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 The best free professional blogger templates 2023 that you should use to increase your profits


 The best free blogger templates, where Google search engine has more 5 than thousands of templates, but what do you think about getting the best templates for blogs for free

 If you are a user of blogger blogs, your search will not stop for the best free blogger templates, but I am here today to make it easier for you to access free blogger templates that you can use without any problems with access to many and varied features. The best blogger template is the template that provides you with some features that facilitate You have to use the template, so in this article I have collected for you the best free blogger templates that you can rely on, and this is certain of what I offer you in this topic, so let us get to know the best blogger templates.

 Best free blogger templates.

There are a lot of blogger templates spread on the Internet, but the truth is that most of these templates are old for years, so using them now negatively affects your blog, because most of their codes are old, and as we know that the codes are updated and modifications are issued by search engines about them, so you should stay away from this type of templates Mostly they leave their own rights at the bottom of the template! So some escape from using such templates.

But after this article, you will not have to search for any other template, because I will provide you with original templates with clean codes in which we start to present them, but before we start, let me tell you about the most important factors on which these templates were chosen.

 The best free professional blogger templates for 2023

 are those that are designed with user experience in mind. They should be easy to use, responsive, and optimized for search engines. They should also include features such as custom widgets, social media integration, and mobile-friendly design. Some of the best free professional blogger templates for 2023 . These templates offer a variety of customization options, allowing users to create unique and appealing blogs. Additionally, they are optimized for speed and security, ensuring that your blog runs smoothly and is safe from malicious attacks.  they are all free to use, making them an excellent choice for bloggers looking to create a professional blog without breaking the bank.

 Factors that must be available in the blogger template before using it:

Here are some of the main factors that you must test any blogger template on before using it to ensure that this template is valid to work properly and without any problems in the future. I will mention these factors to you as follows:

The template code should be clean and not contain software problems, and you can check the template on Google's structured data testing tool. You can paste the code directly or test the url on the tool, and it will show you how Google reads it and whether it has problems or not.

One important factor is mold speed! You must make sure that the template that you will use for your blog works at an appropriate speed, as the best template is not only in shape but also in speed, and you can also test the template speed on the Google tool to measure the speed of websites and blogs from here pagespeed to move on.

The third factor is compatibility with different screen sizes, as most of the blogger templates may not work on different screens, and this is one of the conditions for acceptance in Adsense that the site or blog is compatible with different screen sizes, and you can test the template if it is compatible with all devices or not from here.

The fourth factor is that it should be easy to browse because Google depends on the user experience. You should also take care of that in your blog. It must be easy to navigate between the pages of the template to and from the page, sections and all that.

Note: at the beginning that you do not need paid templates to get certain features. You can use these templates that are ready to work efficiently, search engine friendly, responsive, and valid for technical blogs and news. If you have to use Arabized templates, you should test them through the aforementioned methods.

 Download the best free blogger templates.

You can download all templates from the link presented below each template after getting to know it and checking it. You can download it if you like it and download it from reliable sites, so do not worry, we care about your excellent experience with us.

 The best free blogger templates to download and preview with features:

Now let us review with you the best templates that you can use on your blogs with a guarantee of acceptance in Adsense if you adhere to the terms of Adsense while obtaining all the features of these templates and getting to know them in detail step by step.

 1. FIXMAG Professional Template for Modern Blogs

FIXMAG Professional Template

 Download FixMag template for blogger
One of the most beautiful templates that used to be available only on WordPress, where the template provides a very beautiful modern design, and it also fits foreign sites primarily, especially those that work in the field of breaking news.
- Template features:
Supports SEO properties
Elegant and very modern design
Has two side lists within the themes
Common thematic forms are very beautiful
Social communication buttons very beautifully
Additional Side List
Template Preview: Preview
Download Template: Download 

2.  Download Helio Blogger  Template Simple and Fast

free blogger template

In recent times, many templates have spread, some are professional, others are very simple. But what do you think about completely changing the shape of your site with a new and fast template, And this template works for us to use it in different fields. And I've seen that the template works a lot for sites that display information in the field of technology, Even for other areas it is very good such as the fields of automobiles, drones and modern tools This template is fashionably designed, and its codes have been worked on to become very fast. So this template will help you proffer your articles professionally with a stylish look.
- Features
Dazzlingly beautiful overhead menu for visitors
Simple Search Engine
Small and Perfect Form of Blogs
The possibility of adding subjects below by name
Beautifully popular topics
Superstitious Emails Collection Fund
Great Cloud Labels
Elegant and simple design
The mold is very fast
Supports search engine optimization properties
The codes are very clean
A Great Advertising Place
Professional Writer Induction Box with good self-identification
Topic Sharing Icons Above Author's Box
Navigation icons between subjects at the bottom of the article
Template Preview: Preview
Download Template: Download

3. Download Plate Cooking Template to Post Recipes

Download Plate Cooking Template to Post Recipes

A lot of YouTube fans, specifically YouTube, who post their videos They're constantly looking to create their perfect site to show the different videos on their channel, But this is a boring web search, and the truth is, there are a lot of worms. But what do you think about getting the perfect form to show your videos, For example, you are working on marketing products and you want to show them with your Fudeo professionally. This is the right template for you. Not only is this very good for people who want to show cooking recipes or requirements and information that appear in their videos, This template can also be used to post field videos and create a website of its own.
- Features
Elegant design and suitable for cooking
Slide Show My Boss Is Very Beautiful
Professional Top List
Mega Menio Support
Drop-down lists
Media Icons
Sidebar Professional
Simple and clean footy
Good places to place ADSS ads or any other company
Topic engagement button at the end of the article
Writer's Induction Fund
Relevant Recipes
Big icons in sidebar for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,,,
Mailing List Subscription Box (highly useful in obtaining and targeting interested audiences)
Facebook Page Follow-Up Fund
Template Preview: Preview
Download Template: Download

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