How to get free traffic from Twitter

For any website, traffic and user engagement is crucial to the success of the online marketing strategy.

twitter traffic
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 Currently, Twitter is one of the best platforms through which you can get high-quality traffic

The percentage of its users who have a university degree is very high

The percentage of young people is also a high percentage, and this is a statistic picture from the well-known website “businessofapps”.

Shows the percentage of women, men, ages, and other percentages on the Twitter platform

how to get trafic from twitter

How do I get traffic with Twitter?

Honestly, how many visitors do you have thanks to your Twitter account? 5, 50 ? Crumbs.

Of the thousands of people who follow you, how many click on the link of your tweets?

How many bloggers rush to publish their content on Twitter and collect only a dozen unfortunate clicks?

That is the reality. In general, very few of your followers click... And I'll be honest, it's not even the worst! The worst part is that the more followers you have, the lower the engagement.

If you have less than 1,000 followers, 5-6% of people will click on the links you send.

If you have more than 10,000 followers, less than 0.5% of people will do it.

If you have 1000 followers and 6% clicks, that's 60 visitors.

If you have 10,000 followers and 0.5% clicks, that's 50 visitors.

How sad: your tweets are diluted in the ocean of people who follow you. A bit like a piece of sugar in a basin of water.

It's not that your content sucks or that people aren't interested in what you're saying.

The real benefit you get through Twitter:

Certainly, when any visitor makes a search using Google, he will see some results from the tweets of what he searched for.

Because: To a large extent, Google, or more precisely, Google spiders, checks Twitter

In order to obtain sound information, and from real people

Therefore: Make sure to get links from Twitter regularly, and periodically in order to improve the SEO of your site

You should also know that Google is making comparisons between you and your competitors

Make sure that you are the favorite of the tweeters in general, and the tweeters with confidence in particular.

One of the most important benefits of Twitter is to force you to present your idea in depth, and to present your product with attractive words,

And interesting, and presented in a few words that do not exceed 280 characters.

Most professionals in technical fields and marketing in various ways have accounts on Twitter,

And you can reach them with ease, and follow them by simply clicking on the follow button on their accounts

You can find out the interests of users easily through Trends for you. You can choose Change,

And specify the country that wants to identify the interests of users.

Twitter brings together all different groups of society celebrities from art, sports, civil society, ordinary people,

And those with different skills, and all of these are considered the main motive for the direction of all marketers or companies for their presence in the midst of these gatherings.

Hashtag This is the feature through which you can reach the largest possible number

Whether they follow you at all or not

Because: the hashtag brings together all discussions on the same topic,

The more this discussion reaches a greater interaction, it reaches more and more users.

The reason is  simple:

When you tweet, you are using the snapshot social network. Immediate. A tweet is 140 signs. A little sentence that can be read in 2 seconds.

And you swing a link to read an article of 1500 words? Do you think people just have to do that?

People check their tweets often on smartphones. They are doing something else during that time.

Your followers are at work.

Your followers do their shopping.

Your followers will look for their kids.

Your followers are with their friends.

Your followers watch TV.

Why Twitter?

  1. Twitter requires engagement with the audience throughout the day, as the fastest social network.
  2. Imagine that in one second about 6000 tweets are sent.
  3. In fact, the competition for tweets is pretty intense, because your tweet competes with nearly 6000 other tweets once sent.
  4. Twitter's strategies need to keep up with the frequency with which audiences consume information unlike other networks.

A tweet interrupts people in what they are doing. No one stays glued to their Twitter feed waiting for the messages to fall.  The tweet is intrusive. It's a text message. People don't give Twitter time.

... Because at that time, people are open to receiving information. They know they're going to have to focus.

 There is no point in having 20,000 followers. Nothing. What you need are the RIGHT followers. Those who love your blog, your tone. You need fans...

Because fans click on the links you send. Because fans retweet.

So stop the list growth techniques. Instead, look to improve the relationship with your followers. Because people will love you... if you give them exactly what they want.

No need to ask them to click... They will do it.

No need to write strong (and often not very credible) hooks like "how to earn 10,000 euros in two days... »

The question you are asking yourself is how to do it.

Stop doing the contest of the biggest... list:

There is no point in having 20,000 followers. Nothing. What you need are the RIGHT followers. Those who love your blog, your tone. You need fans...

Because fans click on the links you send. Because fans retweet.

So stop the list growth techniques. Instead, look to improve the relationship with your followers. Because people will love you... if you give them exactly what they want.

No need to ask them to click... They will do it.

No need to write strong (and often not very credible) hooks like "how to earn 10,000 euros in two days... »

The question you are asking yourself is how to do it.

Stop doing your promo non-stop.

I hate Twitter feeds that are 99% of messages that send me to sales pages. Remember. It would be like watching a TV channel that only has advertising screens. Unbearable. Twitter is not an advertising network, it is a social network. And it must be used as such.

Action: Limit advertising to 10% of your tweets. Link to your articles at 30%, and to other sources that you like at 30%.

Yes. Bloggers are always terrified of linking to other sites, talking about articles written by others... Lies. Your audience will thank you if the information you give is rewarding. It is not because you share the article of the blogger thingee that your audience will disappear. On the contrary.

Your audience wants enriching information. So give it away.

If you go on Twitter, do good and be polite:

As a child, my parents always told me to respond to people who said hello. Online it's the same.

Being on a social network requires interacting with others.

Action: Respond to people who approach you via Twitter

Ask your followers questions, live. They answer, you'll see.

Change the subject. Don't just talk about your blog. Talk a little about your daily life, tell anecdotes.

Answer the questions you are asked. Use a tool like TweetDeck to help you manage your conversation feed

TweetDeck to help you manage your conversation feed
It takes time. It doesn't bring back a torrent of followers. Surely. But it brings the right followers. Those who click. And that's what matters.

pay attention to the numbers:

You follow 2000 accounts and you only have 20 followers in return? This is a bad sign. But it can be cured.

What you need to understand is that this is bad for your credibility. Look:
If you follow 5 accounts and you have 2000 followers, you will have the image of a thought leader.
If you follow 2000 accounts and you 2000 followers, you will pass for someone active on Twitter
If you follow 5 accounts and you have 6 followers (like me), you will pass for someone who has not yet started social networks thoroughly.

But if you follow 2000 accounts, and no one follows in return, it shows that you are not posting, or that you are posting uninteresting things. In either case, it's bad for you.

If you are in this case, I advise you to unfollow everyone and reread this article.

Create a visual with the right dimensions:

To attract the attention of your followers and encourage them to click on your link, take special care of your visuals.

To do this, respect the mobile format which is 600 × 338 pixels. You are sure that the image will display perfectly and it will not be truncated. This is especially useful if it's a diagram, a key figure, or an infographic snippet.

stay calm, stay courteous.

If there's one thing people hate, it's endless arguments. You won't convince someone who doesn't think like you. You have to admit it.

The Internet is a spoiler. Very good people in real life become completely excessive. You will see that you are sometimes attacked, criticized on Twitter.

No problem. Accept it. Do not get into a game at the end of tweet exchanges. No one is interested in that.

Action: If you are criticized, explain your point of view once. If the other comes back to the charge, let it go. This affects the quality of your account. Move on.

Talk to your audience.

If you just promote the content of your site, people will get tired. People will never get tired of interacting with you. Never.

Imagine an SMS exchange with one of your friends. It's short, it's brief, it interrupts you in what you were doing, but you answer with pleasure.

Action: Use Twitter as a great SMS generator. Instead of sending a nice short message to a person, you can send it to hundreds, thousands. Don't tell people you've written an article. Tell them that today is your birthday. Tell them you've seen Avengers and loved it. Create a link.

Start the conversation. Like you're texting a friend.

Cite sources

Did you mention another blog or an expert in your article? When you share it on Twitter, be sure to mention it with an @ followed by its nickname on the microblogging site.

If people see your message, they may share it with their community or reply to your tweet. This will increase traffic to your content!

 Pin your latest article to the top of the timeline

Pin your latest article to the top of the timeline twitter

Every time you publish a new article on your blog, pin it to the top of your timeline. This method allows you to get more impressions and traffic.

To anchor a tweet to the top of your News Feed, click the drop-down arrow next to your tweet and select "Pin to your profile page."

Ask your followers to share your tweet!

Want your followers to do something for you? Then ask them to do it!

You don't know it yet, but a call to action has immense power. And tweets with the phrase "RT please" will get 4 times more retweets.

However, you should also not abuse and ask for a "retweet" for every tweet you post.

Use hashtags

According to statistics (and caption), a Tweet with a hashtag receives twice as much engagement as a tweet without a hashtag.

There's more: Tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags have 21% more engagement than tweets without hashtags or with more hashtags.

It's not over, 17% chance that we unsubscribe from your account if you still use more than 2 hashtags.

Morality of the advice: using hashtags but not too much, 1 or 2 hashtags per post is good and enough.

Retweet, like and comment

If you want more engagement on your tweets, start by yourself to engage with other Twitter accounts, and of course preferably with people in your niche.

Your engagement and your replies on other Twitter accounts will make you noticed and will make you known to people in your niche.

People will then start to take an interest in your profile and will subscribe and engage in the discussion with you.

Promote your tweets:

There are 130,000 active advertisers on Twitter and 88% prefer promoting their tweets. Tweet promotion is a guaranteed way to bring a lot of traffic to your blog, because tweet promotion helps spread your content to the target market instead of showing your tweets to your followers only, and this means that the people who receive your blog articles are potential customers.

Promoted tweets are clearly categorized but are treated as normal tweets that can be retweeted, liked and commented on.

Looking  influencers:

Who brings traffic to your site? Determine which users are linking to your site, and the reason why they do so.

Identify traffic sources, to see if your tweets are the main driver.

Your focus should be on creating more engagement with your Tweets, while at the same time encouraging others to post more content that includes a link to your site.

Explore the types of users that get you traffic, especially those who post a lot of tweets with links to your site.

The audience of users who tweet with links to you is more likely to be interested in your brand.

Find out which content resonates with those audiences, whether it's new products, promotions, or ideas.

And that's it, with these tips, you should see traffic from Twitter increase on your blog! Test now.You will have to take each of these tips and try it and then see the statistics and results to analyze and determine THE strategy to use for your account.

So, what about you? What strategy do you use to get more Twitter engagement?

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