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how to make money online by selling printable calendars

Beginning an online business could be a great way to make extra money while also doing something you’re passionate about. One of the easiest ways to start this type of venture is by creating and selling printable calendars. 

money online by selling  printable calendars

 what are printable calendars?

 A “printable” is basically a file that customers download from a website then either instantly or later prints it out on paper at home. When setting up shop and designing your product, consider making multiple versions such as wall/desktop size options or yearly planners – this gives more flexibility for shoppers looking different styles and sizes when searching for specific types of products like calendar designs. Also since these files don’t require physical delivery anymore (like traditional merchandise), they come with none of those stresses nor any costs associated with packaging materials so no need worry about shipping expenses!

Printable calendars are an easy and convenient way to stay organized. They can be used to track tasks, set reminders, and plan out events and activities. When creating a printable calendar, consider the style, purpose, and target audience of the calendar. For example, a calendar for  for a range of themes and occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, and special events. Once the design is finalized, calendars can be sold as digital downloads on online marketplaces

the benefits of creating and selling your own calendar designs :


  1. First of all, let's look at why creating and selling printable calendars is such an appealing business opportunity. Calendars are extremely versatile pieces of art – they can function as home decor items or handy organizational aids in the workplace; there really is something for everyone! Additionally, depending on the complexity and customization levels you offer with each design, your profit margins could potentially reach quite high figures.
  2. This method is probably the easiest of all when it comes to design. Here we will design very simple things  a monthly calendar with some autumn leaves, a daily to-do list, or maybe a budget to keep track of monthly expenses.
  3. Designs like this won't take you much time and despite their simplicity, people love them a lot, they are easy to use and do a great service to them.
  4.  The field of printing on demand is considered one of the best fields at the present time. This is because this field does not require capital to enter it. Where you can start with 0$ ,Fortunately, if you are looking for a creative area to make money, with few risks. You already have the option without having to start from scratch in this field.
  5. The field of printing on demand is considered one of the best fields for designers, because you are not responsible for printing products or even shipping them, but the only responsibility is to design excellent designs that customers like.

 Are you looking to make some extra money on the side? Have you ever considered selling printable calendars? This can be a great way to make a passive income while also having fun creating your own designs. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

best online tool to creat a printable caledar:

The best online tool to create a printable calendar depends on the type of calendar you are creating and your level of design experience. 


online calendar maker


If you are looking for a basic calendar with minimal design elements, Canva is a great option. It offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and a wide selection of templates and stock photos to choose from.  Free Calendar Maker - Create a Custom Calendar in Canva 

or get canva EDU for free from this post Canva Pro & EDU invite link 

 Creating a printable calendar using Canva is a simple and straightforward process. First, choose a template from Canva's library of calendar designs. Then, add your own images, text and graphics to customize the design. Finally, download your calendar in JPG, PNG or PDF format and  share your calendar design with others . With Canva's easy-to-use tools, you can create a beautiful, personalized printable calendar in no time.

 2-Adobe Express

adobe calendar maker

Also an online tool to create a printable calendar, Adobe Express is a great choice.  With a variety of templates to choose from, users can customize their calendars with photos, graphics, and text. Additionally, Adobe Express offers premium plans that include additional features, such as branding and resizing.  Free Custom Calendar Maker with Online Templates - Adobe

 platform to sell your printable calendar:

Once you have a design ready, you'll need to find a platform to sell it on. There are a few different options you can choose from, such as Etsy or gumroad. Make sure to pick the one that fits your needs the best, as well as offering the most affordable commission rates.



etsy calendar

Etsy is an American site for handmade crafts, but how do I benefit from it to profit from the design on T-shirts? Simply put, there is another site called Printful, which you link with Etsy and then upload the designs to Printful, and it takes care of publishing it on your Etsy store. Therefore, when you get a sale, Printful will automatically print the design and ship it to the address provided by the customer.

You may think that the idea of this site is difficult, but believe me, it is a great alternative site to Merish by Amazon, because it is higher in your luxury than other sites, and the profits are large, which may reach $ 10, and sometimes $ 13, and this is about my personal experience, and there are many people who prefer to link the printful site with Etsy Instead of the difficult choice of Mirage by Amazon.

 Its idea is very easy. All you have to do is follow a video on YouTube that explains linking Printful to Etsy, and you will understand the method directly. You will also find many videos explaining the registration on Etsy.



seel calendar on redbubble

redbubble is a global marketplace for print-on-demand products. A place where artists and designers can sell their designs and print them on actual products, for example T-shirts, mugs and many other products.
At the moment redbubble has more than 70 unique products that you can easily put your own designs on. This means that you can design your own beautiful photos and upload them
Because of the variety of products on redbubble that are not found in competitors, it is an excellent choice for many designers. You can view the list of products on redbubble by visiting their site.
Because of the nature of Redbubble. It is a good option for everyone who has the skill of design and wants to profit from the Internet. But there are some things he should know. In addition, there are a number of things that you must do. For example, register on this site.
The first step that you should think about is to register on the redbuild website. Because of site policy sometimes your account may be rejected

Moreover, registration on the site is very easy, in addition to the information that was mentioned previously. You will have to provide the site with it through the registration field. There is other information, for example, payment information. You can add different ways to withdraw profits. For example, Paypal and Payoneer.
In short, you have to register on Redbubble the way you do on most other sites. And because you are still a beginner, you may make a mistake at first in filling in the information. But do not worry, the site allows you to change it later.
After completing the process of adding information and creating the account. You should start with the most fun process, which is the process of designing and uploading designs to Redbubble. For designing, you can use some programs or websites. For example mentioned above, Photoshop, Canva.
Finally, you should make an extra effort to research the prices that artists set for their designs in the same field. If their prices are low, raising your price will have the opposite effect. And if their prices are high, you can also raise the prices.

My advice to you, when you upload the design for the first time, stick to a profit of 20% - 30% as a start, and if you get sales from these designs, you can raise the prices gradually.
Redbubble does not take any commission from the profits when they are transferred to your PAYPAL account or your Payoneer account.



zazzle calendar

Zazzele is one of the most important companies that need designs and graphics on it, such as clothes of all kinds, accessories, watches, mugs, cards, greeting cards, and many other products.

merch by amazon

The Merch by Amazon platform is a platform emanating from the parent site, the e-commerce giant Amazon, which is in turn the largest e-commerce platform in the world, so you can imagine the amount of buyers that your designs can reach? The launch of the title of the first site to profit from printing on demand is not in vain.
Through the Merch by Amazon platform, you can upload your designs, and Amazon also allows you to upload these designs on several platforms belonging to different countries, including (the United States of America, Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Japan), and Amazon certainly seeks to expand in other markets
  Sign up for Merch by Amazon

Obtaining an account in merch by amazon is one of the most difficult things ever for anyone aspiring to enter this field, and the reason for this is due to Amazon’s policy, which does not approve most requests for accounts in its platform, and this problem stood as an obstacle for many aspiring people to enter In this field, in today's article, we will provide you with a set of solutions to obtain the account.

The problem of deleting accounts in Merch by Amazon
One of the widespread problems among people who have obtained accounts on this platform is closing accounts for them, but in fact, closing accounts in Merch by Amazon is not arbitrary and without reason, and it is true that Amazon is strict in this matter, but if you adhere to the policies and know how to deal with them, you will not You lose your account, especially if you move away from the Copy Right and Trade Mark

Questions and answers about making money by selling printabme calendars:

What are the start-up costs for this project?

Starting a home print-on-demand business is nothing compared to the costs of producing a real-life shop that produces the same item. There is no comparison in this case. Therefore, the costs are almost non-existent or non-existent. I consider myself one of the people who set out in this field with $0 capital.

How do I get started in the field of printing on demand?

  •      Choose a name for your business.
  •      Design a logo and create an online store.
  •      Create your own designs.
  •      Set up accounts on different social media sites.
  •      Launch paid advertising campaigns when needed.
  •      Use other means to promote your products.

How can I start printing on demand without capital?

We mentioned earlier that you can upload your designs to some sites that allow you this service for free. Among the most famous of these sites is Merch by Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, and others. In this case, you can start without capital. In the event of achieving sales, the site takes its share in addition. The remainder of the price paid by the customer remains with you.


It is true that it is not that easy, but if you read this article well and follow the tips in it, the profit from caledars design will not be that difficult for you. Whatever your ambition, always make sure of the quality of what you really want.

Profit from calendars design is one of the best projects that you can start in the various fields of making money from the Internet. You can start this field with virtually $0. And after collecting good capital, you can start other projects via the Internet. This is if you like, but I assure you that this project is often relied upon by many people to generate income only from it.

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