sources of obtaining PLR products are many and varied. There are great sites to shop for PLR products either with a paid monthly / yearly / lifetime membership subscription or with a pricing system for each PLR product individually, in addition to that, you can also buy these products from micro-services sites, This is what we will show you in the following lines.

 IDPLR PLR Products Website:

IDPLR is the best site to buy PLR products. It contains daily updated PLR products on many areas such as entrepreneurship, technology and e-commerce. It works on a membership basis. The number of products on the IDPLR website is more than 12,500 PLR products that are valid for sale, re-use or reformulation. The site includes IDPLR has many members from all over the world and its number is more than 76,000.

IDPLR offers many great and useful bonuses (eCover editor, video tutorials, hosting), and it also provides some PLR ​​products for free in addition to the ability to download only two paid products for free.

You can take advantage of the offer currently available to obtain a membership on the IDPLR website. You can download PLR products for three months for $ 39 instead of $ 47, you can also subscribe to the annual membership for $ 69 instead of $ 100, or you can benefit from IDPLR products for life for $ 89 Only instead of $149

 BuyQualityPLR Products Website:

BuyQualityPLR is a very popular site that enjoys the trust of many buyers. It contains many and varied sections of PLR products such as e-books, articles, etc., in addition to containing products from various popular fields that you will need in your online business.

The BuyQualityPLR website has a pricing system for selling PLR products, as it adopts the piece-sale system, meaning that you will pay a certain amount of money for one PLR ​​product. With regard to articles, a set of articles (10) are sold, their price ranges from $3.99 to $6.99, and e-books Their price ranges from $3.99 to $17.99, you may find BuyQualityPLR's prices are exorbitant but they offer high quality PLR products.

PLR Resell-Rights Weekly Product Location:

Resell Rights Weekly PLR products site is trusted by many customers (bloggers, marketers) all over the world, where Resell Rights Weekly allows you to download PLR products for free while giving you the right to sell, reuse or repurpose them without restrictions so that the profits are entirely yours.

Resell Rights Weekly provides all the resources that anyone who wants to profit from the Internet by exploiting PLR products in business, as it contains content related to e-marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce and entrepreneurship, the site provides two new products on a weekly basis.

 Resell Rights Weekly follows the membership system in providing PLR products, but there is a free subscription that has great features that are never less than the paid gold membership; That's because PLR's free membership products are of high quality and are good to start your business without having to shell out at least the beginning of the road.

 How to make money from PLR products?

1. Earning Money from Selling PLR Products to Customers:


After buying PLR products, you can sell them to more than one person online and make good profits. The rights to the products you buy should be such that you can modify (reform); So check the license granted to you by the seller of PLR products, whether it is a website or the author himself, and then enjoy making profit from the Internet by selling PLR products.

 2 . Using PLR products to send to your mailing list:

The marketer's capital is his mailing list; This is due to the large number of users of e-mail, which is estimated at more than 3.9 billion people who use e-mail service from all countries of the world, and this number is expected to increase more during the next few years, in addition to the fact that most e-mail users care about the messages sent to them and read them And they interact with it.

It is natural to pay attention to this type of marketing for its fertility and effective results. Your mailing list can be increased and enlarged by using PLR products as an incentive for users to subscribe. All you need is to have a website or blog that receives daily visits and then work on adding a special form in the email field that you will use in the process Submit a PLR product and at the same time put it on your mailing list.

 3. Exploiting PLR Products to Generate New Ideas:

It is known that we go through difficult times when ideas freeze in our brains and we cannot think well to extract the creativity inside us, then you feel as if the river of ideas in your head has dried up and dried up, here comes the role of PLR products, which are a rich treasure of information that can be a source of inspiration to generate new ideas For use in your writing or business.

4. Using PLR Products on Your Blog or Personal Website:

PLR products can be used to inject good content in a large number and density. Of course, this is the solution you will resort to if you want to feed your site or blog with content in a short and record time.

PLR products do not include text content only, but there is visual and audio content (videos) that can also be used within the topics of your blog to make it integrated, in addition to that you will find all the topics that fit the field that you intend to break into and compete in with other sites, but you must work on re- Crafting PLR content to be 100% exclusive, unique, and SEO compliant.

5. Using PLR products to create websites ready to sell them:


This method is one of the best ways to profit from PLR products, by using the content of PLR products to prepare an entire website or blog in any field in accordance with the laws of the Google AdSense advertising network, which is one of the most important means of profit through digital blogging on websites.

And then sell it to people who want ready-made sites that they can profit from through Adsense without entering into the obstacles of its strict conditions regarding the number and quality of content that must be presented on sites and blogs wishing to join them.

You will add the content to the extent that it is approved by Adsense after reformulating the content of course until it becomes exclusive and highly acceptable, this method is very profitable and can be repeated more than once.

 6 . Profit from PLR products on YouTube:

PLR products on YouTube:

It is known that audio-visual content has a rapid spread compared to content written in blogs and websites, in addition to the availability of sites that host videos through their own servers, in addition to allowing profit through ad views on those videos, such as YouTube.

You can profit from PLR text content (e-books and articles) by converting it into a video and uploading it to your YouTube channel, and when the minimum profit conditions are reached, ads will be activated on it and then start making profits without trouble or experience.

7. Offering PLR Products as Rewards for Purchasing a Product:


PLR Products as Rewards

PLR Products as Rewards

When entering the world of affiliate marketing, you will need creative ways to promote the products of online companies so that you can get a certain percentage as a commission for every sale made through you, PLR products are one of the best ways to make a profit from the Internet through Affiliate.

You can offer a PLR product as a reward or gift when you purchase via your link; That is, the customer will buy one product and get another for free. This encourages customers to always buy through you, because they feel that you are giving them an attractive offer that will never be rejected.

Note: This method can be applied in direct marketing of your product, not only in affiliate marketing.


 8. Assembling PLR Products as an Educational Course:

PLR Products as an Educational Course:

You may be wondering about the educational courses available on the Internet, are all of them the author’s personal authorship? .. Of course not, not all educational courses are made by their seller, there are courses collected through articles or e-books and videos from PLR product sites.

You can do this effective strategy to profit from PLR products by selling educational courses about the field in which you have unique and new information, you can also modify it with improvements to the content of PLR products, this will increase the price of the course in addition to sales rates.

 9. Use  PLR Products on Other Sites Guest Posting.


Use PLR Products on  Guest Posting


You may have heard of the term Guest Posting, which is blogging on other sites that are not yours and they pay you for each article you write, and this method depends on the same program that we mentioned in the second method, all you have to do is search for sites that accept the Guest Posting service, Then you choose one of the articles that you have purchased and that is within the domain to which the site you will find belongs to.
And in the end, these are not the only ways that you can profit through PLR products, we have mentioned only three ways to profit from articles only and the first method remains the most profitable, not to mention the profitable ways of the remaining PLR products.


  We have presented a list of the top  ways to profit from PLR products, they are (Profit from selling PLR products to customers, Use PLR products to send to your mailing list, Exploit PLR products to generate new ideas, Use PLR products in your blog or personal website, Use PLR products in Create sites ready to sell, profit from PLR products on YouTube, offer PLR products as rewards for buying a product, collect PLR products in the form of an educational course).

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