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Ways to make money from editing videos in 2022

 I will mention to you all the information, sources and sites that will help you to profit from each method, and I will tell you a set of practical tips and guidelines to start in each method intelligently

 Here are the ways to profit from editing videos, which we will talk about in detail in the next few minutes:

     Profit from editing videos for YouTube channel owners.
     Profit from posting videos on YouTube and Facebook.
     Profit from editing videos through freelance platforms.
     Providing advertising video production and editing services.
     Profit from selling your videos.
     Profit from designing and selling video templates and plugins.
     Profit from preparing courses in the field of video editing.

 That's why I want you to read this entire guide so that you don't miss any information... Every small detail can help you double your profits from video editing.

1. Profit from editing videos for YouTube channel owners

Personally, I consider this method the best way to profit from video editing for beginners, as there are many YouTube channel owners who are looking for people to help them prepare videos.

This is due to several reasons:

 Channel owners want to increase the quality of their videos by improving effects, images, and transitions.
     Many channel owners want to increase the number of their videos and cannot do so due to lack of time. The process of editing the videos themselves takes a long time.
     Some channel owners do not have good experience in video editing, and are looking for someone who is better than them to produce good videos

In order to start earning from this method, you must follow these steps:

1. Find any YouTuber you follow, who has more than 50 thousand subscribers (to ensure that his channel receives profits, and therefore he has the budget to pay you an appropriate amount for your services).

 It does not matter if the channel is Arab or foreign (if your level of English is good, I advise you to start with foreign channels, because their rate of profit is greater, and therefore you will get more money for editing videos).

2. Upload one of his videos that you feel you can improve (try to download the video in the highest quality possible so that you can work on it easily).

3. Edit the video in your own style, taking into account the personality of the YouTuber himself (that's why I told you to start with the owner of a channel you follow).

4. Upload the new video to your personal YouTube channel (make sure that the video is Unlisted so that no one can see it except those who know its link).

5. Message this person on his social media accounts with the video link you uploaded, and tell him that you are a good follower of him, have the skill to edit videos, and want to help him increase the quality of his videos and develop his YouTube channel.

6. Repeat the previous steps with any channel owner you follow, or search for some channels in your field until someone agrees to cooperate with you, or to cooperate with more than one channel if you have enough time.

7. Agree with the owner of the channel on the financial return (the calculation is often done by the minute, for example, you may get a dollar, 3 or 10 per minute - depending on the level of adjustments and the effort you make).

Do not worry about the last step, it is not more important than the amount of profits that you will get in the beginning than the work itself. Over time, you will gain experience, and then you can request a larger amount of money or cooperate with other channel owners.

 Profit from owning a YouTube channel or a Facebook page

I think you are a good follower of YouTube, what do you think of the channels that talk about the following topics:

    Summaries of sports events such as football, etc. or make video montages of the best shots of famous players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and others.

    Making summaries of a group of featured clips of famous game broadcasters such as (Pubg - Fortnite) and others.
    YouTube channels that publish funny clips or family clips that everyone follows.

    Post explanations about video editing and share personal experiences with people.

    Publishing educational content and instructions on video editing tools for beginners.

Each of the previous topics represents an idea for a YouTube channel. If you like one of these topics, why not create your own YouTube channel.

 There are many ways to profit from a YouTube channel other than advertising, which many beginners do not know, such as commission marketing or selling some digital products.

Having a good YouTube channel can be a great source of income. The number of YouTube users is constantly increasing, and every day people rely more and more on videos for their content consumption.

This is not all, you can also profit from Facebook, if you did not know, Facebook opened the profit from videos in many countries

 Profiting from the skill of video editing by owning your own channel on which you publish content constantly is the most recommended way because you are in control of everything.

And because the profit from this source will be passive income, every video you publish will generate income for you every day.

 Profit from video editing through freelance platforms

If you look at the guide “The Best Needed Fields in the Online Labor Market” that we recently published, you will find that video production and editing is one of these areas.

There are millions of people, business owners and small and medium enterprises who are looking for a professional video editor to help them.

Go for yourself now to any of the famous freelance platforms such as (Upwork - Fiverr - Freelancer -) and search for video editing services to see for yourself the volume of demand in the market and the type of tasks required.

These platforms can connect you with many customers around the world with a little effort from you, and you can provide specific services in the field of video editing (such as adding effects - modifying colors - adding text movements) and others.

Freelancing is a big field and it has many details that you have to pay attention to in order to achieve success, but do not worry; Here you are in the winners … We have a complete library of explanations and information that will help you.

 Profit from providing advertising video production and editing services

Many shops, institutions, and small and medium companies have become dependent on social media marketing mainly to attract customers and increase profits.

Owners of these projects constantly need to make promotional videos. Videos, as you know, are the most powerful form of effective advertising at the moment.

To see some examples of these ads for yourself, just go to YouTube and search for the word “restaurant ad” you will see a large amount of these videos.

In order to profit from this method, you will be responsible for filming and editing the video by adding a set of effects and simple professional transitions.

This method may require you some effort in searching for clients, especially if you are a beginner, but it is an ideal method for anyone who loves to shoot videos.

 If I were you, I would think of profit from this method as follows:

    I will choose a specific niche to focus on (for example, restaurants - cafes - candy stores - maintenance companies).
    I will create a custom account on Facebook and put my phone number on it.

    Suppose I focus on restaurants, I will search for relatively large restaurants in my residential area, which have social media accounts, and I will offer them to shoot and edit a promotional video for them for free.

    After I finish shooting and editing the video, I will put it on my personal account so that it represents a model for my work.
    I will start searching for restaurants on Facebook, which do not have promotional videos to offer them my services for a small fee in order to attract some customers at first.
    I will repeat the previous step until I have a good portfolio of works.

    After gaining some experience, I will offer my services to large restaurants, especially those that constantly modify the list of foods that they offer, and make continuous offers and there is a good interaction on their accounts on social media.

In order to profit from providing advertising video production and editing services, you must think in the previous way, you must go to clients in order to make a name for yourself.

Over time, you will find many restaurant and service owners who are looking for you, not only this; Many will ask you for integrated services.

Instead of just making promotional videos, you can also shoot products and edit photos… This is an additional service that you can earn a decent amount of money from.

 If you do not have a professional camera, no problem, you can borrow any camera from one of your friends or acquaintances, or you can rent a professional camera.

You can also search for anyone who provides these services on social media in order to cooperate with him so that you can gain some experience at the beginning before you start your own business.

Think outside the box a bit so you can make money from making and editing videos.

 Profit from selling your videos

Did you know that photos and videos are the most requested digital products on the Internet… There are many content creators who are looking for photos and videos to use in their work.

Perhaps you yourself rely on these videos, which are called (Stock Videos) in your work. So why not use it to make money, especially if you love photography?

We published a guide a few days ago entitled “Best  sites to make money from selling photos.” Most of these sites offer video selling service as well.

In this guide you will find all the information you need:

    How are videos sold?
    How to calculate the percentage of earnings on each site.
    How to search for the required video topics on any site in order to ensure the largest percentage of profits.
    How to publish videos or photos correctly by relying on SEO.
    Practical tips and guidelines for exploiting your geographical location and the nature of our Arab communities to increase your profits.

 Profit from designing and selling video templates and plugins

One of the most important digital products in the video world is templates and presets, which many video makers need.

For example, there are those who want a ready-made extension to modify the colors in a certain way, or they want a template ready to prepare a story on Facebook or Instagram that they can modify later.

If you go to a site like the Envato marketplace — you'll find this and others in the image selling guide we talked about earlier — you'll see for yourself what kind of templates are in great demand in the market.

Profiting from this method requires experience and knowledge of the most important programs that are used in video editing, such as Adobe Premiere pro and others.

If you have some experience and skill with this program or others, I strongly advise you to try this method of profit, because its financial returns are very large.

 Profit from preparing courses in the field of video editing

One of the best ways to profit from video editing is to sell courses, as there is a great demand for learning the different skills of video making and editing around the world.

 Perhaps you yourself learned the skill of editing videos through courses, whether on YouTube or on popular education platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare.

You can take advantage of this huge demand to create simple courses that start with an explanation of tools, then some simple methods in video editing and adding professional transitions.

I advise you to use this method if you:

     You like to share information in public.
     You love teaching people and you have your own way of delivering information.

     You have some experience with the most popular video editing software.

     You have practical experience in the market where you have used your skill to profit from video editing.

 In order to start earning from selling courses, you must:

     Do a good search on the famous course platforms I mentioned to you earlier about the different topics.

     Try to find some topics that are not covered by many courses.
     Buy some courses yourself - so you can learn how to arrange courses professionally.

     Promote the courses on your social media accounts and Facebook groups.

You can create courses according to your desire, even if I prefer courses in English because the chances of profit from them are higher... If your level is good in speaking in English, why not take advantage of it to increase profit from selling courses.


Profiting from video editing is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet related to creative skills. These skills are indispensable in the era of digital services that we are currently living in.

That is why you should start now and do not waste time, you are not the only one who reads these lines … you are not the only one who cares about creating and editing videos … and this means that the competition increases with time.

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Passionate content creator with a love for writing, art, and blogging

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