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Top 5 walking app to earn money

Walking is one of the things we do a lot every day. There are statistics that each person walks about 1.5 to 2 miles per day. This is the equivalent of 3,000 to 4,000 steps per day.

walking app
walk to earn money

But has it ever occurred to you that there is a walking program with money that you can invest these steps you take and turn them into money or prizes!

Whether you are an active person who loves to walk or you are someone who wants to start a new habit and use an app to make money by walking, this article is the right place for you.

Walking Earning Money App (How Does It Work?)

There are two main ways to make money from the walk you walk through your daily routine:

  1. Use walking earning apps that give you money, discounts, or prizes for the steps you've taken.
  2. Incorporate your basic job tasks that require a lot of walking and use the walking program with money during your main work.

To make it more understandable, I will give you a practical example:

Since your first goal in using the application is to make money from walking, you can walk to work every day or go to the gym to increase your daily steps and thus increase your profits.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of your job that needs to walk a lot, and run the walking app to earn money while you work.

 You can profit and benefit from the application in addition to your basic business on the ground.

During the following lines, I will give you the best applications through which you can walk for money.
Top 5 apps to make money by walking

As I mentioned above, if you are looking to invest in the steps you walk every day, you can achieve this by downloading the walking app to earn money on your mobile phone.

However, in some cases the payment may be not only money but also goods, services or discounts.

But in all cases, wouldn't it be great if you could earn something for an activity you already do?! It doesn't take much thought in my personal opinion.

Also, Walking with Money runs in the background and won't distract you from using your phone.

All you have to do now is read the description of each application and then choose the application that is best for you in terms of profit and ease of use.

 1. Sweatcoin to make money walking


earn money drom walking

Sweatcoin is one of the most popular apps right now in the field of walking profit.

Where you can earn cryptocurrency for walking with Sweatcoin app.

Here are the most important features and characteristics of the application:

  • Free application that works on Android and iOS devices.
  • You can earn cryptocurrency with it or trade Forex with it.
  • The company is based in the United Kingdom and this is proof that it is honest and guaranteed.
  • It converts a maximum of 2,000 steps per day into its own currency.
The only drawback of the app is that you have to walk outdoors, because the software uses GPS.

That is, it does not count the steps you take if you are in a gym, for example

 As I told you, it uses the GPS in your phone.

Besides, it uses certain algorithms to make sure that you are walking and not driving a car, for example. Thus, he can put an end to the required walking speed.

Bonuses offered by the Sweatcoin Sweatcoin program include:

  • Win gift cards.
  • Profit and trade through it through the digital currencies that it offers you in exchange for walking.
  • The ability to convert 20,000 Sweatcoins into $1,000 cash via Paypal.

Note: According to the Sweet Coin application, you can earn $1,000 from it, but it will take you about 18 months. You can earn this amount only once from the application.
Is sweatcoin app honest?

Yes, Sweatcoin is one of the trusted apps since the company behind it is well known and its headquarters are in the United Kingdom.

How to earn from Sweatcoin:

  1. Download the Sweatcoin application on your phone directly from this for android. OR for iPhone
  2.  After downloading the application, login to it.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Click on Agree and give permission to turn on the GPS so that the application will follow your steps.
  5. Type your phone number as well as the country code.
  6.  You will receive a message on your phone with a confirmation code, write it in the program.
  7. Thus, you can profit from walking through the Sweatcoin application.

 Withdrawing the profits of the Sweatcoin application

There are many people wondering how to withdraw from the Sweatcoin app.
It's very simple, you can receive your earnings from the program by:

  • Paypal as follows:
  • Enter the application.
  • Enter your data to access your account, such as your name and email.
  • Go to your PayPal account section of the app and make a withdrawal.
  • You can earn rewards and gifts like workout clothes, gym equipment, and free subscriptions to workout apps.

 2. Walking app to earn money Miles:


Another application to profit from walking. It gives you "frequent flyer miles" for walking, cycling, flying or driving a car.

Now earn free points and redeem them for gifts by simply letting the app track your location and calculate your step total.
The Miles app is the best choice for travelers. This is because it takes about 5,000 to 10,000 miles to walk to earn a $1 Amazon Gift Card.

Although the profit from walking on this application is small, it is free and does not require you to do anything.

Also featured in this program is that it allows you to earn money and donate it to charities. The program calculates your steps via the GPS on your phone.
Fortunately, you can donate to more than 20 charities, including:

  1. ASPCA.
  2. Habitat for Humanity.
  3. Nature Conservancy.

 3. StepBet Application:

walking app money

StepBet is a walking and earning money app that motivates its users to increase their activity, compete and challenge themselves.

According to Side Hustlenation, one of his friends has earned $150 from this app walking.

 The idea of ​​profit from the application is that you set your goals on a weekly basis, and work to achieve these goals. If you fail to achieve it, you will be out of competition for profit.

This is a very motivating way to earn money for walking.

There is also a community or chat within StepBet where you can talk to other people in case you want to inquire about something.

StepBet software works on Android phones and iPhones. It also works with a variety of fitness trackers such as Apple Watch, Google Fit and others.

4. FitFetti iPhone Walking Program:

FitFetti is a free fitness app for iPhone iOS (it's currently being worked on for Android).

With this app you will earn rewards in the form of:

  1. cash money.
  2. Free products.
  3. Discounts on some products and services.
People who use FitFetti are called 'Sponsors'.

After downloading the program and logging in to it, you will get your first sponsorship “a reward”. And every week you achieve the goals required of you, you can get more rewards.

 You can invite your friends and relatives to join and register in the application and send messages on it as a social aspect provided by the program to the users.

FitFetti uses Apple's Health Kit as well as Fitbit to track your steps.

You can also receive money on Paypal and get Amazon Gift Cards.


 5. Million Steps App:

mellionstep app

Surely these questions cross your mind now, right?!

Million Steps is a walking money making app that gives you $10 when you walk a million steps.

Actually it's not a huge amount, but remember that it is passive income and that you do nothing. You just open the app while walking and in return you earn money.

The negative in the application is that it counts you a maximum of 1000 steps per day. Therefore, you will need 100 days to win $10 from the Million Steps Program.

And to increase the daily number of points you can watch ads within the walking app to earn money Million Steps.

For every ad you watch, you will earn 200 free points.

This means that you have to watch 45 ads per day to earn the full 10,000 points. Therefore, you have two options in order for you to profit from walking within the Million Steps application, which are:

  1. Earn money for walking.
  2. Watch ads to increase the number of daily points.
Once you reach 1 million steps, you can win $10 and withdraw it in cash or gift cards.


Application of walking and earning money revolves around the idea as we mentioned above. There are a lot of guaranteed apps that you can earn for walking like the ones I mentioned to you.

The Sweatcoin  application is one of the most popular walking and earning money applications

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