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best ways to earn money with wordpress blog

If you're wondering: How can I make money with my WordPress website? Can I really earn by… setting up my own website from scratch? Well the answer is simply yes you can, of course it takes some effort and good planning… and definitely a comprehensive guide that guides you on how to achieve these profits whatever type of site you choose for yourself

way to make money with wordpress


 Is it possible to earn from wordpress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system ever, because it offers the possibility to create many types of websites for different purposes and goals thanks to the plugins and templates that can be installed on it, in addition to other characteristics that it has, which is a free and open source program. One of the most important goals that WordPress allows to achieve is to make money, as income can be achieved by relying on it if it is used correctly.

So the answer to the question “Is it possible to profit from WordPress?” It is simply: WordPress is a content management system that helps you customize your site. It is not possible to profit from the system itself, but you can profit from these sites that are created.

How much money can I earn from WordPress?

There is no fixed number that can answer this question completely correctly, as the amount of money that can be made from WordPress depends on many factors, including the profit method you chose to generate income, the quality of your implementation of that method, the amount of attention you give to the project and other that.

But the sure thing is that the amount of money that you will make is directly proportional to the quality of the implementation of the profit method, and the amount of your interest, so if you want to create a project for profit from WordPress, put a well-thought-out business plan, and give the project its right of time and effort, whether creating a blog and profit from Ads, or developing and selling a WordPress theme, then wait for a while, and you will eventually reap the rewards of your time and effort.

 Could blogging be a steady income earning business?

The short answer: Yes, you can.
But in order for the picture to be clear in front of you, blogging on the Internet needs to build high bridges of trust between the content of your blog and visitors or customers interested in what you provide in the blog and it takes more time and effort until you see the fruits of your work, so if you are able to be patient for a long time, it may reach a whole year Until you see the fruits of your work, you can devote yourself to blogging to be a permanent source of your income and check it for valuable input on a monthly basis.

 How to earn money from your blog wordpress:

 Let’s now talk about the different ways in which you can monetize your blog, you may depend on one of these methods or take advantage of all of these methods, depending on the relevance of that to your blog visitors and the content you provide

 1- Earn money from PPC ads:


earn money with ads in  your blog

 The most famous way to profit from blogging is to place PPC ads, which is short for pay per click, which means that you earn money for the number of clicks you get on ads from your visitors. The more visitors to your site, the more relevant the ads are to their interests, and therefore the more chance you have of getting more clicks and interacting with those ads, and thus more money.

There are many companies that provide you with CPC ads such as Google Adsense, where you register with them and send a link to your website, then the company does a review of the site and if it is eligible to display ads, it is approved and they send you ad codes, and you start watching the statistics of views and clicks on ads from within Your company account, and your earnings as well.

There are certainly other companies like ezoic, AdThrive, PropellerAds, Media and others that offer you to pay to click on the ads you place on your blog.

Note: If you intend to use this type of ads, it is important that you do not place the ads in a way that is annoying to the visitor in order to ensure a good user experience that does not deter him from using your site.

 2- Affiliate marketing for products:


wordpress affiliate markating

Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial system that benefits product owners and bloggers as well, as you recommend those products or services within the blog content to your visitors, and every visitor interested in the product or service when they click on the purchase link within your blog that you receive from The owner of the product, a part of the selling price of the product will be deducted to you in exchange for referring that customer to him.

Thus, if you have a blog with a good number of targeted visitors, you can place affiliate marketing ads for some products in exchange for a commission from the merchant for each customer who purchases.

Here are some tips for success in affiliate marketing:

  1.   Make sure to put products that suit the interests of your visitors. For example, if you have a blog that talks about the technical world, be sure to put products in this field, and not another field that does not suit the interests of visitors.
  2.   Deal with trusted commission marketing companies, and you can find out by researching the extent of the company’s reputation online, and their commitment to calculating commissions and paying.
  3. Pay attention to distinctive products that provide solutions to customers for some of their problems and be keen on unique products so that they give a strong incentive to purchase the product, and thus increase your chances of achieving more commissions for purchases.
  4.   Don't over-promote products to lose the trust of visitors, but talk about the products you're promoting as appropriate. For example, you could refer to skin care products in your discussion of tips for dry skin.
  5.  Try to build a mailing list and take advantage of it by sending content that is useful to users and has some mentions of the products you are promoting. Most of your mailing list followers are highly targeted people to buy.
  6.  Make sure to choose products that give you a good profit margin on each sale. Do not promote products that sell for $ 10 to get a commission of 10% = $1, but be sure of high-priced products that get a high commission.

 3- Promotional content

Let's say that you have a blog that talks about raising fish at home, in this case it is assumed that you have a good fan base interested in the field of fish farming, care and purchase.

You will have the opportunity to provide informational and promotional content at the same time, such as writing a blog post about how to create a simple fish farm at home with the least possible capabilities. During the explanation of the article, you can recommend a merchant who sells tools used in establishing a fish farm such as ponds, water pumps, axin and others.

Of course, you will first agree with the merchant to get a fee for recommending their products or by placing promotional links to one of the affiliate marketing platforms that you already subscribe to (Amazon for example). The more your blog has a large audience and is interested in the content you provide, the easier it will be for you to convince them to buy products or subscribe to the services you recommend.

 4- Firelancer and service delivery

If you have a blog in which you constantly publish content specialized in your field of expertise, then you can start offering some services related to this field to visitors, such as content writing services, web design or graphic design, so that you provide these services in exchange for a piece-work payment for each work you provide to visitors.

The idea is simply that you register on one of the freelance platforms (Fiver for example) and then provide some services for the platform with the links to articles and blog posts in your blog in your business gallery on the site to gain the trust of sellers.

Or you can deal directly with the customer, such as offering him the professional services that you can provide, and then he pays directly through one of the well-known payment methods (Paypal, for example), and the customer is contacted directly based on his confidence in your blog as well as his confidence in the services you provide to him.

 5-Sell ​​your blog

This method simply depends on creating sites in any field, and then working on improving these sites, improving their performance, and presenting their results with the aim of reselling them again. This is known as Website Flipping.

How do you profit from buying and selling websites?

At first you will create a specific site, and then you will improve and develop it, in order to sell it at a higher price. Here's an example of what you might edit on these sites:

    Improve website speed and performance
    Improve the visual identity of the site
    Work on developing a good content plan for the site
    Improve website performance in search results
    Develop a marketing plan for the site
You will find some initial information about the site, such as the method of profit from the site, the price of the site, and the amount of net profit of the site through advertisements, for example. You can click on the site name to get more additional details, such as the age of the site, statistics related to it, the method of contacting the site owner, payment methods and other necessary details for you.

example filippa

All these things and more will eventually lead to gaining more visitors to the site; Thus improving its ranking in search results and doubling visits to it, at which point you can sell it again at a higher price.
There are many business owners who want to acquire a successful site with a number of targeted visitors in order to develop the site and benefit from the development of profit methods from the blog or even promote their own products, and there are already large platforms such as Flippa that act as an intermediary between site owners and interested customers.

You may be wondering, how do I sell the blog, which requires a lot of effort, money and time?

Indeed, this is the investment method through which you can expand to new ideas of projects and build more than one site in this way. After you get a good amount from selling your blog, you can start building other sites in the same way, especially if you get a good amount that compensates you for the effort you made in Build a blog with an adequate profit margin.

6- Personal Marketing

This method is suitable for most people who build their blogs to build their own brand and advertise themselves among interested people by publishing great blogs that give confidence in you as a pioneer in the field in which you speak, to be invited to attend conferences, public speaking or training courses in different places.

If you are an influencer who has extensive experience in your industry, you can seize the opportunity to be one of the famous bloggers in your field, and one of the most trusted people as a source of information.

In the beginning, you will not find many expected opportunities, it may even require you to offer some lectures to speak for free, and then if you can gain the trust of the audience or followers, this opportunity can be a step to another better opportunity through which you can get more business commercial.

7 - Selling registered training courses

This method is suitable for bloggers who provide detailed and permanent educational explanations, and they have the ability to record a course from a series of videos once and then sell this course more than once, instead of personally following up with each subscriber or providing the service yourself each time.

What distinguishes this method is that you invest some time in preparing, processing and recording the different explanations once, and then you sell it an unlimited number of times…

Let's say that you have arranged a course of 5 hours of explanation and prepared and registered the course in 10 days, for example, and then after completing the registration of the course, you will sell it to a large number of people without the need for you to be face to face with the learners every time.

In order to succeed in this type of selling courses, you can publish a summary of it on your blog, telling visitors about all the benefits and advantages that they get from buying the course as well as the experiences of old subscribers, and in case the content is really special and useful, you will receive a good number of subscribers.

8-Sell ​​your Art ,Nft, and T-shirts

If your blog was designed using WordPress, then you are in front of a real opportunity to make more profits in it by creating a T-shirt printing service designed by your visitors. You can implement the idea using one of the plugins that creates an integrated internal T-shirt design system, such as the WP-Spreadplugin plugin that provides integration with WordPress.

puling wp-spreadplugin

The idea of ​​creating these T-shirts can be implemented and placed in a special section within your blog, where visitors enter it and choose the design to be printed on the T-shirt, and then you receive orders and send them to one of the factories near you and contract with the shipping company to deliver orders to customers.

You can make this idea work by providing the most attractive designs for your visitors, especially if they have loyalty to what you offer them. For example, you can display the logo of your blog, the famous phrases you use, any design that expresses you, or the content that your followers love.

9-Requesting financial support from visitors

You may notice many bloggers placing a link to request financial support from followers to be able to continue the content of your blog that you provide for free on an ongoing basis.

This method works if you are the owner of useful content for a large number of visitors, and at the same time you do not display annoying ads to them, it seems as if you care about them more than you care about annoying ads and windows, in this case the opportunity to persuade visitors to support you financially increases.

Sometimes some are embarrassed by this method and feel that it is a kind of beggar in being a request to donate this image, but when we review the matter that the visitor provides financial support to your site in order to continue and that it supports the content that benefits from it more than its support for the owner of the site, some actually welcome this way and can Generate a good income.

You can customize the donation system within your site if you are using WordPress through one of the specialized plugins such as Patreon wordpress that allows you to create a donation and financial support within your site.

patreon-connect plugin free

10-Create an online store

Profiting by creating an online store on the Internet and selling products and services through it is one of the simplest and best ways to profit from WordPress, if the necessary capabilities are available to implement it, because online shopping has become the preferred way to purchase products and services for a large number of people thanks to the facilities and advantages it provides to sellers. And buyers will compare with the normal purchasing method.

The WordPress CMS provides an easy and free way to create an online store by installing the WooCommerce plugin to turn your WordPress site into an online store that allows displaying, selling and receiving different products and services, including both physical and digital products and services.

11-Create a website to sell hosting services

  Now you can create a project on the Internet to provide web hosting services to your customers by subscribing to the Reseller Hosting service offered by many famous global hosting companies, through which you can create a website specialized in the field of selling hosting services.

The hosting company provides you with servers on which users’ website files will be stored, and it remains for you to create and design your own site and give it a professional and distinctive appearance to be able to win the users’ hole and make it easier for them to choose the hosting plan and subscribe to the service.

12-Create a magazine or news website using WordPress

WordPress is one of the best tools that enables you to create an electronic magazine or a news website, especially since WordPress allows you to create more than one account for writers and authors on your site, and there are many templates that are suitable for creating a news website or magazine using WordPress.

One of the most famous Arabic templates that help you create a news site or magazine using WordPress is (Sahifa) and (Jarida) template, as well as Publisher, which are professional WordPress templates that you can get and install on your site easily to get your site to have an interactive appearance in a few minutes Just.

Most of the profits for this type of website come by displaying ads, whether they are ads for local companies or by subscribing to one of the famous advertising platforms, where ads are displayed on your site and then you earn money for each click or for every thousand impressions of the advertisement on the pages your location.

 13-Create a WordPress forum with the bbPress plugin

wordpres forum pulgin

The Importance of Creating a Forum on WordPress

There are many reasons why users create an online forum and add it to their sites or blogs, the most prominent of which are:

  • Gain the trust of your readers and followers while increasing the loyalty of customers and other visitors.
  • We find that visitors to the forum constantly contribute to the publication of content for the main site and in a renewed manner, which contributes to improving the site's search engines.
  • The forum contributes to gaining more visitors and readers, thus increasing the fan base of the site.
  • Investigate site visitors' opinions, ratings, and comments through their writing in the forum, and this strategy is useful in the development process of the content or site.
  • Although many website and blogger owners shy away from forums and see that they are not the best solution to publicize the site, there are many users who own large websites and bloggers looking for a place to chat about the topics they are interested in, in addition they are usually looking to earn money A larger fan base, in this case setting up a forum would be the most appropriate choice.

 Despite the many advantages that the forum offers, it has some negatives that make site owners reluctant to establish their own forum. We can summarize these negatives in the following points:

  • Establishing a successful forum requires a lot of effort and work, whether the goal of the forum is to promote discussions or answer questions from followers.
  • In addition, we find that any forum requires supervision and monitoring of messages posted by users to search for and deal with inappropriate or offensive content so that it does not cause damage to the site or the brand.
  • In the event that the forum develops and its fan base increases, you will need to upgrade the hosting and carry out continuous maintenance of the forum, and this requires investing more effort, time and money.

 How to create a forum in WordPress:

 There are many WordPress plugins that we can use to create a great forum, but we will mention in our article one popular add-on that is flexible, easy and simple, which is bbPress, an easy to install and use plugin, there are constant updates to the plugin, and it has a team of technical support that you can use in case something happens No errors.

bbPress is a plugin used to create, edit and develop WordPress forums. It is worth noting that bbPress is an upgraded add-on; In the sense that it is scalable continuously, just as in the WordPress platform; Thus, the extension is fed with many new features and tools. The bbPress extension is characterized by its relatively small size, flexibility, and great speed in creating and developing forums compared to other similar extensions.

You can install the bbPress plugin by entering the WordPress dashboard and then heading to Plugins << Add New, and you will see a set of plugins available in the WordPress platform.

What you have to do now is to click on the search box and type (bbPress), and the extension will appear for you, then you have to click on the (Install Now) icon, and after the installation is completed, click on the (Activate) option to be able to use the tool on your WordPress system.

The secret to the success or failure of any forum lies in the nature of the content and the audience’s demand for it. If you create a forum within your site and allocate time, effort and money, and result in good success, then investing more effort in it will be a successful and perhaps necessary step if you want to expand your site’s fame and attract More customers or users.

We can say about the project of launching a forum that it is unsuccessful if you are not able to attract a number of visitors contributing to it continuously and you have not succeeded in obtaining a clear increase in the number of participants in it and the diversity and usefulness of the topics raised, in this case it would be better not to invest more effort and money in The current forum project, and start planning again and overcome the weaknesses that caused its failure.


14- Selling Guest Posts site:

If you have a blog with a wide fan base and a strong presence on the web, and you have a large number of traffic, you can also count on selling guest posts. The mechanism of work in this method is to take money in exchange for your posting of a guest article talking about another site or another product in exchange for an agreed upon fee.

Because your site is strong and has a presence and many visits, the owners of other sites may ask you to publish articles about them within your site in which you talk about their products and refer to their sites or you publish a practical experience about their products.


In fact, creating high-quality content for your blog is the key to its primary success, which you must give all the time, effort and investment possible, and here are some sub-points that may help you produce high-quality content for your blog:


  1.  From the start, choose a field (niche)that you really care about and have a built-in knowledge and culture around it.
  2. Never copy content from others, and never reformulate topics from other blogs.
  3.  Do extensive research and understand the idea well before you start writing about it, so you will produce higher quality articles.
  4. Hire professional writers to help you produce good content.
  5. Constantly update old content to raise its quality and make it fresh for the reader.

 Blogging needs to be properly planned so that you can create a successful blog, and these are the most important tips that I advise you to consider before starting your blogging journey

Many successful bloggers have continued to blog for perhaps many years until they were able to achieve great success and great profits, so it is not a quick profitable field in most cases, but continuity and maintaining a regular publishing schedule guarantees you success, especially since the more your content is published regularly, and in At the same time, it offers innovative solutions and adds new value to followers as your opportunity increases.

15- Create auction sites - Auction Website

 Through WordPress, you can create an auction site, using some plugins for that, such as the addition of Woo Auction Software, as well as using a special template for this type of site, such as the Woo Auction- WordPress Auction Theme.



The principle of the work of auction sites is based on bidding on products to buy them, as this strategy allows sellers to double their profits and sales. You, in turn, can charge people willing to enter the auctions to earn more money. For example, the famous ebay site, and there is also shopgoodwill and listia, and other sites.

 16-Create Directory Websites - Directory Website

This method depends on creating sites that serve as a guide or reference for information in a specific field, such as creating a directory site for businesses, restaurants, or the best products for an industry, etc., and you can design and create these sites through the WordPress platform easily.

WordPress contains many plugins and templates that help you create a business directory website. For example, through the listify template, you can also use the businessdirectoryplugin and others for such business.

business directory plugin wordpress

How to make money creating directory sites:

First, you have to choose the appropriate target market, and we mean the field in which you want to specialize and earn profits through it, and then design and configure the site correctly. After that, you can profit through several means, including:

  •     Create paid listings
  •     Selling advertising space
  •     Create a membership or subscription system

Examples of directory sites include:
Blogarama: which contains more than 153,000 blogs.
Spoke: is an online community for finding business, companies and news

17-Retail e-commerce wordpress site

The second option you have, if you are thinking of making money from the Internet through e-commerce, is to create a retail store, where you will sell products to customers, without entering into the shipping details etc., where there will be a third party who is responsible for securing the products and the process Shipping goods to customers, in other words, you will play the role of the external interface and intermediary between the manufacturer or supplier and the customer.
How do you build a retail store?

All you need is to build a website that displays the products in an attractive and attractive way, and to agree with one of the factories or merchants to prepare the product and ship it when provided.

In the process of selling through the retail chain, you will not have products in stock, and the task of shipping the goods will be entrusted to the main merchant, which means that you will not need a lot of money to start your online store, and all you will need is to design a distinctive store and place the products with detailed description of these products Shipping and payment mechanisms.

You can also rely on this method to sell digital products, such as e-books, courses, courses, and others.

18-digital book selling website:

If you have a WordPress blog or website and you have some writing skills, you can diversify and increase your income sources by creating an e-book and selling it on your website, blog or anywhere else.

You can turn a group of old blogs of interest and similar content into a useful e-book, for example, or you can write a new book, for example, about programming, cooking, or any field in which you are well acquainted and you can provide useful content to visitors.

In order to generate income from selling e-books, you must be an influential person and have good credibility in your field of expertise, in addition to having a previous follower base, or to work on marketing your business properly.

19-Create an advertising agency to provide your services to clients

 One of the templates that provides a free version that helps you design and launch an advertising agency website in easy and simple steps and with minimal effort, is the Marketing agency template, which you can get through the official WordPress template store,

free  Marketing Agency  THEMES


Advertising agencies, which provide services such as e-marketing or other digital services, are considered successful projects in the current era, and you can create a site that meets this goal using WordPress. It is easy to launch and design the site, and then offer the services to customers.
Transform your business and services from dealing individually to dealing with an integrated work team. Be sure to gather a team of different disciplines so that you can accomplish any task assigned to you by the client.
One of the important steps that you must prepare before starting your own website is to identify your target customer segment, for example if you are targeting business customers or start-ups only, this will help you later in determining the appropriate content and marketing messages for your target group of customers.

You should know that the Internet is crowded with many companies that provide the same service, so make sure that you have something distinct from the rest of the competitors, not only in terms of price and cost, but also in terms of skill and professionalism, and always try to build long-term relationships with your customers to gain their trust at the long term.

Be specific in your services

One of the things that you should focus on when launching an advertising and marketing agency is to be specific in the services you provide, and do not accept any requests outside the scope of the services you provide so as not to be a burden on the work team, which wastes a lot of time and effort.

Prepare your gallery

Clients do not prefer to deal with those who do not have previous experience and skills, so be sure to prepare the business exhibition of any service you provide at the agency before you announce it, in order to gain the client’s trust and display the skills and experience that make him confident in your ability to carry out the task.

Provide multiple ways to communicate

Make sure to provide multiple ways of communication for your customers, while providing your services quickly and credibly in a timely manner, and also make sure to provide hand technical support that meets the needs of your customers and helps them solve problems in record time.

Always focus on increasing the number of targeted visitors

The main goal of making profit from blogging is to get the largest possible number of visitors and the audience that browse and interact with your site, so the more targeted visitors you have, the greater your chance of getting double profits from the content you publish, as these visitors can be taken advantage of in Show products for sale to them, or place ads for companies or businesses and profit from the number of views of those ads on your blog.

If you are planning a huge success for your blog, it is essential to consider optimizing your site for search engines. And if your blog is hosted using WordPress, you need to make the most important SEO adjustments in the WordPress system to make your site SEO friendly.

 Build a mailing list

When you enter the world of blogging, you must prioritize getting a mailing list that will be used to send mail messages to the target audience who are interested in the content you publish. Which gives you the opportunity to get more interaction and shares on your content, and thus more profits.
 There is no field better than the other Lots of beginner bloggers start asking the famous question, what is the best niche that generates high profits?

Of course, all areas can be monetized, but only on the condition that you provide high-quality content. Choose the field in which you get extensive experience or can provide innovative solutions to visitors, then you will find many opportunities to profit from your blog.


 From answering the various questions that come to the minds of a large number of people about whether it is possible to profit from WordPress, what are the best profit methods that can be followed to achieve income, and how much money can be made, we hope that this article has provided you with what you want From information and direct you to our other articles that will help you start your dream profit project.


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