Google help me write an experimental AI-powered feature that revolutionizes online writing

Google Chrome has launched "Help Me Write" an experimental feature based on AI aimed at transforming online writing. Available on both Mac and PC, it provides contextual assistance for various writing tasks.

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Key Points:

  1. "Help Me Write" utilizes AI to streamline online writing by suggesting text based on the context of the website.
  2. The feature is currently available in English for users in the United States, on both Mac and PC.
  3. Whether it's drafting reviews, advertisements, or inquiries, "Help Me Write" offers tailored and contextual assistance.

Facilitated Writing

Google has recently unveiled "Help Me Write," an experimental Chrome feature, showcasing the evolution of AI-powered writing assistance. Designed to simplify various online writing tasks, this feature is a direct response to the growing need for contextual assistance in web content creation.

To access "Help Me Write," users need to enable the feature in Chrome settings (latest version, Chrome M122), under the "Experimental AI" section. Once activated, simply right-click in a text field and select "Help Me Write" to start. Of course, it's possible to disable and re-enable the feature at any time.

Currently, "Help Me Write" is only available to Chrome users located in the United States, using the English version of the browser on Mac or PC. Google has yet to announce anything regarding international expansion or broader language support, but if the feature proves successful, it will certainly be extended to other countries.

Activation and Usage:

To utilize "Help Me Write," simply activate the feature in Chrome settings (version M122) under the "Experimental AI" section. Once activated, a right-click in a text field and selection of "Help Me Write" launches the tool. Deactivation is possible at any time.

How Does Help Me Write Work?

 Help Me Write  relies on Google's Gemini models to provide contextually relevant text suggestions based on the visited site. Whether you're drafting a product review, a sales advertisement, or an inquiry, this feature should provide valuable assistance by enriching your content with relevant details extracted directly from the page. The goal is to enhance the relevance of generated content, making online contributions more useful for other users. However, it remains to be seen if this leads to overly standardized content!

Here are a few examples provided by Google: In one instance, a user wants to ask their hotel to allow an early check-in because their flight arrives early. The prompt is simple and effective, and Help Me Write drafts a brief message that the user can modify in length and tone before inserting it into their form. Another example: a classified ad to sell an air fryer due to moving.

Beyond individual user assistance, "Help Me Write" holds particular interest for marketing professionals. By improving the quality of product descriptions and facilitating the creation of targeted content, this feature can significantly enhance engagement and performance of texts or advertising campaigns.

In conclusion:

 Google's "Help Me Write" ushers in a new era of easier, more efficient, and more productive online writing. Its widespread adoption has the potential to transform how we create and share content on the internet.

source:Chrome’s new AI feature can help you write on the web