How to Add Images and Videos to Blogger Comments

The Blogger comments system is a fantastic tool for facilitating interactions and discussions on your blog. However, some websites may wish to take it a step further by allowing users to incorporate images and videos into their comments.

Add Images and Videos to Blogger Comments
Add Images and Videos to Blogger Comments

 Guide: Adding Multimedia to Blogger Comments

If you're interested in making your Blogger comments section more engaging and interactive, follow these detailed steps below:

1. Insert the Code to your HAML/JavaScript widget.

To kickstart this multimedia journey, you'll need to add a simple code snippet to your HAML/JavaScript widget. Here's how:

<script type="text/javascript">
  (function() {
    var btn = document.createElement("input");
    btn.setAttribute("type", "button");
    btn.setAttribute("value", "Add Image/Video");
    btn.setAttribute("onclick", "insertImage()");

    function insertImage() {
      var url = prompt("Enter the URL of the image or video:");
      if (url) {
        var html = "<img src=\"" + url + "\" />";
        document.getElementById("comments").innerHTML += html;

Add Images and Videos to Blogger Comments

2. Widget Placement

Ensure that you position the widget correctly. Drag and drop it right after the topics area in your template format.

3. User Interaction

Now, let's consider the user's experience. When a user clicks on the "Add Image/Video" button, they'll be prompted to enter the URL of the image or video they'd like to include.

4. Displaying Multimedia

Once a valid URL is entered, the image or video will be seamlessly integrated into the comments section.

       Note: Always remember to correctly place the widget after the topics area in your template format for optimal functionality.


Unlocking the potential of Blogger comments with images and videos can greatly enrich your blog's interaction and engagement levels. By following these carefully explained steps, you can provide your readers with an exciting way to enhance their comments. We trust that this comprehensive guide will empower you to create a more dynamic and engaging Blogger comments section for your website. Happy blogging!
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