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Fakespot: Detecting Fake Reviews and Fraudulent Sellers

In a bid to safeguard consumers, the free tool "Fakespot" emerges as a beacon of trust, designed to unveil deceptive practices on renowned e-commerce platforms.

Instant Fakespot Grades. Never be deceived by fake reviews while shopping.
Detecting fake reviews while shopping.

Detecting Fake Reviews and Fraudulent Sellers while shopping:

Fakespot, a browser extension fueled by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, serves as an invaluable ally during online shopping escapades. Its primary mission: to uncover counterfeit reviews and potential scams lurking behind product ratings and seller authenticity on platforms such as Walmart, EBay, Shopify, Amazon, Sephora, and Best Buy.

A Comprehensive Tool for Enhanced Shopping:

With its user-friendly interface, Fakespot provides a seamless experience for users across browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Its advanced algorithms tirelessly analyze and identify suspicious patterns, alerting users in real-time as they browse and shop online.

Simple Steps to Navigate Fakespot:

Utilizing Fakespot is a straightforward process:

  1. Download the Fakespot extension compatible with your browser.
  2. Visit the product page on any of the aforementioned e-commerce platforms and trigger Fakespot's analysis using the provided button.
  3. Witness Fakespot's AI-driven analysis revealing the credibility of product reviews, seller ratings, and potential fraud indicators.
  4. Gain insights into seller legitimacy, product authenticity, and more, empowering informed purchasing decisions.

Fakespot's capabilities extend to categorizing and filtering search results, allowing users to easily organize products based on their authenticity and reliability. Its support for major e-commerce platforms provides users with comprehensive protection and valuable insights to aid in secure online transactions.

Fakespot Advantage:

  •  Unveiling the authenticity of product reviews.
  • Identifying potential fraudulent sellers.
  •  Providing users with valuable insights while browsing.
  • Offering a secure shopping experience on renowned e-commerce platforms.


Fakespot stands as an invaluable tool for consumers navigating the expansive online marketplace. Its AI-powered scrutiny of reviews and seller authenticity grants users peace of mind and confidence while making informed purchasing decisions. As online shopping continues to evolve, Fakespot remains an indispensable shield against deceptive practices, ensuring a safer and more reliable shopping experience for all.


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