Best Niches To Launch Your Drop Servicing Business

Niches  Drop Servicing Business
 Niches  Drop Servicing Business

What is Drop Servicing?
Before we dive into the various niches that could apply to your business project, it won't hurt to recall what drop servicing really is.

Compared to the drop shipping business model, drop servicing sells a service, as the name suggests, not a product. Although you are not the one creating the service, you accept offers from your customers and outsource the task to someone else.

Yes, it's as simple as that!


 The best niches for Drop Servicing

If you're here, it's because you probably want to know what the best niches are to launch your drop servicing business. Indeed, choosing one among so many others can seem difficult.
Now, let's dive into the 18 best niches to launch your drop servicing business!


 Intro videos for YouTube :

 YouTube is a battlefield. It's a place where tons of channels fight to increase their number of views. Some achieve this because of their talent, personality or luck, while others struggle to get new subscribers. This is where you can step in!

What you need to do is look for channels with a small number of subscribers (up to a few thousand). Browse their channels and videos. A very convenient solution is to use the Channel Crawler which allows you to search for YouTube channels by fulfilling specific criteria, such as the number of subscribers, the date the channel was created, a keyword, the number of videos, etc.

If you don't see an intro in the videos of the channels found, or if you find them unattractive, you can leave them a comment or look for an email address in the "About" section and send them a message directly.

The email address is visible in the "Details" section of the "About" page. To reveal it, just click on the "Show Email Address" button. However, keep in mind that not all channels display the email address on their page. In this case, a small comment will be a smarter option.

There is a chance that some creators are interested in such an offer and they could be your first potential customers!

Designing YouTube thumbnails

YouTube is very demanding when it comes to its guidelines and how it promotes channels. From the description of the video, through its title, to the thumbnail, the site's algorithm is unpredictable (whatever the fake gurus and their miracle methods of dominating YouTube are trying to sell you)

The giant that is YouTube focuses on original content. What this basically means is that custom tiles are very important.

Every day, thousands of YouTube channels and their videos come and go, and let's face it, a well-made custom thumbnail would do most of them good. This niche certainly has potential and can be very profitable, as YouTube's content seems endless (for better and for worse)

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 Data entry

This drop servicing niche is a reasonable choice considering the fact that there are a lot of freelancers who offer their services for entering various data. This ranges from filling in data into a simple spreadsheet to more complex tasks that deal with analysis or mathematics. It can also involve rewriting, correcting or simply copying and pasting a large number of texts.

 If you opt for this niche, a good choice to find available freelancers is to visit Fiverr. These sites give freelancers the opportunity to publish their offers. Feel free to check out the sample search using the keyword "data entry" or "data entry".

Depending on the level and skills of the freelancer, you will be able to choose who you want to partner with.

 Website Scraping

Web scraping is often used for marketing purposes. If you're not familiar with this term, it's basically pulling data from other websites.

Let's say you're contacted by a client who wants to know the bosses of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. As the boss of a drop servicing business, you will be looking for a freelancer specialized in web scraping.

 After finding one, you will send him a list of FT1000 (Fastest Growing Companies in Europe). The freelancer will take care of "scraping" the data, searching for the patterns and entering the results into an excel sheet or file of your choice.

A Drop Servicing activity based on web-based data extraction requires the use of tools such as ParseHub or OctoParse, but there is of course a wider choice.

  Data mining

Data mining can be an interesting idea for a Drop Servicing company.

This is a process of collecting data from the website to look for trends, patterns, and anomalies. This process can have different outcomes, such as improving the customer experience, preventing fraud, reducing costs, etc.

 Various tools can be used for data extraction, here are a few but there are many others:

MonkeyLearn (Text Analytics and Machine Learning)
IBM SPSS Modeler (Data Science and Machine Learning)
SAS Enterprise Miner (Advanced data mining and analysis tool to quickly develop models)
and many more!
This service can also be applied to a wide range of areas:

  • Media
  • Communication
  • Bank
  • Retail trade
  • Other

Editorial service

Can you imagine a good business website without professionally written elements?

How to get paid to write in 2023

Many companies aspire to have a blog with interesting articles and many visits, but not all of them succeed. And it doesn't matter if it's a shop, a science blog, or a film review site, they all have something in common, and that's writing. Articles must be well written and consistent for the reader.

If you choose this niche, you need to be prepared.

Let me give you a piece of advice: a good practice is to charge your customer by the word. In addition, it is better to have some knowledge in the field so that you can properly evaluate the work that will be done by the freelancer.

If you've written articles in the past, or if the freelancer has, include a few examples, or even a portfolio. This will definitely help you expand your customer base and increase their trust.


Ghostwriting is a good example of a niche. You've probably heard of this term before, otherwise, here's a quick explanation.

A ghostwriter is for example a person who writes songs but does not perform them, the lyrics being created for a singer. In addition, ghostwriters can also write many other works, like articles, blog posts, books, etc. As you can see, the term can be applied to all kinds of writings.

Interestingly, according to some sources, ghostwriters play a role in more than 50% of the non-fiction books on the bestseller list. Although the exact number cannot be calculated because ghostwriters, well, are ghostwriters after all.
Examples of services:


When choosing the transcription niche, you will need to look for clients who are looking for people who are willing to write the text of a video or other non-text media.

Want examples?

A transcription service can be:

  • creating subtitles for videos
  • transcription into podcast text  
  • If you (and your freelancer) manage to deliver a well-written transcribed text, you would probably win a client who will use your service again.

Graphic design

Graphic design is a term that only gives you a general idea of the niche. To be successful in this area, you need to decide what kind of graphic design services you want to offer.

The activity can be divided into a few categories (but the list is absolutely not exhaustive):

  • Logo design
  • Book or album covers
  • Ad design
  • Custom visual designs

and others
As you can see, the term "graphic design" covers a variety of different branches. You need to decide what's best for you before you get started.

Video creation

Video creation is another niche worth considering. Although it is similar to graphic design, this activity can also vary greatly. You can choose to create short videos, ads, visual effects, or animations. All of these services fall into the category of video creation.

As far as animation is concerned, this category can be divided into several parts:

Black and white animation
2D animation
3D animation
Comic book-style animations
Video Ads
And many more!
As you can see, the niche of video creation is quite vast and requires some thought on the way forward. Whichever you choose, the end goal should be worth it.

Social media management

There are many unmanaged or poorly managed social media profiles that would need a facelift. It doesn't matter that businesses have just started, they often start by creating an account on social networks. This fact alone creates a need for social media managers.

Keep in mind that this category requires some experience. So choose your freelancers wisely and make sure they are competent enough to handle such tasks.

You may also be wondering what tasks a freelancer needs to perform?

Well, it ranges from marketing and advertising to customer support, and probably a lot more.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an important factor for any blog or website that wants to focus on providing well-optimized content. There is a plethora of companies that would like their texts to be optimized or written based on SEO.

Search engine optimization is a part of the copywriting niche that includes tasks such as keyword research, traffic analysis, structuring text appropriately, and more.

Search engine optimization can be divided into several categories:

  • On-site SEO: You search for keywords, write content, and optimize your website to increase traffic
  • Technical SEO: You improve the readability of your website to offer a better experience to the customer, while improving the structures of the site, its speed, etc.
  • Off-site SEO, which involves building the reputation, authority and trust of the website by creating links and publishing articles
The best option is to find a freelancer who already has EXPERIENCE in SEO, this makes the partnership more credible and easier.

 Develop websites

Who wouldn't like to have an optimized, fast and well-coded website? Everyone would be happy to have one! That's why this niche of website design and after-sales service could be a potential success.

Companies can look for developers to create or optimize their websites and you could be the one who can achieve this. However, remember that when choosing a freelancer to cooperate with, choose those who have enough experience.

You may also receive a request to customize a Shopify site, which is not strange since many businesses run their stores on Shopify.

 WordPress expansion

There are tons of WordPress-based websites out there, and many of them wouldn't be against optimization and customization. Whether it's customizing the theme or fixing existing bugs, the need for such services is real.

However, the competition in this niche will likely be high, but if you are able to provide a quality service, this service idea for drop service could very quickly become a profitable business.


Like the previous point, the niche of programming services can be quite profitable. There are many companies that are looking for experienced developers to bring their ideas to life.

Customers could contact you with a variety of offers, from creating a plugin, to coding a dedicated bot or perhaps creating an iPhone app from scratch.

Some programming experience is certainly an advantage. After all, this is your business and you are responsible for the quality of the service.

Here are three examples of programming services:

  •  Wordpress plugin development or customization
    Optimizing page speed
    Developing an iPhone app



While this may seem like an obvious choice among all drop servicing ideas, it doesn't make advertising any less important than the rest. In fact, it's one of the most important things any sales-oriented business should do.

The demand for advertising is huge, as most companies want to promote their products or services. But how to approach it?

There are many ways to do this:

  •  Ads using Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Reddit, or Quora
    Ads on social networks using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
    e-mail using newsletters


While infographics may be part of the niche of graphic design services, they are worth mentioning separately. Infographics are widely used in content writing because they help represent the idea or explain a problematic issue.

What an infographic is essentially a banner, graphic, or image that visually represents various data or information. Creating an infographic isn't a difficult task, but can take a bit of time, which creates a need for people who would definitely be willing to let you take care of it.


Although the translation may be considered part of the editorial service, it must be the subject of a separate paragraph. There is and will be a demand for translation services, regardless of language or location.


There are some things you need to remember:

  • Setting up the business may take some time
  • Don't rush, instead build your business slowly but surely
  • Look for experienced and reliable freelancers
  • No matter what service you plan to sell, it's always best to have some experience
  • Choosing one niche doesn't mean you can't change it to another! This is your business and you can run it as you see fit.


There you go! The best drop servicing niches to launch your business.

There are a ton of other Drop Servicing ideas that haven't been picked up in this article, but I just couldn't integrate them all, as it would be impossible to do so. Running a Drop Servicing business can bring you a lot of profits, but it can take time to get up and running at full capacity. Be patient and I'm sure you'll get there.

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