Microsoft Launches Advertising Publisher an Alternative to Google AdSense in the US

 In a bid to simplify the monetization journey for small and medium-sized business owners, Microsoft has introduced the "Microsoft pubCenter." This innovative platform, launched as a beta version, is poised to challenge the status quo and empower creators, bloggers, and SMB innovators in the United States and beyond.

Microsoft pubCenter
Microsoft pubCenter

On Monday, Microsoft announced the launch of a beta version of its competitor to Google AdSense in the United States. The program is called "Microsoft Advertising Publisher Preview" and is currently available to websites and apps that meet certain criteria.

Microsoft says the program will provide websites and apps "with a simple and easy-to-use way to start monetizing their content." Websites and apps can join the waitlist for the program through the Microsoft Advertising website.

The Microsoft Advertising Publisher Preview program is very similar to Google AdSense. It allows websites and apps to display targeted ads on their content. Advertisers pay to have their ads displayed on websites and apps that attract an audience that is interested in their products or services.

How Microsoft pubCenter Works:

With Microsoft pubCenter, enabling ads on your website is just the beginning. Advertisers from the Microsoft Advertising Network will compete for your ad space, and every time ads are served on your site, you earn money. For example, a dedicated blogger who has been sharing valuable content about local hiking spots can utilize Microsoft pubCenter to offset the expenses of maintaining their website.

1-Seamless Transition:

Small business owners who have previously used Google AdSense and are interested in diversifying their ad network can do so effortlessly with Microsoft pubCenter. They can enable mediation with their existing Google AdSense account, potentially increasing their advertising revenue.

2-Earning with Every Ad Served:

The goal for business owners is to attract new customers and retain a loyal audience. Microsoft pubCenter facilitates this by offering impactful native and display ad formats that align with customer intent and profiles. When your audience engages with these ads, it creates a seamless customer experience, building brand affinity and trust.

3-Flexibility and Control:

With Microsoft pubCenter, creators have the freedom to decide how many ads appear on their site and where these ads are placed. This level of control ensures that your audience's preferences remain a top priority, allowing you to block content that doesn't resonate.

4-Increased Engagement and Revenue:

Microsoft pubCenter serves ads that drive higher engagement and revenue for business owners. The platform offers flexible mediation, allowing you to use Microsoft ads alongside Google AdSense. Microsoft pubCenter will serve ads when a higher bid is predicted, maximizing your earnings.

5-Simple and Cost-Free Start:

Getting started with Microsoft pubCenter is hassle-free. There are no sign-up costs, revenue minimums, or volume requirements. Just select your preferred ad format, insert a single piece of code on your website, and you can focus on what you do best - building your business.

Join to Microsoft pubCenter Revolution:

Microsoft welcomes all business owners in the United States to join the Microsoft pubCenter program. In the coming months, Microsoft plans to expand the reach of this innovative platform globally.

Microsoft Advertising Publisher vs Google AdSense:

The launch of the Microsoft Advertising Publisher Preview program represents new competition for Google AdSense, which is the most popular ad program in the world. Google AdSense offers a variety of features and tools that make it an attractive option for websites and apps. However, the Microsoft Advertising Publisher Preview program may offer a more attractive option for websites and apps that are looking for an alternative to Google AdSense.

Features of the Microsoft Advertising Publisher Preview program:

Microsoft pubCenter offers a straightforward solution for creators and publishers in the SMB space to monetize their websites effectively. This platform is designed to streamline the process, allowing creators to focus on what they do best while boosting their income.


Microsoft's vision is clear - to empower founders and creators to achieve more. With Microsoft pubCenter, it's not just about increasing your income; it's about simplifying the path to success and enabling SMBs to reach new heights.