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importance of creating a website

 Being aware of the importance of creating your own website is the strongest means of communication with you. The importance of website design is to provide a unique way of communicating with the world. Whether you choose to create a website for your company or to share your interests, let people know about your business, sell and market your products, or any other reason.

importance of creating a website


 After creating a website, you will have many possibilities, there is no better place than the Internet, which can instantly connect to a huge international audience at a very limited cost when creating a website.

And getting more chances of your presence, more customers and visitors, and thus an increase in profits. The importance of creating websites has become a necessary step because of its countless benefits for business growth, whether your business, personal website or online store.

Creating websites in our time is the best and most important communication tool and a powerful marketing factor.

 The reasons for obtaining a website are very many, and the format of the questions varies between inquiring about the reasons for obtaining a website? Or what are the benefits of creating a website for your business? Or what is the importance of being online and how this affects the achievement of the goals of your project or company and the provision of your service.

 The first step in a website development plan is to know your topic and main goal. Are you creating a professional or entertaining website? Do you want to increase your network, share your passion or hobbies, meet and get to know new people, increase your income, or provide your services? It's your decision! Having your own website is a simple way to open up to the world.

One of the advantages of the website is that it is an ideal business card for your project or organization. Detailed and permanent advertisement. The site is available 24/7 all year round. Your competitive advantage, increased credibility, and better communications.

If you are a project or company owner, it is necessary to have a website for your business in addition to improving and developing it to appear in different search engines because of its great importance and positive and fruitful results for your business, including: 


The importance of creating a website

1. Ease of reaching customers and customers reaching you

Customers in the current age of technology will not have to specify the time or make more efforts and trouble in order to reach your company, but rather prefer services that they can access quickly at the right moment through the Internet and at the right time for them without considering other considerations. It is the ability to reach you 24/7, all days of the week, 24 hours a day, not just during work. If your working time is from 9 to 6 and there is a client who wants to obtain information or needs a service at a time other than the company’s working time…. How can he reach you at that time?

But if you own a website, then he will be able to access the information easily.

And if we spoke at the World Wide level, there is an audience from outside Egypt who wants to obtain information or wants you to communicate with him, taking into account the time differences between you.. Creating a website for you will facilitate this problem and provide the information easily.. If they want to contact you or communicate with you through Visit your website There is a Contact Us page through which you can send a message to read as soon as you receive it.

Thus, access to you and the availability of information about your product or service is not linked to working hours. You are available at any time through your website.

2. Answer your customers' inquiries with ease

Some statistics indicated that a large percentage of customers share the same questions, which leads to the cost of the organization or company a lot of time and effort to answer the same repeated questions. Here comes an important benefit for customers by sharing information with them on your site that helps them get quick answers to their inquiries, and thus invest time and effort in other important activities for your company. We find that one of the most important reasons for creating a website is the availability, which saves you time and the effort of your team.

3. Instilling confidence in customers

Today's customers are no longer the same as yesterday's customers, but the reasons for trust are many, customers will ask and look for you even if they know about your services in your company. Therefore, designing a website for your company and providing information to your customers increases their confidence according to research studies and encourages them to make the decision to deal with you. Creating and designing a website is more professional than creating a Facebook page, designing and creating what you want through your site, you are tight social media first and last with a fixed design and also tight with a specific design. It is more suitable for people or individuals, but the business of a company, institution or entity is not recommended to rely on social media entirely. It is important to design a website that you rely on and build social media pages that follow you and share with you your followers and those interested in what you offer. A website helps you build your brand.

Conclusion: One of the most important features of the website is that people have more confidence in any brand that has a website than any other brand that does not have any real online presence.


 4 . The website is Revenue Stream

Is owning a website a source of income for you? It is certain that the website can be a primary source of income for you or be an External Revenue Source, meaning that there are many people who rely on it as a primary source and others rely on it such as Second Channel or even Third Channel for Revenue Stream, so how is this done?
Your site can be a source of income for you in more than one way. by example

If you are planning to design and create an online store, or you already have an online store and sell your products or provide your services through it, or if we assume that you are a dentist who provides a specific service, namely dental implants, and you have a website on which you offer all your services, and this site is vital for Activities and began to appear On Google Search, anyone in Egypt, for example, enters and writes a dental implant doctor, and your site on which you offer your services appears on the SERP search engine result page in a natural organic way.. (Appearance on Google search is in two ways.. Either Paid through Google Ads or Organic)

If we assume that a small number, for example, is 100 visitors per day, this means that we can get 3000 visitors per month through Organic Search only, any of the people looking for a service that you provide naturally and not a paid service.. meaning searching for a specific thing only without The advertising worked on Google and got 3000 visitors.

Through the 3000 visitors, we assumed that 10% did the action and knew the address and went to the clinic and performed the dental implant operation .. So my website became a Revenue Stream for me and brought me customers who need my services and thus became a source of income.

This is a method we call SEO or Search Engine Optimization, i.e. optimizing your site to appear in search engines, but this method takes some time to appear.. It is a way to appear on search engines naturally without advertising. By creating a website, you can get customers and this can be developed by several Ways, including taking care of the site, and taking care of updating the content is useful and rich on an ongoing basis.

The fastest way to get a lot of visitors is through advertising for the website by doing advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Twitter Ads

5. Knowing customer needs

The website provides a reporting service for visitors. Where it monitors their opinions on the products and their comments, while monitoring the movement of sales within the site and the needs of consumers, which greatly helps in determining the path of the site and improving the products, and the overall performance according to this data.The website also enables the business owner to create real databases for customers who visit the site, searching It researches and provides their needs, whether by adding new products or improving the old one.

 6.Continuity of buying and selling

Online purchase is continuous without interruption. It is a day and night process that is available on all days without holidays or vacations, as long as the customer has an Internet network. Whenever he can order any product at any time. Whenever the consumer needs a specific product, he can order it at any time without the need to wait, and the site also gives the opportunity to reach consumers with all that is new to them throughout the day.


 Reasons for creating a website for you or your company

  1.  View your information in an innovative way, which is called Professional View
  2.  Always be there with confidence
  3. Availability of information and data over time
  4.  Using the site as a marketing tool for services and requests submitted Marketing
  5.  The benefits of website design, one of the most important sources of income for you Revenue Stream
  6. Analyzing clients extensively to identify strengths and weaknesses Client Analytics
  7.  Websites are a powerful database for all your services. Centralized Database
 These reasons make the website design a professional course of action for your project, business or company, where you start making private, detailed, clear ads and have a vision while providing a distinctive media. A site that is always available to users, a competitive advantage is the closest to you, faster and better communication. And the presence of credibility to the public.

 Points that push you to create a website for your activity and services.

1- Simple cost, creative appearance and great advantages compared to reality

Of course, the cost and design of a website is very simple and cheap compared to owning a store or any activity on the ground, where you can create a website with unique and wonderful designs, domain names and hosting on Blogger, for example, and install a wonderful and distinctive professional theme such as a Quiz template and create a special logo for your site or products,

Building a brand at very low costs, as the establishment of websites on the Internet is considered the headquarters of a company, institution or commercial store in which you present your project to your commercial company.

2- Marketing and more and wider spread. Websites and the importance of their current functions is that they are considered one of the most effective marketing methods used by major marketers and major companies in the world.

3- The Internet is the first source of information and research in the world. You have to appear in the first results. Why not create your own website and become present in the Internet world?

And how does the creation of the site affect the business and the goal and quality on the World Wide Web?

The importance that it will give to all Internet users to the researcher and visitors is to provide distinguished services. But you must strive to become a leader and the site occupies the first place in the search process and what your target audience does with your field

4- Communicate with your service throughout the day without you being present, of the importance of the features and benefits of the website, facilitating all people to reach you 24 hours a day and at any time without being bound by any appointments.

You can provide information in the article that is specific and useful to visitors, you may lead with it to be able to get a large number of visitors, and these visitors may become customers instead of readers, and they become effective and influential customers for you, and a website of interest to them only. This is online work and this is the experience of websites, knowing how important a website is.

 website programming VS website design

Website programming and website design are often confused with those who do not have much experience in this field. Design and programming are two different and complementary things at the same time. It is not possible to create a website without a good and appropriate design for the site, and the site cannot exist on the web without programming. All in the matter is that the design of the web or the site is the process of formulating the form that the site will look like, from the colors and fonts of the drop-down and non-drop-down menus, text and animation effects, etc., in short, the design of the site is the formulation of the site as it will appear to the user visiting the site.
As for the programming of the site, it is the formulation of the site as it will appear to the browser, and it is the program that the user uses to access various Internet sites. In short, programming is the engine that powers the website.


 Steps and basics necessary for web design:

Motivating the audience: treating them with respect and providing an opportunity for visitors to return to the site frequently.

Set goals for the site that are clear, avoid ambiguity, and measurable, or design goals.

 Website design and content:

  •     Defining the content of your site extensively and clearly.
  •     Insert content texts into pages with a white background.
  •     The language should be simple, easy and understandable by a global audience.
  •     To make it easy for the public to see the important and necessary concepts.
  •     Treat the information according to its priority as if you are drawing an outline.
  •     The navigation path should be simple and clear, based on maps of the site. Which consists of layers or levels of an organization thinking in an outline manner.
  •     Overlapping shapes or images: The development of the site begins with creating text and creating a structure for it. After the basic structure is developed, the content must be analyzed.

 General steps and principles for web design:

  •      Choose the colors of both the text and the background to be a big difference between them.
  •     The shape and size of the text characters must be permanent and continuous.
  •     Avoid making changes in colors.
  •     Choose a color palette that is safe for visitor use and is stable.
  •     Avoid using italics and avoid making changes to colors.
  •     Do not underline words to avoid confusion with links.
  •     Avoid making the text too long.
  •     Avoid using grid backgrounds, as this makes it difficult to read.
  •     Clarify the content by using designs and shapes that are simple, small in size, convenience, and stability.

 How does website design affect the success of your business

1- More sales:

For easy access for customers to your site, to trust you, and to provide sufficient information about your products and services. that you provide and thus success in achieving the goals of your project or company.

2. More information about clients and their interests:

The website helps you collect information and data about your customers. This allows you to evaluate the activity of your customers on the website, find out what products they are interested in and learn more information about them. And also knowing which products attract them the most, and which services they need, as well as the products they prefer to own

 3. Customer satisfaction and turn them into sustainable customers

Through this, the mutual benefit between the company and customers is achieved. This is because one of the most important values ​​that customers look for is the after-sales service. At the present time, websites are considered one of the most important tools in providing after-sales service. Thus, maintaining a good relationship with the customer to help him and solve his problems, as well as help him use your products or services. And communicate with you or see similar cases to solve its problems easily and thus achieve customer satisfaction.

A large percentage of customers do not prefer to venture through dealing with other companies after they are satisfied with a specific company and its service. On the contrary, a large percentage tend more to try the same products of the company they trust. This is the result of trusting your services and products that give them a sense of support and presence always.

 The goal of creating a website

  •     The importance of designing a website whose goal is to deliver different messages to all individuals in all different fields.
  •     It also aims to deliver all your products to all customers in the best way.
  •       The website aims to work on increasing the production process to work on profitable business projects.
  •     The website aims to communicate between business owners and customers without the need to pay costs, and around the clock.
  •     One of the goals of websites is to facilitate purchases and payments through credit cards.
  •     The ability to compare products and prices and learn what is new in the markets.
  •     The website is the source of the article’s income very very effortlessly. All you have to do is take care of providing useful content, designing a logo for the site to promote your site, and also designing personal cards, all of these things help you to bring visitors to the site.

Finally, we can say that the importance of designing a website for any business owner is no less important than any other component of the project, because the website is the basis of any successful business that aims to increase profits and promote products effectively.

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