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How to get your site on the first page in Google

The new article, like the new football team, appears only when it plays the big clubs, so try to link this article to the best articles you have

Appearing on the first page in Google on important words in the specialization of the project is one of the great options for projects, especially if you are working on the quality of products that people search for in Google before buying or have inquiries about them.

How to get your website on the first page in Google using Topical  Ratio 

how to get first page on google

When it comes to topical relevance for SEO, you want to ensure that your content is focused on one main topic and that all of your keywords and phrases are related to that topic. 

You should also utilize headings and subheadings to help organize your content and make it easier for search engine crawlers to understand. Additionally, make sure that you are using relevant keywords and phrases throughout your content and that you are linking to other relevant pages on your site. Finally, it is important to ensure that your content is of high quality and provides value to readers. Taking these steps can help you ensure that your content has the best possible topical relevance for SEO.

I am happy to tell you that you can get any new article to the first page of Google within about 15 days without  need to build a lot of backlinks and sometimes in words with easy and medium competition without building a backlink at all.

First of all, save this article in your Bookmarks Because you will return to it again 

 When you create a site that talks about cooking, for example, and write dozens of articles, and then suddenly decide to target a new keyword related to sports, write a lengthy article about sports, and even build some backlinks trying to get to the first page in Google…

Then you find that there is a site on the first page that occupies the result number 1 on this keyword, but it does not have any backlinks and does not include within it only several pages that do not reach half of what you own within your site or Choose a light template with clean code that doesn't have a lot of JavaScript code

Now how do you do this on your own?

Taking advantage of examination and analysis, you will know the nature of your audience:

I must analyze the competitors well, the most important leading sites are always under your eyes
What changes have taken place in the first place? Tradition remains the solution as a payment for your site. Choosing words must be easy to compete and long words
Taking advantage of examination and analysis, you will know the nature of your audience

  If competing with large sites is tiring for you, try competing with smaller sites or fewer interests to gradually reach the largest audience.

Give yourself an advantage over the competitor - add a video, infographic, tables, title, and attractive description - you will always find things that make you distinct from others

For content creators: the competition is open and you appreciate your effort to beat any competitor, no matter how expert, because he was a beginner and worked hard

 How can I know which keyword at any niche will rank with my website?

 When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, the key is to select the right keywords. The right keywords will help you increase your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and make your website more visible to potential customers. When selecting keywords, it is important to consider factors such as the competition for the keyword, relevance to your website, and the potential for return on investment (ROI).

When selecting keywords, you should first think of terms and phrases that are relevant to your website and the products or services you offer. Once you have identified a list of relevant keywords, the next step is to conduct research to understand the competition for those keywords. This can be done by using a keyword research tool such as Google's Keyword Planner, which will help you understand the search volume and competition for each keyword.

You can use tools such as Google Trends to understand how popular a keyword is over time, and to identify any potential trends or changes in search volume. By understanding the competition and search volume for a keyword, you can determine if it is worth investing in that keyword and whether it can help you reach your desired ROI.

Remember that the process of selecting keywords is not a one-time event. It is important to continually monitor and adjust your keywords to ensure that your website remains visible and relevant in SERPs. Additionally, it is important to constantly evaluate the performance of your keywords in order to determine which ones are the most successful and which ones need to be replaced.

 selecting the right keywords can be essential for optimizing your website for search engines. It is important to consider factors such as competition, relevance, and potential ROI for each keyword and to continually monitor and adjust your keywords to ensure that your website remains visible and relevant.

1.Check the 3 results type shown on your target keyword

Targeting the words that are on its front page in Google, modern content, or what is known as Fresh Content, so that we can get your article up in the fastest time and take advantage of its modernity factor to your advantage to show your site on the first page in Google
The thing you should do now after making sure that the keyword you are targeting prefers fresh content is to check the most recent article on the first page in Google and not article number 1, you will now compete with the latest article that appeared on the first page and not the first place holder
Affiliate Marketing first page in google

Check the number of keywords in the article using Word Counter

You must know how many words this site competes with on the first page so that you can do better than that in the new article that you will write
website word count

Check the number of backlinks in this article by COGNITIVE SEO

As we said at the beginning, backlinks are no longer the only separator between sites and some of them, but we are also interested in knowing how many backlinks this article has.
first page google backlinks need

Check the number of posts this article has received by BuzzSumo

This is the most important factor. We want to know the extent of the impact of this article on users in different social media platforms. We find the weak point and try to exploit it to our advantage.

As you can see in the following statistics, the platforms with the least participation are LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. These are the platforms that you will work on
first page google  backlinks

You will immediately feel that something does not make sense! Why does this site get the first result when I am providing more and more content in terms of word count and backlinks?

Check keyword difficulty with I recommend or Moz Keyword Difficulty tool

In order to be logical, any word whose difficulty exceeds 60 needs hard work that may last for several months, so you have to make sure that the word you seek to appear does not exceed its difficulty 60 ,Because the keyword I chose for to give an example

affiliate marketing difficulty

Check the number of times the keyword is mentioned within the target site

This is one of the very important factors. The more you mention the keyword more than once within the site, the greater the chances of any new article targeting this word being mentioned on the first page in Google.

Affiliate Marketing seo
After completing the examination of the previous points, save all the important information about the target word and the competitor that you seek to overcome

I recommend you to use Google Doc for two reasons:

  • The first: it provides you with the automatic spelling correction feature of Google, and this is what distinguishes it as it reveals to you the optimal wording that it relies on as a search engine
  • Second: You will get a backlink to your article before publishing it! Yes, when you finish writing the article on Google Docs, you will share it public And ping the post link, from which you will get a backlink for the link to your article that you published on your site, and this backlink will help your article to advance quickly to the first pages in Google and not wait for a long time for evaluation, as shown in the following example

seo for first page in google
The following picture is an example To use in your article
get free traffic google

But the most important thing is the content. Ask yourself several questions before writing the content so that you can provide the best possible piece of content that will be accepted by readers and appreciated by Google…

2. Write an article that deserves to be in the first place in Google!

Many website owners and content writers are asking how to write SEO compliant content to help rank first in search engine results, so to write an SEO compatible article for blogs and websites to improve your site’s results in search engines.

 here I mean about the content of your article, is it considered better so far?
Or is it just a word with nothing new?It will be added to hundreds of thousands of pages similar to it
And then Google will not pay attention to him, no matter how hard you try.

If you are ready to take this step seriously I advise you to consider the following points
The meaning of seo - the meaning of profits - the meaning of visits - the meaning of viewsMeaning of selling - Meaning of buying - Meaning of marketing

All of these names have one goal and one interpretation, which is to lure Internet users to create a real, logical and natural interaction with the content you provide.

Using SEO techniques to improve pages in order to lure a target visitor based on study, analysis, and organization based on words and phrases matching with Google archives and visitors’ guesses

At first, you need to go through the stage of discovering your audience, at least from continuous work
 And start with keywords (weak competition + long tail + high price)

It will help you speed up the process of appearance and gradually you will enter the next stage by examining, analyzing, monitoring the performance and requests of the audience, and then deciding to increase the intensity of the competition higher. at the top

The right business plan requires its implementation in stages on the line of competition with others, words with weak and expensive competition, and then
 Medium and high competition keywords
 Keywords with high and expensive competition and each stage according to your needs and requests of your audience

 The important thing is expensive, long-tail keywords because you eventually want to appear on the front page of Google

The commercial words that achieve these goals must be adopted and included within the context of the content in the case of writing to make money

 Profit on the Internet is measured by the fact that you were able to attract many customers and convince them of your work, not that you were able to write a good article.

 A good article from your point of view, without an audience, you don't need it - a good video from your point of view without an audience, you don't need it

If you do the best job and the best service from your point of view and do not achieve good results, then you need to look for a realistic way to attract the right and appropriate target group for the nature of your work, whether this solicitation is with SEO, a sponsored advertisement, or an interconnected marketing network

Most people do not put links to external sources. You are supposed to tell the visitor that you have tired and searched a lot in order to provide him with documented information. and gain confidence

The most important pillars with which you can lure the target group are 4 main pillars

1- An attractive headline that summarizes the body of the article with a promise to meet the request of the visitor

2- A description of the article and explains to the visitor why this article is more important to him than others

3- A link to the article containing the target keyword

4- image speaks directly about the topic -goog image says a thousand words

The audience is emotional in nature, and the attractive titles you work with are a rigid job. If you can learn how to write an attractive advertising title, it will ensure a much higher reach, appearance and interaction than others in all places.

What is the motive that will bring the visitor to your article?

  1. Are you looking for a solution to a problem?
  2. Are you searching just out of curiosity?
  3. Do you want to download a file?
  4. Is he looking for a product to buy?
  5. Before writing the article, this is in order to choose the most appropriate title and formulate it in a way that suits the needs of potential readers of your article, which will eventually return to you with better results.
  6. Hundreds of articles talk about the moringa plant, but what will really distinguish your article, what can you provide in this article to make it unique?
  7. Determine the point within this article, which sometimes may be an explanatory video or several images, perhaps a helpful guide for the reader, or even answers to questions that have not been answered  !
  8. One of the most powerful ways to get effective content ideas is through question sites, specifically Quora. I always advise before publishing any article that you enter the site and ask a question with the title of your article through which you get some ideas and points on which you can build your content
So you have to check before starting and know how many times you have to mention this word, whether in the content of other articles or in the titles of new articles

 now able to create a high-quality article that deserves to be on the first page of Google, and this is the most difficult and has been done in the following we will push the article to the first page of Google?

The answer to this question is part of this article: 

calculate The Topical  Ratio  of 2 first page

In short, this factor is the percentage and positions of the keyword that you are targeting on your site compared to the total number of pages on your site.

Let's say together that you have a site with 1,000 pages that talks about making money, and then you suddenly decided to write an article about investing, but there is no page or title on your site that talks about losing weight at all...

The percentage of the topic within your site or the Topical Ratio will be 1 out of 1000 %.

This means that the percentage of your site's experience and knowledge of the subject of “investment” is 0.1%, and that is why it is impossible to lead the results in this word, even if you build hundreds of backlinks for it!

This is because Google prefers small niche sites that provide valuable content over large sites that talk in dozens of different fields that have nothing to do with each other.

But first, let's get to know :

how to calculate the Topical Ratio for any site:

Go to the Google search engine and search for the following statistics, replacing the word with the link of the site that leads the first result on the keyword that you are targeting Keyword.

1 . Find the number of website pages using:

topical ratio calculate

2. Find the number of times the keyword is mentioned in the site titles: intitle:keyword

topical ratio seo

3 . Find the number of times the keyword is mentioned in the site content: intext:keyword

first page google

4. Find the number of times the keyword is mentioned in the site links: inurl:keyword

aminout make money first page google

After examining more than 250 words in various fields, I came to the following:

  1.      The Topical Ratio factor becomes very influential when it comes to ranking the first three outcomes
  2.      The Topical Ratio factor is highly active in keywords related to informational content
  3.      The Topical Ratio factor is less effective when you target e-commerce-related keywords like afliate marketing
  4.      The Topical Ratio factor is not the only factor controlling the ranking of your site results, but it is very influential 

Example keyword: Affiliate Marketing

first page google

We find that the second result of a topic site is better in terms of most technical SEO factors such as:

seo plus

     The Domain Authority

     The Page Authority

     The Citation Flow

But when we search for the Topical Ratio for the first site, we find the following:

  • Number of pages of the site with the first result: 234,000 pages
  • Number of times the keyword was mentioned in the website titles: 191 times
  • The number of times the keyword was mentioned in the content of the site: 5290 times
  • The number of times the keyword was mentioned in the website links: 192 times
  • We add the last three factors, multiply them by 100, and then divide them by the number of website pages to get the Topical Ratio for each website.
  • Then we do a simple arithmetic: (191 + 5290 + 192) * 100 / 234000 = 2.42

 This is the percentage of the Topical Ratio for the site that occupies the first result

When we search for the Topical Ratio for the second site, we find the following:

  • Number of pages for the website with the second result: 1690,000 pages
  • The number of times the keyword was mentioned in the website titles: 2850 times
  • The number of times the keyword was mentioned in the content of the site: 111,000 times
  • The number of times the keyword was mentioned in the website links: 1200 times
  • We do a simple arithmetic: (2850 + 111000 + 1200) * 100 / 168000 = 0.89

This is the percentage of the Topical Ratio for the site that occupies the second result

So in order for any of the 3rd result to occupy the first it must be Your site's Topical Ratio average: 1.64%

It is the product of summing the Topical Ratio of the first results and dividing them by 2

 As you can see, this matter seems to be really effective in various fields and in various languages, and it seems that its impact exceeds backlinks and it can make the difference between sites and each other, but it should be noted that

This is the Topical Ratio of the site that occupies the first result.

If each site has 100 points, the more points it achieves, the more it advances in the ranking, then the factors affecting the ranking of your site will come as follows:

     Topical Ratio: 20 points

     Backlinks: 15 points

     Trust Flow: 11 points

     Domain Authority: 8 points

     Meta Tags: 6 points

     Social Signals: 6 points

     Loading Speed: 5 points

     Content Freshness: 5 points

     The Number of Words Per Page: 5 points

     Bounce Rate: 4 points

     Page Views: 4 points

     Direct Visits: 3 points

     Internal Linking: with 3 points

     Synonyms: 3 points

     Keyword Density: 1 point

     Domain Age: 1 point

Then we collect the last three factors and multiply them by 100 and then divide them by the number of pages of the site to get the percentage of the Topical Ratio for each site, which we will explain through the following examples:

You have to pay attention to all these factors so that you can compete in difficult areas, with a focus on the Topical Ratio factor due to its effective role in favoring results over each other.

Of course, this distribution of points is only my own vision in SEO of the most important factors and their impact on the ranking of results in search engines, and it is not considered an official reference to the factors of ranking sites in search engines.

You have to take into account how difficult the field is, how well the content is compared to the competition

I must analyze the competitors well, the most important leading sites are always under your eyes

What changes have taken place in the first place? Tradition remains the solution as a payment for your site. Choosing words must be easy to compete and long words

Backlinks are no longer as important as before, but they are still one of the factors that may favor one result over another, so we have to get some of them, but…Don't run after the number anymore!

Find the benefit that you will get from this backlink

The biggest benefit that you can get from any backlink is the visits that may result from placing the link of your site or article within an active community interested in what you offer.

There is no better community in this regard than and

Different sources of visits, a real guarantee of your continuity with Google:

Enter the site and answer the questions related to the content of your site. One or two questions is enough for you, but be sure to provide a really useful answer, because if it is useful, it will bring you visits, and this is the most important thing!

Not an answer for the purpose of getting backlinks only !

Use your keyword in the right places, and there are many tools through which you can find out the percentage of content compliance with the rules, such as RankMath and Yoast, two of the most popular tools that help improve search engines.

You have hundreds of networking sites spread on the Internet, you can speed up archiving and answer visitors without number and based on the study and analysis of the market and field

For correct marketing and attracting a targeted and interactive audience without being restricted to one site or two, On hundreds of social networking sites, hundreds of specialized forums, hundreds of micro-blogs, and every place where an audience is expected to be interested in your work, so that it remains with a bond that protects you from the vicissitudes of time.

  You must diversify the sources of visits and also diversify the sources of income

Add the structured data code for the FAQ in your blog or site

Add the structured data code for the FAQ for blog

How to add your articles to Google search results in the FAQ may help you a lot to appear on the search results with the possibility of increasing visitors to your blog

Many people notice when they search in Google about a particular topic that they find in the search results questions about the topic of his research and direct answers below them from some sites. These frequently asked questions and their answers come from websites that use the structured data code of the FAQ

If you want to add FAQ chart on Blogger blog, but don't know how to add it in this tutorial, you will know how

 It is very easy to add FAQ in a WordPress site or blog, but in Blogger there is no support for plugins

What is the FAQ schema?

Questions and Answers pages are web pages that contain data in the form of a question and answer, ie a single question followed by answers to it. For content that is a question and answers to it, you can mark up the data with the types QAPage, Question, and Answer from

Properly coded pages are eligible to display as a rich result on the search results page. This coordinated method helps your website reach the right users on Google Search. Here's an example of a result that might appear for a user query "How I get traffic from Google?" If the page is coded to answer that question:

You can find more information here about the Frequently Asked Questions chart here

Live example in the photo

people ask to get traffic from google

It helps the web crawler to better understand the topic and display rich results on the search results page. Your blog helps increase visibility because it takes up extra space and increases user engagement in your blog post.

Best CTR

It also helps your blog to increase your click-through rate (CTR) and ultimately helps you rank higher in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

Eligible for voice search results

The FAQ outline helps Google Assistant pull the answer from your blog when someone asks this question using the voice search method. Therefore, the assistant can use your website as the source for that answer.

How to add an FAQ chart in Blog or site?

Ways to add FAQ Schema to WordPress site:

You can add it through    plugins or without using some tools dedicated to creating codes. Adding it to the website represents a step towards improving your site’s ranking by increasing the click-through rate. As I mentioned, there are two ways:

     Add Schema FAQ using plugins.

There are a lot of plugins that enable you to do this, and in this how-to guide I will be using three different plugins to add Skyma FAQ; Yoast SEO Add-on, Rank Math Add-on and Structured Content Add-on; This is because it is common and there are some website owners who like to use the Yoast SEO extension, which means that they will not be able to install the RankMath extension on their site, and the same is true for the RankMath extension users.

Add Schema FAQ through codes

To add the FAQ without using an extension, you will need a tool that enables you to generate the code  to add it to the page or article on the site. One of the tools is FAQPage JSON-LD Schema Generator, which allows you to get a ready-made Schema code to add directly to the site, here are the steps to do it

You ask the question in the first box and answer it in the second box
You can create more than one question, and the more questions, the better the results. After completing the list of questions, you copy the code on the right side and place it inside the article under the </div> tag directly in the HTML sectionr blog post as shown in the image below. You can put it anywhere you want within the topic, it is often placed at the end of the post

Validation Schema FAQ
rich resul test

You can check whether the FAQ scheme is implemented correctly or not using Google
Paste the code into the code editor and it will automatically show you whether the page qualifies for a rich result or not.

Optimize your site to run super fast on all devices

Use new images optimized for search engines
You should use many exclusive images and a variety of visual effects as well, which includes (photos, videos, audio clips, infographics), which helps you a lot in leading search engines, but I care about the specifications of these images used, they should be as follows:

 high quality.
Sizes 640*360.
    The image is exclusive and does not have the tags of any other site and does not have any property rights.
social media for my blog


The system of social sharing sites - such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many others

Also, post links to your site on popular hashtags

Follow these steps and you will get excellent results!

You must publish and share the original content without change on all places on the Internet where you expect to interact with the quadruple publication

  •      The link is the same as your original link
  •      The title is the same as the original topic title
  •      The description is the same as the original topic
  •      The picture is the same as the original picture

Without change - without misleading - without questioning, it will guarantee real beneficial interactions, gaining everyone's trust and lasting continuity.

90% of the task of attracting a real and interactive visitor is to choose a title and description of high quality

If you think that your original content is the summary of your full experience here, why would you change it there?

If you think that your original content that befits the main site is not appropriate for the visitor of Twitter or Facebook, then you should review it in order to suit every visitor anywhere

From here, we can say that any content you do and want to share on the different content management systems, you must share the original, identical content without any change and without fear of being counted as a repetition or reproduction because the original content is your article that you made and all your followers should read it anywhere

In this way, we will interact directly with the audience and get a very good number of visits.

The concept of the Internet is that it is based on the idea of exchanging and sharing information among all people who use the network anywhere in the world and at any time, regardless of language, gender or culture.

It means that we have the right to exchange and share any available information and benefit from it, whether by applying this information as a personal transaction to us or sharing it with other people who do not know about it yet.

Because the one who does not know the information or the news begins to know and understand it after this participation

Update your content regularly

You should update the old content available within the website pages using many elements that cause high page impressions and click rates, and thus prove to be of great importance to Update your content regularly
You should update the old content available within the website pages using many elements that cause high page impressions and click rates, and thus prove to be of great importance
This update is based on the following:
  •  Writing additional content.
  •  Use long keyword phrases in the article.
  •  Use pictures with the names of new words.
  •  Add recent tags.
  • Interlinking of pages within related pages.

Market study tools are available for free on Google and with the highest level of intelligence
1- Google Keyword Planner = to know what the capital that owns the market requires
2- Google Trend = to find out what the audience who owns the search engine is asking for
3- Google Search Console = to see what the audience is doing with the content on the search results
4- Google Analytics = to see what the audience is doing on your site
Choosing the quality and good choice of keywords that work is the only way to permanent and fast archiving

Fix technical problems on the sit

One of the most important technical and technical points for improving websites is to extract problems that cause site malfunctions or landings. Therefore, you must analyze the site completely through analysis tools.

Add your site to Webmaster Tools

All website owners and developers must add the site to the webmaster tools provided by Google to improve websites in search engines, after adding the site with these tools, search engine spiders and robots can access your website and thus recognize the site and archive its content

add your website, in Google News and Google Discover

Not to  get traffic from Google News  but before adding your site to Google News  your site archiving does not take more than 5 to 15 minutes  in google

 go to This article 

How to add your website, blogger or YouTube channel in Google News

Want to get traffic from Google News:

Everyone knew that two years ago, Google stopped receiving applications to join Google News and replaced this with automated algorithms that filter and favorite sites in news recommendations.

After sites appear in the Top Stories box automatically 

Your site must have the qualifications, experience, and credibility E-A-T Google cares a lot about this term called E-A-T or expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, which are factors that any site builds through several things, including:

1.Your site must comply with Google News Policies:
Google explains on its site that there are some policies that its algorithms rely on to automatically prefer sites in news recommendations results.

The importance of the news:
 Do not expect to appear in the news box with news that no one is looking for and people do not pay attention to, so you should cover the trending news, but from a different perspective.

Your site must have a proven history of publishing exclusive news, and you have proof of this through the backlinks you get and the rate at which your news is published on social media.

Newness of the news:
 Do not expect it to appear in the news box if you are always the last one to deal with the news, the fastest is always the priority and for this reason the major newspapers top most news results in Google.

If you are a French site, most of its visitors are from France, do not expect it to appear in the news box in Google Germany, as Google prefers sites according to the sources they visited.

It will certainly not appear in the results of Google Spain with news in English.


The speed of loading site pages is one of the factors affecting the ranking of your site’s results in search engines, as the faster your site loads, the better the browsing experience will be for the user, and therefore you will get better results in Google and Bing. Download it as high as possible

If your article writing is based on your choices, the improvements you make to it in the future are based on your audience's behavior choices in Analytics.
You want to get the first page of Google, you should have done these steps
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